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*The Aburn Eclipse* (Part 2)

January 28, 2010
By JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
JohnnyDeppLover123 DIAMOND, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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These were the colors of the school. “Hey you guys, did you hear about the new smoking-hot-delicious-sexy guy coming today!?” Skylar shouted to all the teenage vamps that were sitting in the lounge. They all looked at each other, smiled, and rushed towards their rooms to beauty-themselves-up. “They act like they have a chance when Calypsos’ here!” Calypso said. “Wow, but they act like it’s a big deal” Selene said (while rolling her eyes because her boy experience isn’t great). “Honey it is a big deal!” she replied like Selene was from another planet.

Without another word Selene walked towards the elevator ready to get dressed to go to sleep. Reluctantly Calypso and Skylar followed her towards their room. Their room was bigger then most (because they’re three of them instead of two like everybody else). The rooms’ walls were all red (of course) and the carpet was white while the borders around windows, doors, and around the walls were black.

But their beds were distinct. Calypsos’ was of a baby blue with black and white pillows pilled together at the top of the bed. Skylars’ bed was of an orangey-red with white and yellow pillows at the head of the bead. And finally Selenes’ bed was of an emerald green that matched her eyes with white and purple pillows also at the head of the bed.

The windows were covered with silky white curtains as well as the beds that were silky and velvety and felt marvelous against your skin. And the bathroom had double sinks, a huge walk in shower and one toilet in the corner. All the cabinets were white and the counter was made of the same black marble downstairs. The floor was also perfectly put together.

“I don’t even feel like going to sleep!” Calypso said while pouting. “Yeah like seriously” Skylar replied while twisting her hair with her finger and her other hand on her hip. “You know what that means girls’!” Selene said excitedly. “Well I’m bored” Selene said grumpily. “Yeah me too!” Skylar said. “You know what that means girls!” Selene said.

“Pirates of the Caribbean marathon!” they all said at the same time (while squealing, stomping up and down and raising their fists up in the air). Calypso went downstairs to get the non-butter popcorn and some diet orange Fanta. Skylar set up the bean bags they had in their room and put it in front of the only flat-screen T.V. in their room. Selene put in the first movie (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; the first of the three) while Skylar set up the seating and Calypso got the snacks.

Then with a swift and very quick move Calypso came with the snacks and they all sat down in their bean bags. Then with a push of a button Selene started the beginning of an awesome movie. After 6-7 hours of watching the full set they stretched and realized what time it was. “Holy crap, its 11:30 (a.m.)!” Calypso shouted as she saw her clock.

“Oh yeah, Violet is gonna introduce the hottie in 30 minutes!” Skylar said. “We have to get out of these pajamas” Selene said. “Ok I have an idea. Lets all take 5 minute showers leaving us 15 minutes to get dressed and make ourselves beautified” Calypso suggested (but showing her “I know this is the best plan” face).

But before Selene or Calypso could say something else, Skylar used her magnificent grace and speed to take a shower first. “Sorry girls’ but I have to impress this guy!” she shouted as she closed the door and turned on the shower. “So typical Skylar” Selene and Calypso said at the same time. As they waited for her to finish they picked up the bean bags, pillows, blankets and snacks.

After a quick five minutes Skylar came out wrapped in a white towel. “Ok it’s all ready for you know!” Skylar said while grinning and pretending she did nothing wrong. “Well…I got dibs on next!” Calypso said very fast just before Selene could say something. Inside the bathroom was all foggy from the hot shower Skylar took before. Calypso quickly slipped off her light blue dress followed by her Kermit-The-Frog undies. Then she opened the red curtain that covered the walk in shower and turned on the faucet.

“Well I guess I’m last…” Selene said while muttering to herself on how she really felt like waking up with a hot shower after having Pirates of the Caribbean marathon (which rocked!). “It’s ok Selene your beautiful anyways” Skylar said while trying to perk her up with her dorky awkwardness.

“Jeez thanks Sky, you always know what to say well when it comes to compliments” Selene replied while silently laughing to herself as Skylar tried to figure out what she meant by that. She might be clueless but hey I still love her… Selene thought to herself. While Selene waited she watched Skylar brush her long, wavy orange hair.

Skylar than asked what she should wear. “Between these two, which one?” she asked. She held up a sexy black dress that would show her shoulders and reached just above her knees (they called it the guy magnet dress because it so breath-taking, especially because it was really tight against your body). The other dress she held up was still very nice but a little toned down. It was a dress that also showed the shoulders and flowed freely every time you took a step. It had flowery yellow designs with an orange background. With this dress she matched it up with a light brown vest (this dress was called the “I like you and I’m trying to impress you dress; hope it works!”). “I like the orange one it looks best on you, besides that other dress will just make you look desperate” Selene suggested.

“You know what you’re right! Thanks Selene” she said in her peaceful and joyful tone while skipping away into her room and changing. Right afterwards Calypso came out in the same white towel as Skylar. “It’s all yours now girl” Calypso said while showing her perfect white smile. “Hahaha thanks!” Selene replied sarcastically just before she shut the door to the bathroom and took a hot relaxing shower.

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