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February 19, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Ever heard of a cheater? Well there’s one in my life. I thought I loved him because he treated me so good. His name was Jack. He was foreign. Jack had come from Paris to a new high school for his freshman year which happened to be the same one I was going to.

He first walked up to me asking me where his first class was. First I looked at him weird because he had an accent but then I realized how cute it was. I smiled and showed him where it was pleased that it was the same class I had. The teacher said we were partners that brought a smile to my face but for Jack he just remained the same.

I thought it was because he didn’t really know how it worked so he was worried or something like that. For now, I really didn’t care. At the end of the day he said good-bye by kissing my hand. I looked at him one more time before he left. His soft blonde hair bounced up and down as he walked. It shined as it met the suns’ rays. I remembered his golden eyes as they looked into mine one last time. They looked end-less and dark, they weren’t the kind of eyes I would expect from a gorgeous guy. But everyone is different I thought to myself. I remembered the way his lips felt against my skin. Usually love story’s always say that their lover’s lips felt soft and warm against your skin but his were hard and cold against mine. I didn’t care as long as he kissed my hand I was happy! While in class I inhaled deeply and smelled his fancy cologne from France. He smelled delightful but it was stronger than soft and gentle like the way it should be. His skin was also extremely pale and he wasn’t very big. He just probably hadn’t reached his growth spurt yet and hasn’t gone to the gym I thought to myself. But yet he still seemed perfect to me.

You should pay attention to the word “seemed” because that is exactly what went wrong. After the end of our sophomore year it was time for summer and we were already best friends. During the summer we spent almost every day together except the times my family dragged me out with them for “our family time”. It was one of the best summers’ I had ever had for one reason: Jack.

One day (on a bright sunny day) he asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with him. I agreed thrilled. We hanged out the whole day at the beach and talked about the usual stuff we usually did until it was sunset, my favorite time of the day. He went on his knees, which made my mouth drop open. He then said the words that made my pulse race a thousand times faster “Will you go out with me?”

I know it’s not as big as “I love you” but it was enough for me. I kneeled down with him and looked him in those dark yet golden eyes and said “Yes.” He smiled his crooked smile and took me in his arms. We dated all through high school. But on our senior year it was a little bit harder to keep our relationship together because he had finally worked out at the gym and got some muscles. He also started acting more like an American teenager. He acted all cool and sometimes even ignored me but I didn’t care because he was still mine and besides he was excited that he had finally become popular.

At our prom he became prom king and then the queen unfortunately was the most popular girl in school: Terri Wilson. To my utter surprise everyone cheered them on to kiss for the picture. He smiled at her and actually kissed her! In front of me! Afterwards he apologized but it wasn’t a very good one. I didn’t care because I wanted to be in his arms again. Then came the time for college where we both went to Yale.

I’m guessing he had matured just a bit and finally gave me more attention than from before. This was when I thought that he was the guy for me until I found out he was a nasty cheater. You know how college has to crazy parties, especially with crazy college girls’. I actually studied as hard as I could while he secretly went to parties. But I trusted him which was the biggest mistake I had ever made.

He finally asked me to marry him which I said yes to not knowing about his cheating-yet. Just another mistake that had to do with Jack. While he was at work, I sneaked into one of his accounts for MySpace and for Facebook. Turns out he had two lovers. He told them they were beautiful and that he loved them and wanted to be with them for ever. He was a player that betrayed me! No one messed with me like that.

I packed up all his stuff and threw it in the trashcan. I trashed his car just like in the song “Before He cheats” by Carrie Underwood. This was the last time he would ever do this to me. I had just enough time to hire a lawyer and get the divorce papers’. When he got home he was first outraged the shocked. He asked me why and I simply replied by showing him his accounts. He slapped his forehead and groaned. He pleaded and pleaded but I blocked out every word. I saw the hurt look on his face but for the fist time I didn’t care because he didn’t matter to me.

The author's comments:
Never...I mean never trust someone that treats you like that and don't forgive them because they don't deserve someone like you!!! =)

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That's for sure! :)

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oh shnykeis!

Great!  It really makes you think.  You have to be careful about stuff like that.