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My Rose: Chapter 3

January 20, 2010
By Rosalie PLATINUM, Maryville, Tennessee
Rosalie PLATINUM, Maryville, Tennessee
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I was sitting alone at Biology, the next day. The weather was nice, and I was thinking about all the nice things I could do after school at the beach if I was sitting in the seat I used to sit in, at my school in California. Basically, my mind was in a different world, when a blonde girl sat down next to me. She was tall girl, wearing expensive looking clothes.
“So you’re the new guy?” She said in a happy tone.
“Yup, my name is Logan Bailey. What’s yours?” She seemed nice, and I noticed that her hair was the exact same shade as mine.
“I’m Abbigail Cooper. I’m a cheerleader. I’d love to be your friend.”

Abbigail wasn’t all that pretty, if you let me say so. She wasn’t ugly, she was nice, and I have to add, she never ran out of words. She talked about herself, never letting me cut in. I was instantly bored, tired of this talkative creature. I don’t really like to listen to how many pounds girls have to lose in order to fit some skirt. I’m just not interested. Just buy your size, I thought. I tried to listen to her, and look as if I was fascinated by her story, but it was quite hard. I kept on going back to Rosalie in my head. I had flashbacks of the first day we met, and the first time we had lunch together.
“God she’s beautiful...” I breathed.
I didn’t think Abbigail would hear, but she did, and snapped.
“Who is? You mean my mom? Are you kidding?”
Apparently, she had been talking about her mother. Of course, I wasn’t even listening. How could I do such a rude thing? I was so embarrassed, and sorry. I was sorry from the bottom of my heart, and said, “Sorry, no, not your mother. I haven’t even met her.”
Abbigail gave me the “I know you’re hiding something” look, eyed me a little, but continued talking. I tried to concentrate, and enjoy the talk. But I couldn’t. Not with a beautiful girl in my head.

Abbigail would do just great in California. In fact, she was distracting me enough to make me forget it was biology class. I looked up, hoping the teacher would make Abbigail shut up, but he didn’t even look at me. I was so frustrated. Abbigail wasn’t who I wanted. I gave up trying to be a friend today. I would try again tomorrow. Did I have any other classes with her? I hoped with half of my heart that this was the only one.
“Hey, do we have any other classes together?” I asked in my calmest voice. She looked pleased; maybe she thought I liked her. Did I like her? No, I did not. She was definitely excited about my first question in the conversation, because she eyed me and gave me her best smile, and words fell out of those perfectly glossed lips.
“Well, what other classes do you have?” She said, in her butter voice, flashing her eyelashes at me.
I handed her my timetable and my list of classes. She studied them, and slowly opened her mouth. “Physics, creative writing, advanced choir, English literature, French, and biology.”
“That was a list of…?” I gulped.
“The classes we have together! I’m so excited!” Abbigail looked happy and smiled a satisfied smirk. I wasn’t happy at all. I had to admit, she was being such a devil. Honestly, she was the kind of girl you didn’t want to know. I sighed. I know she was born like that, but if I was having this conversation with Rosalie, I would probably be having a lot more fun. Abbigail was going to be with for a while if I don’t shake her off. I needed a guy to talk to.

The bell rang and announced that the class ended. I jumped up from my seat and ran the whole way to the men’s locker room, never looking back to say bye to Abbigail. I flashed on my gear, and sprinted out to the football field. I would finally be able to dismiss my stress.

A few guys were already out, despite my lighting fast appearance. One guy, who introduced himself as Russell, came to talk. Whew. Finally, a guy was interested in me. I’m not gay, and I’m sure Russ isn’t either. I’m just saying that he was the first guy who came to talk to me. I was going to talk to the big guy in biology, but after Abbigail came along, I lost my chance.

Russ was tall, and greatly in shape. I could tell he was their best man. He was their leader, I guess.
“Hey, I’m Russell. You can call me Russ. You’ve played before, right?” Nice guy, I thought.
“Yup, I was quarterback for the Grizzlies, in California before I moved here. My name is Logan, by the way.”
“Good, I see you’re in shape. You got a girl?”
I was grinning. I’ve been training for a while, even during the move.
“No, this is my first day of school. I don’t just grab a girl and leave, you know.”
Russ laughed, and yelled, “Yo Ted! Get over here!” A big guy trotted over, looking puffed.
“Ted, this is Logan, Logan this is Ted.” Russ introduced us.
“I can speak for myself, Russ.” His sharp voice bit my ear. Ted continued, “I guess you already know my name, since Russ yelled it, but yeah, my name is Ted. I used to be quarterback.”
“You used to? Who’s the new one” I asked. This guy was a puzzle, I thought.
“Buddy, don’t fall asleep when you’re on the field. You’re the new quarterback, Logan.” He walked away, shaking his head. On his way, he bumped my shoulder and said, “You’re gonna be a good one.”

I smiled. These guys were good teammates. This was the second best team in the world. Of course, the best team was the Grizzly team I left. I hoped that one day; I could say that this team was the best. Coach blew the whistle, and practice started. We started out with simple drills and passes. I was having fun. I really loved this team.

Practice was great. I was humming a song on the way to my car, when I found a girl leaning against my Ferrari. I wasn’t happy.

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