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Foreign Love: Chapter 12

February 17, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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I sighed. Man I hate boy trouble. “What’s wrong?” Rick asked. “Uh nothing.” I let go of him and sat on my bed. “It sure doesn’t seem like nothing!” he said while sitting next to me. “Well it is nothing.” “If you’re sure” he whispered. “Positive! Well I think you should go though. I’m really tired from today and I want to have some time by myself.” “Fine, I’ll call you tomorrow” he said. “Kay, bye!” I said before he left.

I made sure Rick drove away in his Jeep before opening my window. “Psstt! James!” I whispered and yelled at the same time. He didn’t hear me. I picked up one of the rocks that had stayed there when James was throwing rocks and threw it at his window. Wow I didn’t think I’d make it I thought to myself. He still didn’t hear it. “James!” I yelled but not that loud. Are you kidding me? I asked myself. I put on my sweater, took my keys to the house and walked out the door.

I crossed the street silently and quickly. I walked up to the tree by the side of James’s window. I climbed up branch by branch until I finally reached the window. I hung on one branch with one hand and used the other to knock on the window. I cannot believe I was doing this! Besides he still couldn’t hear me! Just when I was about to climb down a bright light flashed through his room.

But it wasn’t the kind where just flip a switch. This light was different. It was really bright and it was blue. I almost fell off the tree but I guess I had good reflexes because I hung on tight to the tree with both hands.

Then the light turned red and then green. It kept flashing brightly. I managed to open the window and climb in. I fell on the floor with a loud thump. I looked at where the light was coming from.

There was some sort of back door. It was coming behind his dresser. I stood up and dusted myself. I silently walked over to the trap door thing. The bright light started dimming down. When I reached it there were some steel stairs. I walked down them very quietly until I was about half way down. I spotted James at some sort of desk where there were about five computers surrounding him.

He was talking to some guy. “I need more time!” James pleaded. “Fine but I’ll only give you one more week to get the job done, that’ all.” “Thank-you sir” James said. I quickly ran up the steel stairs and climbed out the window. I ran across the street and rushed into my house. I reached my room to see James walking out from the trap door. He closed it and put his dresser back where it belonged. I threw myself on the ground and heard him close his window and turn off his lights.

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