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First Date

December 22, 2009
By its_me GOLD, San Mateo, California
its_me GOLD, San Mateo, California
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Finally! After about two months of feuding with my parents, I get to actually go out with Logan! You see, they didn’t really like him at first. But I guess my constant crying softened them up. We went to the park. I know that the park is a kind of silly place to have you first date, but I think it’s romantic. And my parents approved, so it’s perfect!

Last night, me, my twin sister, Viola, and my best friend, Marie, had a sleepover. It was long overdue! We haven’t had some girl talk in over a month! We three have pretty much spent the whole weekend together. Marie slept over Saturday night. The next day at 4 p.m., I would see Logan. Marie tagged along with Viola. At least, they stayed away from us.

Four p.m. rolled around the next day. The weather was nice, 65 degrees and sunny. The park had clusters of kids running around the playground. I settled myself on the swings, my favorite part of the park. I rocked back and forth. Viola and Marie joined in. Viola’s long, black hair swayed in the breeze. Marie’s pretty blue eyes sparkled with joy.

Then, on the steps, the entrance to the park, I saw Logan and what must have been his mom. Logan was so easy to spot. I would always know it was him because he always wore his black and white hooded jacket and had his skater hair a little messy.

Just seeing him overwhelmed me with excitement. I walked over to him, my mom and dad caught up.

“Hello, I’m Will.” Dad said the first word. He shook Logan’s and his mother’s hands. Mom mimicked.

“Hi, I’m Logan.” he said politely.

“And I’m Anna, Logan’s mom.” her voice chimed.

“Hi, I’m Charlotte.” I said, a little nervous. There was an awkward pause. I feared this would happen. Dad broke the silence with a little conversation and sent me and Logan off to have fun.

We headed over to the swings and sat, talking for a little bit.

“Do you wanna take a walk?” Logan suggested.

“Sure.” I would have even swam in the dirty creek if he was going to be there. And walk we did. He found a tree we could sit at. I sat down.

“Eww,” I said. “It’s wet.” I immediately stood up. He chuckled. I brushed off my butt. Nothing seemed to be on it.

“Okay, we’ll find another place.” he reassured me. He led me over to the middle tunnel. At Forrester Park, they had three tunnels that connected two playgrounds together. There was also a road that ran over them.

We took a seat on the gravel. Logan wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his left shoulder. After about three minutes, he started shifting. I looked up at him.

“Um,” he began. I think he was uncomfortable sitting like that.

“Uh, do you want to lean against the wall?” I offered.

“Oh my gosh, yes. Good idea.” He sounded relieved. We scooted back and talked for a while. Logan and I talked about anything and everything. He always made me laugh. I stared outside of the tunnel at the little kids and their parents enjoying this nice day. One little boy and girl were riding tricycles, their mom following them. They laughed their little kid laughs as they rode into the first tunnel, next to the one we were in. The little girl looked at me. I smiled at her.

Me and Logan talked some more. Then all of a sudden I hear the pitter-patter of little feet echoing. It was the little girl who caught my eye. She tugged her mom behind her. As soon as she caught sight of Logan and me, she exclaimed,

“See, Mommy! I told you there was a boyfriend and a girlfriend in here!”

I giggled into Logan’s shoulder. We both waved at the little girl and her mom. The mother waved back and took her nosy little girl back into the first tunnel. Me and Logan laughed about that and kept talking and laughing. He laced his fingers through mine, and began to play with them.

I heard footsteps again. But this time, they were definitely not of a little girl’s. More like, Jason Marks, one of Logan’s friends. I turned around to see him with his skateboard.

“Hey, Logan!” Jason yelled. I seriously don’t know why he yelled. I mean, we’re in a tunnel.

“Hey, man.” he replied. “Hold on, stay here.” Logan said to me. I nodded. So I sat there and watched as Logan and Jason talked for a little. Three more people showed up. One was a freshman guy, his freshman girlfriend and a seventh grade boy. I kind of knew the 7th grader because he goes to our school.

Now I feel kind of stupid sitting here. I got up and walked over to Logan. He introduced me to all his friends. We all talked for a while. Another awkward pause happened.

“Uh, okay man. I guess we should be going.” Jason broke the silence.

“Yeah. Alright man. We’ll see ya.” Logan said.

We all said bye and they left. Logan and I stood in the tunnel for a bit. He spread out his arms, motioning me to hug him. I threw myself into him. I dug my face into his shoulder, smiling and breathing in the beautiful scent that is Logan. He smelled like cologne and cinnamon gum. He loosened his grip on me. I let go, still having my arms around his neck, and stared at him. His face started to inch towards mine.

Oh my gosh, he’s going to kiss me. I tried my best to keep calm. Well, that was pretty hard since this was going to be my first kiss. Many things were running through my mind in those short seconds between his lips and mine. Since, I had no previous experience on kissing; I channeled what I saw in the movies. I shut my eyes, puckered my lips and kissed him.

It was nothing really to get nervous about. It only lasted for two seconds. When we detached, I felt relieved. Not that the kiss was bad or anything. Well, I guess I wouldn’t know if it was bad or not. I mean it was my first kiss. Oh my gosh, I JUST HAD MY FIRST KISS! I wanted to scream! A smile spread across my face.

“Wait,” he said. What? “That was more like a peck.” He leaned in again. I leaned in too. Our lips touched, longer this time. We pulled back and smiled at each other.

Logan took me out of the tunnel. It was almost 6 p.m. I would have to leaved soon. I gave him one last hug and he walked me back to the car where Viola, Marie, Mom and Dad would be waiting.

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its_me GOLD said...
on Feb. 7 2010 at 8:50 am
its_me GOLD, San Mateo, California
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PAHAH! omg!!! (:

on Feb. 6 2010 at 10:00 pm
serendipitous615 PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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oooh...haha so thaaats what happened ;)