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My Rose: Chapter 4

January 25, 2010
By Rosalie PLATINUM, Maryville, Tennessee
Rosalie PLATINUM, Maryville, Tennessee
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-good girls are bad girls that dont get caught.

“Hi, Logan.” Rosalie said softly. I was thrilled. I hated the fact that she was leaning against my car, but I loved the fact that she was waiting for me. I wondered what kept me in mind.
“What’s happening?” I asked, casually.
She answered, “An idiotic freshman ran into my parked car, and they toed my car away. I needed someone to drive me home. My instincts told me to wait by this wonderful car.”
“Sure, I’d be more than happy to drive you. Did you know that this was my car?” That was all I needed to know. My whole heart was grinning.
“No, not really, but I figured it was your car, since you left all of your books in it. Your notebook has your name on it, you know.”
I laughed, but a voice interrupted me.
“Oh, you two have met?” A familiar voice said in a sharp tone. It was THAT voice. Rosalie looked as surprised as I was.
Then I said, “Wait, you two know each other? You’re totally different girls.”
They both shot me a duh-I know-we’re not-related look. I was a bit embarrassed.
Rosalie followed, “How you do know each other?”
We were looking at each other, shocked. A split second later, Abbigail grabbed Rosalie’s arm and pulled her aside to have a private talk. They had a mysterious conversation. I wish I could hear what they were saying, but they kept their voices low. I would only see their faces. From their facial expressions, I could tell that Abbigail was somewhat angry, scolding Rosalie. Rosalie looked sorry, but she had a hidden smile behind that face. I could tell. Abbigail stormed away. What a childish action! Okay, sorry for saying that. But it was truly not what I look for in a girl.

Rosalie came back, and immediately started explaining with excuses, but I cut in.
“Can you get into my car before someone else comes and steals you away?” Her face flushed, and the ends of her mouth turned up. I opened the door of my car, and bowed her in playfully. Once we were both inside, she started talking. “Nice car. You must love it!” She traced her fingers over the leather seats and the stereo.
“It was a present from my dad and my stepmom. Do you like it? I love it.” I love my car, but not as much as I love you, the voice in my head continued to say.
“Sure. It’s a lot nicer than my car, which basically doesn’t exist anymore, and plus a guy like you really matches it. I mean, a cool guy driving a cool car, that’s hot.” I guess that means she likes the car.
“With a beautiful girl sitting in the passenger seat, the hot guy is even hotter.” I told her, concentrating on her reaction.
Her face turned color again, and I started the engine
“Where do you live? I’ll drive you right to your doorstep.” I announced.
“I live on Henderson Street. It’s near Maple Crest.” She said, and I had no idea of where that was.
“Where is that? I’ve never even heard of those names.” I hoped that it wasn’t too far away from my house.
“You’re gonna have to give me instructions, because I don’t know where that is.”
“No problem, okay so turn left at the next stoplight.” She said, looking more confident than before.

We had fun, cracking jokes and stuff. She told me about everything I asked, and I learned that she had been living here her whole life. She knew everything about the city. I could tell that she loved this place. We got near her house, and for some reason I didn’t want this time to end. Maybe I wanted it to last longer. We were having too much fun. I asked her, “Do you have a curfew?”
She shook her head sideways looking blank. Good, I thought.
“Do you have plans tonight?”
“I have homework, but that’s about it. And I can do it tomorrow.” She said, with curious eyes. Her voice was honey sweet, naturally.
That answer was good enough. I did a quick U-turn, which was illegal by the way, and headed back where we came from.
Rosalie looked at me, not a least bit scared, and asked, “To where are you going to kidnap me?” Her eyes were sparkling and her face was tidy with a small smile. I guess that meant she wasn’t mad or worried or anything.
So I answered, “I’m lost! We have to go back for directions!” in a funny voice.
She giggled, and said, “I’m hungry. Let’s go somewhere. Don’t worry, we’ll never be lost. I know the whole city. The only place you can get accurate directions is from me.” She was awfully excited, and in a playful mood.

Our moment was ruined by a single phone call. Her phone rang, and she picked up. She said hello, listened for a while, and then put it on speaker so I could hear. She signaled for me not to speak, so I only listened. It was a girl. A girl who was mad. I think what I heard was: “I know you’re with him. If you’re not dating him, stay away. He’s going to be my guy. Stay away and I mean it.” Then the angry girl hung up. There was an awkward silence. I really hate silence. So I decided to break the ice. Only I chose the wrong question.

“Who was that?” I asked, like a stupid person.
“It was Abbigail. I was hoping you would notice.” She sounded sad. Clearly, she didn’t want to talk about it. She ended up not telling me anything. I was gonna let it go today, but the next time it happens, I was gonna have to ask.

I finally found a parking spot, and we both got out of the car, silently trying to forget the phone call. After we sat down, Rosalie said, “Did you lock the car?”
“Yeah, I did-no I didn’t!” I jumped up, looking for my keys.
I had been too busy staying at her perfect style and her silky wavy hair to lock my Ferrari. How stupid can I guy get? I started panicking a little, but I saw what I was looking for in her small hands. She handed my keys to me, and whispered, “I locked your car, don’t worry.”
“How did you- why do you have my keys?” I asked, very surprised.
“I can’t believe you didn’t notice. It was kind of cute, you know.” I saw a smile spill over her face. The smile made me feel safer than ever.

We ate, and talked about lots of things. We talked about school, our lives, and our interests. She was fascinating. I suddenly got a phone call from our house. I picked up.
“Hi Logan, where are you?” I t was Bella, I think.
“Hi, Bella, I’m eating with a friend tonight. I’ll be home later than usual.”
“Okay, it’s Gabby by the way.”
“Oh, sorry, Gabby. I love you. Bye.”
“Its okay. I love you too.”
The twins must have identical voice boxes. Is that even possible? I hoped not. I didn’t want to have to go through this for the rest of my life.
“Who is Gabby? Who is Bella?” Rosalie looked interested.

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