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His Heart Part 7

December 17, 2009
By Victoria_Luz PLATINUM, Niantic, Connecticut
Victoria_Luz PLATINUM, Niantic, Connecticut
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“Alaster stop!” I cried, shoving at his chest.
“Idiot!” he snapped, glaring at me. “I’m not going to take your soul.”
“I know that.” I replied, shaken.
“Then what the hell is the problem?”
“I’m not the type to sleep around. Dryads see their bodies as sacred things. How can I give you my body when you want nothing more than that?”
“What are you saying?” he growled.
“I’m not going to sleep with you. Unless, you can promise me that I will be you’re last Cuore.” I said, determinately. He growled angrily.
“You want me to commit to you. No, you really want me to say that I’m in love with you.” His voice was low and menacing.
“Alaster, I understand that that probably isn’t going to happen all that soon. And I’m certainly not going to force it out of you.” I smiled wanly. He just stared at me with unfathomable eyes.
“You must understand, Kari,” his eyes grew to an even darker color. “I am unable to have these feelings, for anyone.” He stood up then, letting me sit up on the bed.
“I don’t believe that.” I said, my voice infinitely soft. He just stared at me. “Here, I’ll go.”
“No” he moved closer to me preventing my escape.
“Alaster, I told you-”
“I’m not going to force you to sleep with me. But I will force you to remain here tonight.” He seemed agitated by everything.
“But…I mean….” I stammered.
“You will stay.” His voice leaving no room for argument.
“Okay.” I said, subdued. He went to my room and grabbed my nightgown for me. I changed in the bathroom then I crawled onto the opposite side of the bed and laid down under the covers. I curled up into a ball and tried not to shake.
“Kari” his voice was soft and compelling. I looked up to glare at him.
“Why do you want me to sleep in here?” If he wasn’t going to seduce me then why would he want me to stay?
“Because, I like to watch you sleep. And I don’t want to feel like some dirty pervert for sneaking into your room to do it.” He explained, annoyed again.
“But you are a dirty pervert.” I replied sweetly. My heart beat erratically at the thought that he would want to watch me in my sleep, that showed affection. I think.
“Watch what you say, little Kari. Don’t forget whom you are speaking to.” He tried to look menacing but my heart was too warm to feel threatened.
“It’s hard for me to forget, what with all the fang-flashing your doing.” I teased. He looked simply shocked. Then it melted into curiosity. I giggled lightly then slid under the covers of the bed. His scent was all over the bed. That spicy-sweet scent. I slid further under the covers, content. But then there was a rustling and the bed sunk next to me. I looked to see Alaster wrapping his arms around me. I squeaked in shock as he brought me into his warm chest. I felt his chuckle as it rumbled through him.
“What are you doing?” he slept during the day, and hadn’t woken up until a few hours ago.
“You are too small, and this bed is too big. It practically engulfs you. Besides what’s the point in having a beautiful woman in my bed when I’m not there?” he asked lightly. I laughed, and his smile grew.
“Perv” I mumbled, nuzzling my face into his shoulder. He let out a mock weary sigh.
“Sleep, little Kari.” He murmured.
“Blah! I’m not sleepy.” I complained. He chuckled again, the sound was warm and maybe even happy.
“You’re so damn cute.” He smiled, stroking my back softly. “But you need rest. And I’m hungry.” He nibbled on my throat, his teeth gently scraping the skin. I squeaked as his fangs sank into my throat. His hand continued to stroke my back as he drank my blood. He pulled away, and I felt the weight of blood loss settling over me. His hand brushed across my face.
“You’re such a cheater.” I mumbled, drowsy.
“Now you will sleep.” He soothed,
“Alaster” I managed.
“What is it?” he asked softly.
“I’m trusting you, please don’t do anything to betray that.” And I did trust him. That was why I was even in that room.
“Shh,” he stroked my back, soothing me, “I have done nothing to deserve your trust, but I will not risk breaking it.” I fell asleep, feeling so much warmer and content then I ever had before.

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Awww this chapter was so happy! i really do think you are a good writer