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Awkward Silences and Close Encounters

January 9, 2010
By oliviarose SILVER, Wellington, Florida
oliviarose SILVER, Wellington, Florida
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Here we are, yet again. Sitting on this bench, only three or four inches from you. I can smell your cologne, mixed with a little sweat from gym class. Some people find that gross, but I find it alluring, or maybe it's just him.

Scott Tonner. 5"3' with greeny-green eyes and curly brown hair that makes you want to giggle. I can see his lips moving, as his eyes search the park. We were supposed to come here to talk about our book report, but, thankfully we've began talking about things that don't require much thought, like music and friends, and his stupid girlfriend.

Suddenly my thoughts about making out with him on this rusted bench are interrupted by his asking a question. "What you say?" I ask, smiling. He can tell I was miles away. He just doesn't know where.
"I said how can you not be cold. It's freezing."
"Oh" I realize I am actually freezing, considering it's like fifty degrees and I'm wearing capris and a light sweater. "I am kinda cold actually," I try to say, all nonchalantly. He smiles, his teeth are so white, I swear they almost have that blueish tint somethings get when they're really, really white.
"You wanna go to Ricky's it's like two blocks down. We can get some coffee, or a hot chocolate." He says. I smile and nod, he remembered I don't like coffee.
I don't think I'm gonna make it through the day.

We get to Ricky's and sit down at a table, close to the window. After we order our drinks we make some small talk, then he turns and stares outside for a while. I decide to do it, I've been thinking about this for a week, now I'm going to do it. I lean in and ask, "Why do you date Jamie?" He turns to me, surprised. I hope he thinks I'm interested, and not just snooping around. He shrugs and leans back.
"I like her I guess."
"You guess?" I ask, confused.
"Yeah. Why?"
"No reason." I say. Our drinks come (part of the reason I like Ricky's, they are fast). We drink our drinks for a few minutes, then finally he asks me the question I've both been dying to be asked, and praying not to.
"Do you like me?" I look up, my mouth hanging open. He puts his coffee down. I put my hot chocolate down and wrap my hands around my chest, pinching my sides till I feel like I'm about to cry.
"What to do you mean?" I ask. He leans in and sighs.
"Well...It's just that you kinda act like you do. So do you?" Suddenly I feel like we are on some sort of chat box, this kind of thing usually doesn't happen face-to-face, at least not for me. I decide to go for it, the situation can only get less awkward I suppose.
"Well in a way. But it's not like I'm in love with you or anything." I say. He looks up at me, now his mouth is hanging open. I bite my tongue and try to dig myself out of this hole.
"I mean I guess I kinda do. But it's not like serious or anything. Why...Do you like me?" He looks away and takes another sip of his coffee. The silence is deadly, I start holding my breath. Suddenly I hear him say,
"yeah, kinda." Then he looks at me. This time the silence isn't so deadly, my heart is still on a rampage. We stare at each other for a little while, then stupidly I ruin it by saying,
"but you have a girlfriend." Scott leans back again and nods. I take a sip of hot chocolate and rack my brain for something else to say. Suddenly I wish we had been working on our project.
"I'm thinking about breaking up with her." He says all of the sudden. I look up, not sure how to perceive this, so I just nod.
"Sooo..." I say.
"Sooo..." He says back.
We make some more small talk, then joke about how we totally forgot to plan our project or do anything school related. Then we both pull the "oh I gotta go" routine. We walk each other out, he says he has to go right, I say I have to go left. We smile at each and decide to hug. When we pull away from each other we can't help but pull each other a little closer. I smile to ease up the tention, but he doesn't seem to notice. Suddenly I feel his lips up against mine, but rather than panic I embrace. We kiss for a little while, we stop when we hear someone else walking into Ricky's, or out of, I wasn't paying much attention. We smile at each other again, then say our goodbyes.
"Call me." I say, before turning around.
"I will." I hear him shout back.

The author's comments:
This is the first romance story I've written, so please be honest. It was kinda fun making it, since I usually write in 3rd person rather than 1st. As usual give me your honest opinion. Thanks!

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