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His Heart Part 6

December 17, 2009
By Victoria_Luz PLATINUM, Niantic, Connecticut
Victoria_Luz PLATINUM, Niantic, Connecticut
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I awoke the next day to sun everywhere. It was lovely. I jumped out of bed and stretched. I walked with much trepidation to the door. I turned the knob and…the door swung open. I was honestly surprised. What with his last comment. I stepped out of the room. And I felt free. I stepped lightly down the hall. I peaked around, there were mostly guestrooms. I found the stairs and walked all the way down the two flights until I was on the first floor. I stepped out to a lush hallway. It was furnished lavishly to flaunt the wealth.
I looked around, truly awed. I couldn’t see the vampire Alaster as an extremely wealthy person. At least not the type to live in a mannered house, to have a high place in society.
I walked through the halls truly curious. But then I caught sight of a maid walking by. She looked at me and her eyes widened, horrified. Her mouth started to tremble.
“Umm” I said, confused.
“Why are you here?” she cried, terrified.
“Umm, I’m Alaster’s…guest.” I supplied helpfully.
“Y-y-you shouldn’t be down here.” She stammered. “If the master finds you here he’ll…he’ll…” her voice choked off. I walked over to her trying to calm her,
“It’s okay, Alaster knows I’m here.” I soothed her.
“Oh please, if he knows I saw you-” tears actually started to pool in her eyes.
“Then you can tell him.” I said adamantly.
“Really?” she asked, almost happy.
“Yes, and I promise he’ll not be angry with you.” Maybe he’d even be happy. At least knowing I went back upstairs in the end. I smiled brightly at her. “Can you tell me where the exit is?”
“Why?” she asked, frightened again.
“I’d like to go outside.” I said, happily. “I’ll be back before dark.” I promised. She nodded, shakily, and pointed to the servant’s entrance. I smiled and walked to the entrance. I walked out into the sunlight. It felt wonderful. I walked out towards the trees. They looked magical in the sunlight. I hadn’t been with them in the sunlight for what felt like ages.
“Hello” I sighed, as I reached the trees.
Forest child! Where is the beast? Have you escaped?
“Yes, and no. I think I’m going to try and help him.” I chuckled weakly.
Help him? You are truly too kind, too noble. He does not deserve your help.
“Maybe not. But everyone does deserve a second chance. Don’t you understand? I need to help him. He’s kind, sometimes. Just confused. He needs me.” I pled.
Do what is in your heart. I nodded and walked to my garden. I talked with the plants and Masho, late into the evening, only taking one trip upstairs to get Shilio and I replanted her in my garden. If I was able to get outside whenever I wanted than I didn’t need Shilio in my room all the time. Besides, they’d enjoy being outside.
As the sun started to set I made my way upstairs, I still didn’t want to wander too much. But when I came to my door it was already opened. I walked inside to see Alaster staring at the bed, his entire frame shaking.
“Alaster?” I called. He turned to me, shocked. “You’re early.” I tried to smile.
“Kari?” he still seemed stunned, “You’re still here?” he breathed.
“You keep saying that, and I keep telling you that I am staying.” I did smile this time. He walked closer to me, until he was just a foot away.
“Why?” he barely whispered.
“Right” he suddenly said, “You are so kind-hearted you don’t want to hurt anyone” he snickered. “Well except for that little slice you gave me.” He looked down at his chest. The images I had worked so hard to suppress came flooding back. All that blood.
“I’m so sorry.” I whimpered. The tears starting to run down my face, “I thought…I don’t know.” I started to shake. And Alaster, he held me. So gently.
“Shh” he soothed, “It’s alright. Someone was bound to do it sooner or later. I’m glad it was you, because you stayed.” He mumbled against my head.
“I stay, because I want to stay…with you.” I added. His hands tightened around me. But I was so close to where his wound was, “Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yes” he sighed, “Your blood helped immensely. It’s all healed.” He pressed a kiss to my forehead. “How is it…” he started. “How can you have started to heal what I thought was dead?” I just chuckled.
“That’s very sweet.” I brushed my fingers across his cheek, he sucked in his breath.
“You’re sweeter.” He placed a kiss on my forehead. “So sweet.” His lips nuzzled my neck, and his hands tightened around me. “And all mine.”
“I never said you could kiss me.” I managed.
“No, but I don’t hear you saying I can’t either.” He smiled as he took my face in his hands. His lips brushed lightly against mine. “Tell me. Tell me to kiss you. I want you to say it.”
“Please” it was all I could manage. I honestly couldn’t tell when my heart had started to soften towards this cold man. My first thoughts towards him had always been escape. But now…now I wanted to be with him. I just wanted him to kiss me.
And kiss me he did. Every inch of my mouth. Suddenly he lifted me into his arms. He walked swiftly out of the room, down the hall, to a circular staircase. He climbed up and waved his hand, making the door open immediately. I looked at the room around me. It was beautiful. The walls were a deep red, almost maroon. There were heavy black curtains that totally blocked any light from spilling into the room. The bed was huge, with matching red sheets and a canopy of black. The furniture was similarly colored.
“Where are we?” I asked.
“My room.” His voice was husky, his eyes piercing. “None of my Cuore have ever been in here.”
“Because I didn’t care about them.” His voice was tight.
“But you care about me?” I asked softly. My heart skipped a beat.
“I don’t know!” he snapped, aggravated. He set me down near the bed. “I suppose I care about you more than any of my other Cuore.”
“Which isn’t much.” I pursed my lips, my heart feeling a little bit lower. He let out a frustrated groan.
“It doesn’t matter.” He growled and tossed me onto the bed. He was there over me in a second. His lips found mine, aggressively possessing it.
“No” I pushed at his chest. I didn’t want him to be like this.
“Yes” his hands went to the buttons on the front of my dress

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