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February 8, 2010
By Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
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Why Didnt I Notice It? Was I To Busy Blinking, Breathing, Thinking? What? Was I Day Dreaming? Could I Have Never Had The Chance To See It? I Begin To Look In The Mirror With Despise ,Then
You Look At Me With Those Eyes and I Realize, Its Not All My Fault.

You Could Have At Least Tryed To Show Your Self. Be Out There and Andventorus. But, Then Of Corse I Wouldnt Like you. I Like How You Always Have That Funny Shaped Head Of Yours In a Book, Or Your Round Eyes Starring out The Bus Window. Its Refreshing, Diffrent, Unique. Its Absolutely Wonderful.
Most People Would Write you Off As a Loner, As A Freak Show With Glasses, That Is If They Even Saw you At All. I Apologize, I Never Saw you until That One Day. Was It Fate? Do I Even Believe in Fate Or Destiny?
I Didnt before, But you, You Can Made Me Bealive.

You See Where We Met Was Brilliant. In the Libray Behind The Forth Book Case To The Left. I tripped Over you. I Remeber It With Great Intent. You Were Nose Deep In Stephan Kings The Stand, Just Sitting on the Ground Looking so Deep Within thought. I'm Sure that If I didnt Land on your Arm Slamming The Book Shut you Wouldnt Have Ever Put The thing Down, At Least Till You Were Done.
"Im Soo Sorry!!"
"No Biggy" Was Your Reply.
"Did you Loose your Page?" I Stood Up Brushing Myself Off And Offering A Helping Hand up.
"Yeah, But i Remeber What Chapter i was In"
I Hung On Those Words, Until Our Next Encounter.
I Would Always Find you Reading, Within That Aisle, Just Flipping away pages.
We Would Pass Kind Bantter About The Tales We Have Read, But your Descriptions Surrpassed Even the Glory Of The Books.
I Was Obsorbed Within Your Words.
We Soon Became Friends. Best Friends Actually, But I knew Nether Of us Would Admitt it Outside The Librarys Sweet Protective Walls.

Our Lovely Banter Soon Became Established Conversations That Held Great Length. We Stopped Talking About Reading Books, Soon To Discover We Both Had a Love For Writeing Books. Its Funny I Said Love. I Knew I Loved You After You Showed Me your First Poem.
Its Was Absolutely Amazeing, Just Like Your Eyes.
those Deep Round Brown Eyes Always Starring at words.
Well, I Thought You Were Always Were Looking at the Book.

Why Didnt I Notice? Why Didnt you tell Me Sooner?
You Knew You Could Have Told Me Anything, And Same From Me To You.
Why Didnt i Tell You Then? Was I Too Absorbed Into Your Voice, Your Eyes, What?

I Remeber The Day you Left, As Intensely As I Remeber Us Meeting. Even Tho These Two Occations Where Three Years Apart.
Your Eyes Were Moist with Sorrow.
We Were The only ones Still On School Property.
You Simply Looked At Me Without Words.
Tears Swam out of my Tears Soaking your jacket as I Hugged you tight.
Useing your Thumb You Smirred all Tears away.
You Smiled, Laughed Even.
Ohh How I Loved your Laugh, I Couldnt Help But join in.
We Must Have Looked Like a Bunch Of Crazys Just CLinging to Each other Laughing.
But, We All Knew It Was No Laughing Matter.

Holding your Hand I Wondered Out side of THe Librarys Walls And Twords your Car.
We Moved With a Pace So Slow That The Earths Orbit seemed Like a Rocket. But Even Rockets Have TO Land. We Got To Our Destination. I Was Loosening My Grip But You Hardened yours, Swinging Me Into Your Arms And Kissing Me. I Wanted Our Lips To Met For What Seemed Like Forever, And Now It happens.

Why Now? Why When I Knew You Where Leaving? It Was Every Thing I Could Hope For. Better Then Any Thing I Could Ever Put into Words On Paper. Better Then Living. It Was Perfect.

I Was Too Stunned To Talk And you Noticed
"I Will Miss You." Is All I Could Get Out.

So You Got into Your Car And Shut The Door, As You Started To Pull Out I Remebered My Note I Had Written you. I Tryed to wave you down But you kept going.
I Stood Alone Now in the Empty Parking Lot.
I Ripped The Note From My Pocket.
Only To Realize it wasent my note.
I Opened it with Care.

And It Read " I Love You Too."

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This article has 2 comments.

on Feb. 12 2010 at 6:54 pm
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
21 articles 0 photos 13 comments
Its A Habit. Sorta How I Learned To Type :D Sorry

Kiddo:) said...
on Feb. 12 2010 at 4:39 pm
It was pretty good, very cute! but writing with every word capitalized does nothing for your work. It takes away from the story and is very distracting