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50 Years

December 18, 2009
By 20hiscaiti09 GOLD, Sperryville, Virginia
20hiscaiti09 GOLD, Sperryville, Virginia
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"I love you more"

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. It was the ring her husband had givin her on thier Golden Anniversry. That very same night he left her forever. His heart just stopped beating. It was painless, for him anyways. She just couldnt bear to wear thr ring. She spent fifty years of her life with him and it brought to many emotions that her old withered body just couldn't handle. However, she kept the ring with her at all times, never loosing it or leaving it anywhere. Sometimes when she lay in bed at night she would feel him beside her,roll over and she wouldn't find anything but a tear. She would smell his cologne in the evening breeze, and she thought she would see him in a crownd of people. She drempt of him every night as if he was with her. One night was different. He didn't stay long but he said two words, "Soon Darling."
Over the next few weeks people would say she dies of a broken heart, others would say of old age. The truth however, was that when she died her heart was whole again. She was reunited with her true love again and fifty years soon became forever.

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