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love by a moment

December 29, 2009
By RemyAuvers GOLD, Fayette, Ohio
RemyAuvers GOLD, Fayette, Ohio
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It is 6:56 the bus comes at 7:10. Shera opened her eyes and looked at the clock. “Crap Crap Crap” are the words she mumbled to herself as she dashed out of bed and over to her closet. In her closet hung 3 baggy shirts, a pair of sweat pants, and a high wasted skirt. She removed the skirt from the hanger and placed it on herself.

Past the bathroom and down the hall, Shera traveled to the laundry room. She popped open the dryer door and found a simple black shirt. The shirt swung around her neck and tucked neatly into the high wasted skirt. On her way to the bathroom she took a peak at the clock. 7:02

She grabbed the tooth paste and forced a pea size dot onto he tooth brush. She grabbed a comb and began to brush her teeth and hair. Two minutes later she flushed her mouth out with water. She broke into a sprint across the hall and down the stairs.

She it took her three minutes to find her green pointed toe heels. Once she had them on she grab her book bag and lunch money.7:10

She could hear the bus honking. Her feet (even in her heels) made a mad dash out the door. The bus slowly started to pull away. Shera waved her hands frantically. The bus driver spotted her and smashed on the brakes. Shera rushed to the wide open doors on the vehicle.
Climbing the steps Shera broke into laugher and giggled out “That was close” to Betty, the bus driver.
“I’d say” Betty giggled out also in her western/redneck accent.
Shera walked quickly to her seat. When she arrived she sat quite waiting for Samuel,(her best friend scene Pre. Kindergarten) to arrive on the bus. Shera adored Samuel a lot. She would often fantasies them holding hands and cuddling. Every day she wanted to tell him how she felt but a fear of rejection held her back. If he said no or if he said yes and they broke up, Shera would lose him forever.
Samuel just barely made the bus also. He walked quickly to his seat next to Shera. Panic filled his eyes. “Shera can i please barrow your crossword I completely forgot it was due today” he ended his speech with a little puppy dog face.
“okay, only if I can see your Science homework” Shera finished her speech with a blush because little puppy dog face was making her heart beat quicker.
They sat on the bus in complete silence coping each other’s homework. Samuels head was exploding right next to him was the girl he loved. The smell of her hair made him want to scream. He would often fantasies them holding hands and cuddling. Every day he wanted to tell her how he felt but a fear of rejection held him back. If she said no or if she said yes and they broke up, Samuel would lose her forever.
The bus stopped to pick up a child. At that moment is when Samuel and Shera lost fear. Shera grabbed his hand. Samuel leaned in half way for a kiss. Shera leaned in a forth of the way. They sat there heads tilted, hands entwined, lips centimeters away. The bus started forward with a jerk. That jerk filled the centimeters and sealed there fait.
“What just… Did we” Shera started, but couldn’t find the words. The bus was heading down the street. They were seconds from the High School building. They both knew they were in love. How could they tell each other if they couldn’t predict what the other felt or didn’t feel.
Samuel took a risk” I love you” .
Shera’s heart almost leaped out, “I’ve always loved you”
As the bus started to pull into the parking lot a Semi hit the last seat on the right of the yellow bus. 4 children and were injured and 2 killed. Samuel and Shera just happen to be setting in seat 24, the very last seat on the right.

In seconds 2 lives were destroyed.

The author's comments:
I am sick of people wasting there youth years.

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on Feb. 10 2010 at 6:36 pm
RemyAuvers GOLD, Fayette, Ohio
14 articles 0 photos 3 comments

jalbo12 said...
on Feb. 7 2010 at 7:21 pm
remy this is bailey. like the story its fantabulous!