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The day that saved us

February 18, 2010
By xXpoetryaiXx SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
xXpoetryaiXx SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
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"Give into love or live in fear"

Chapter one: The dark room

My mother used to tell me I was afraid of everything from the sound of water dripping from the faucet to the zebra tattoo my uncle has. I used to quiver in fear and hide all alone in a dark room always sheltered from the world. I would run and hide. I just never wanted anyone in. I was scared of the world and all it brought. I didn’t want anyone to ever see me cry. I tried my hardest to make sure no one knew how I felt. Many would ask me yet no one cared enough to actually try hard enough to get in. My dark room was never opened. The only time there was light was when the full moon that shined so bright, I was waiting there for someone to walk in that door. I wanted someone to just burst through that door and for once in my life tell me it was going to be alright. I just never told anyone that they were allowed to walk in. I used to blame others for many years wondering why they didn’t want to walk in. Yet, I never knew it was my fault till it was too late. I was the one who never opened that door. I slowly isolated myself from everyone. The older I got the more locks were placed on that door and the more I started to forget how the shining of the moon could make me feel alright. The darker the room got the more forgotten I was. The day that saved me was so many years ago yet it was never a forgotten story, it was just never told.

My name is Faith and I was just 13 years old when I met her. This isn’t some sort of lesbian love story or a tale of two long lost sisters. It’s the tale of magic and how it brought two people together. Through all the bumps in the road and all the tears that fell down it’s their story, no our story. It was the summer of ‘2009 I just graduated Middle School and was finally on to High School. I was nervous because this wasn’t going to be like anything I have done before. I have been with the same people my whole life and it was easy to fool them into believing I was alright but, people are people and they will always be the same. You put a smile on your face and you act like an idiot people slowly start to give into that lie. My life was going to be the same old lie and no one could stop it. No one can ever break through that door because my lies were invincible and I was on top of the world.
My name is Faith and on June 27, 2009 my perfect lie came to an end. Just one girl, one I.M., one question changed my life. Now let me ask you this: Do you believe angels can be in people?
Many don’t believe in the supernatural yet I have always lived in it. In my perfect lie there was one flaw, one imperfection that drove me to be a “freak” the power to see the magical world has always tattooed me in my life and just like a tattoo I can never remove it. So why did this young girl ask me this I will never know. Even now I question myself and for me to answer truthfully was the biggest shock.
XXPoetryAiXx: Yes I do why?

My mind was racing and I didn’t know why I wrote that. Just some part of me told me to type it down and without thinking the ‘Send’ button was pressed.

XxLilxStunnaxX: Do you know anyone who is an angel?

Who was this girl and why was she questioning me?

XXPoetryAiXx: I believe it’s none of your concern.

I couldn’t ruin my life for just one moment, I had too much lies at stake and I couldn’t and wouldn’t waste it all on this one girl who I don’t even know.

XxLilxStunnaxX: But I believe it truly is

Some part of me wanted to tell her to f*** off yet some part of me was dying to tell her the truth. Maybe I was always looking for someone to confine in, maybe I was just desperate for attention or maybe it was in my hands to tell her the truth. Maybe god himself decided it was time for someone to open my door. I’ll never know the answer but I would like to think it was gods who choose her for me.
XXPoetryAiXx: I know a lot more than you think.

XxLilxStunnaxX: If you truly know and you’re not a fake. Then I would like you to prove it to me. My name is Lyric just like in a song and im looking for a teacher.

XXPoetryAiXx: Teach you what?
XxLilxStunnaxX: Magic of course. I mean it should be rather simple. Doesn’t everyone have an angel in them?
XXPoetryAiXx: No not everyone does, only a few people probably out of this whole state have an angel.
XxLilxStunnaxX: OH! So if I have one will you teach me?
Some part of me really wanted to beat this girl; I mean why I would want to teach some arrogant person who probably just asks everyone about this. Over my dead body would I teach her- or anyone a matter of fact the ways of magic. Some people are born with talent; it just takes ability to use it. Yet, some part of me wanted to have a friend. Someone I can depend on and use magic with. Yet, why was this girl so different? I could have lied and pretended not to know anything but, I told her the truth and I made a mistake. Now seeing as she knows my little secret I am going to have to give in.
As I wrote down these words my whole body froze. Was I really sure about this? For once in my life I was tired of looking at the same door with no one else. I was tired of being left alone in the dark. Maybe just maybe I could grab someone and drag them into it.
I wrote what time and when. I knew it was selfish I knew it was stupid. Yet we arranged to meet the next day for her magic lesson. She sounded happy yet I was out of my mind. How can I let someone who I just met in so far? People who I knew my whole life was never allowed to see my secret. One girl, one I.M. on June 27, 2009 changed my life. She was and always will be the first person I let come in and play with me in the dark. She may get caught into the darkness or maybe she will be the person who shows me that the moon is actually pretty bright. Little did I ever know that this girl Lyric, just like a song shows you the way how people truly feel. I will never forget that one girl who just asked me a simple question- 8 words, one sentence- one thing I can never forget. Lyric was my teacher and she was the only person who could have ever opened my door

The author's comments:
My best friend Nora. She is my everything and her beauty inspired me.

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