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Randomly Destined

December 8, 2009
By CarsonGooch BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
CarsonGooch BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
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"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Professor Dumbledore

We tried to suppress our giggles as we snuck out the back door to my room that led to the side of the house. Jasmine, my best friend, was the only girl that would sneak out with me at midnight to meet Nolan. We slid the door closed and smiled sheepishly at our reflections. Just two girls standing side by side, wearing short shorts, ASU t-shirts, our high-tops, and our long brown that was somewhat crimpy flowing down the sides of our faces and our backs; all the while accenting our tan bodies from the heat of the Arizona summer Sun. We elbowed each other in unison, chuckling because we knew that we were thinking the exact same things. We crept the ten feet in utter silence to the gate that separated the backyard from the front yard. We jumped the wall, trying to not make any noise as in to waking up the house that we did not want knowing that we were not occupying anymore. As I was sliding down the wall, my shirt caught on to a loose nail, scraping my hip and ripping my shirt.
I grunted in pain, but still trying oh so hard to not make any sudden sound that would disrupt the peace of the house. Jasmine laughed at the curse, then whispered, “hurry and change your shirt, we have to go! Hunter said that they’re not far and that they’re waiting… I got that a half an hour ago!”
“Okay,” I winced. I hoisted myself back onto the wall, sliding back down against the wall, landing lightly on all the rocks and trying so desperately to not make a noise.
I ran lightly back towards my room, sliding the door silently, leaving it open to save time. I walked towards my closet, opened the door, and grabbed one of my favorite shirts. My Urban striped shirt. I ripped off my ASU t-shirt and threw on the striped shirt. Then ran back towards the door and once again closed the door noiselessly.
I walked back towards the wall, jumped it, and laughed as Jasmine sighed impatiently. We walked towards my Lamborghini Mauri , we started pushing it out of the driveway when my phone started vibrating. I checked the screen and it was Nolan, I answered.
“Hello?” I whispered.
“Why are you whispering?” He asked.
“We’re trying to push my car out of the driveway so we won’t wake up the whole house, and that’s also why I’m whispering.”
“We’ll help you, Jasmine told my boy Hunter that you have a Lamborghini, so we’ll just take your car.” I could hear the smile in his voice.
“Okay, but we’ll just get it out of the driveway.”
“Okay, we’ll see you in like, a minute.”
The connection clicked off, and I shoved my phone back into my pocket. “What did your lover-boy want?” Jasmine teased. I chuckled, “Well, he actually is my lover-boy, but those boys are going to come here and help us roll this baby out onto the next block, plus someone slipped that I had a sick car and now they want to ride in it!”
“Oh, right, I totally forgot that I told Hunter that.”
I slapped her in the arm, “Yeah right! Someone just loves that Hunter lives in the same state as you! In freakin’ California!”
“And someone is mad that that they live in Arizona when Nolan lives in California…” She had a point, I finally found the right boy for me, not a guy that does drugs or drinks, but is sweet and kind and makes me laugh all the time, extremely cute, with musical talent, and extremely athletic; yet he had to live in an entire different state! Just my luck.
“Yeah, true. Now shut the hell up and help me push this out of the driveway before we get caught and not be able to have any fun.”
I got into the drivers’ seat, put it in reverse and jasmine just gave it a shove and then the car went rolling down the concrete driveway, I steered it, then braked at a stop. We saw these bright lights coming towards us, at the end of the block and then heard the engine cut off. Car doors slammed shut, and then two boys came running towards us.
Nolan locked me in his arms, pressing me against his body firmly. I embraced him as tightly as he was. He moved his hands to my hips, looking me in the eye, and I winced in pain as he rested his hand on my scrape.
“What’s the matter?” He sounded pretty concerned.
“I scraped my side while we were jumping the wall.” I pointed in the direction of the wall that Jasmine and I just jumped.
“Want me to kiss it better?” My face scrunched up as he teased, but he lifted up my shirt, bent down, and really kissed my hip!
“What the- ?” I laughed.
“Okay, lovebirds.” Hunter sighed, “We’re not just going to stand here and watch you two enjoy each other, and we don’t to see you guys reach first or second base.”
We both groaned as Hunter had to mention that. We let go of each other and we all pushed the car all the way to the end of the block right next to their truck. I got into the drivers’ seat, got my keys out of my pocket, “I’m driving.” Nolan said.
“I’m the guy, I have to drive, and I just want to see what it’s like to drive this baby.”
“There’s no way that you’re driving my car! And you don’t even know the area, how will you get around and know where to go if you drive?” I laughed.
“You could tell me where to go, and its midnight! No one’s driving around!”
I hesitated.
“Please?” He pleaded. Leveling down to my eye level, “Come on, you know you want to.”
“Okay! Fine! You can drive my car! But if we get into a car accident, then we better die so my parents won’t kill me!” I couldn’t help but laugh, so once again, I laughed for the millionth time because of Nolan.
We started on the road and just drove around for a while, Nolan was driving and I was in the passenger seat, and Hunter and Jasmine were in the back. I honestly didn’t want to know what was going on back there because they seemed to hit it off pretty well. As we all began to become more used to being around each other the real excitement began. We blasted the music, Nolan drove pretty crazy, but I caught him every now and then looking at me as if to check if he was going too far, and we drove all over the valley. We went to a movie, we got ice cream, and it just felt like eternity at how much we were doing. We went out to the desert and did donuts, which was so fun! And probably the most fun, was when we drove up to Mesa and went on one of those hills that overlooks the entire city to look at it and see its beauty.
We all got out of the car on that huge hill, and just walked around. Nolan and I ran away from Hunter and Jasmine and ended up walking in the dirt by ourselves.
“Wow, look at that moon.” Nolan stated.
“It’s the end of July, it usually gets that big around this time. Pretty soon, it will be bigger and orange.” I shuffled my feet around, staring at my red high-tops.
There was bit of silence, and I could feel some unease in the air.
“Carson, can I tell you something?” Nolan said, grabbing onto my hands, fiddling with them.
“Yeah, sure, you can tell me anything.”
“Okay. Gosh, I’m kind of nervous about telling you this.” I could feel my blood accelerating and I could feel my heart beat beating faster and faster at the anticipation of what he might say. Was he going to tell me that he didn’t like me anymore? That this just isn’t going to work? That he doesn’t want a relationship with someone so far away? That I’m just not right for him? What? What was he going to say?”
“You don’t have to be nervous! I can feel your heartbeat in your hands! It’s so fast!” He laughed. In a way, it eased the tension and calmed my fears, just hearing his laugh was all that it would take.
“I-I love you Carson. I know that we’re young, but I just know that I do. I never thought that I would love someone. I guess I only believed that kids could only really like someone, you know, I’ve heard you say this before, and I guess that that’s why I was so scared to tell you this. But it’s so hard to walk around day after day, every day, and just hear your voice in the wind, your letters playing in my mind, and just smelling your shampoo every now and then, and just thinking that I see you at school! Man, it’s crazy! It’s like God’s torturing me because he knows how much I like you… I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure, is that I do love you.”
“I love you, too, Nolan. I’ve known it ever since I met you a year ago. And the way how you just explained it, how you see me everywhere, you can hear my voice and stuff; well, that’s how it is for me too. I remember just waiting for you to just show up at my door and be there, and then when it didn’t happen, I could just feel my heart break, sort of.” I chuckled.
“We really are destined to be together.” Nolan whispered.
He pulled my hands around his neck, caressed my face, and pulled me into about the hundredth kiss that we’ve ever done, but this time it felt so much more sentimental. I pulled away and whispered into his ear, “I love you Nolan.”
And then Hunter and Jasmine walked in on us making out.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I really am in love with a guy named Nolan, and he really does live in California and he really does have a best friend named Hunter. I guess that this story evolved because this is how I wish our relationship turned out. And maybe it will, but it's only an emotional one, not a physical one.

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on Jan. 13 2012 at 4:34 pm
kookyK96 BRONZE, Princeton, Illinois
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"You can't win a dumb off."

This is awesome! I loved it!

on Feb. 22 2010 at 9:12 pm
CarsonGooch BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
4 articles 0 photos 22 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Professor Dumbledore

Thank you!!! I wanted it to be summery and fun, and just a total chick flick!! Thanks!!

evie428 BRONZE said...
on Feb. 21 2010 at 2:52 pm
evie428 BRONZE, Ontario, Other
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"Writing a novel is not merely going on a shopping expedition across the border to an unreal land: it is hours and years spent in the factories, the streets, the cathedrals of the imagination."

Good job! Nice description!!