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February 14, 2010
By BrittanyHale SILVER, Orlando, Florida
BrittanyHale SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Chapter 1

I didn't know she'd be there.I knew who she was though.She's all I had ever really wanted.Who my mother told me about over and over again.I didn't expect to find her yet.Actually I hadn't expected to find her ever but there she was.Running,screaming,and tripping over branches.Not the way I had had ever dreamt of meeting her but still.I've waited say 169 years for her.Not much because I'm actually 172 years old.But when you're a vampire it seems like forever,seeing how I live for eternity.I love these woods.I love running in them,I like changing into a dog and just running free.The air very...welcoming.Today was diffrent.Today I don't get to run lose.Today I'm looking for her.Yesterday I didn't know about it.I also didn't know about it a couple of days ago.I actually woke up this morning got dressed and left outside.When I would've turned 18 I gave up on the whole love thing.Alot of women were forced upon me and I actually didn't want to get married.I still don't think I do now.My brother and sister had found who they wanted to spend eternity with.Edward found Samantha and my sister Ashley found Jake.I love them both but the hard part was not knowing if they were coming back.The thing is to become a vampire you have to face all of your fears.Apparently it's like a privilege to become a vampire.It's kind of like Soul Caliber you have to fight your way to the top.You have to fight all your fears.I was younger when I was changed.I only feared the dark,pretty much.I hear the screaming louder this time and I knew I was getting closer to her.It seemed like I could'nt get there any faster.Running as fast as I could I almost collided into her.She started grabbing me pulling me to run the opposite direction.She was trying to save me.Wow.She kept pulling at me and by habit I growled and she stopped.The wolf jumped infront of me. "Your not supposed to be here."I said. "She's mine." it growled.I nodded. "Sounds like a personal problem she's on my land she's mine now." It slowly backed up and left.I turned and looked at her.I was shocked.She was beautiful.Aside from the caked up dirt and blood.She looked at me with scared eyes.Her breathing was fairly rapid."You were just talking to an animal and it anwsered back." she said her voice shaking.I looked around a bit and then at her. "Yeah,I do that often."I anwsered.And she fainted.Not what I had expected but nothing that I expect happens too often anyway...

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Should I finish it?Please comment and rate it.Even if you hate it.:))

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on Feb. 23 2010 at 9:30 pm
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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I HATE IT! lol jkjkjkjk I like this one :)

and oh just thought i'd let you know..

Because I Love You part 2 is pending :)