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Delarie Teen Years: Part 3

November 24, 2009
By mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
mari14 SILVER, MI, Florida
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In the morning, I searched for the note and there it was again under my binder. So it was not a dream, but who wrote the poem? I tucked the note in my favorite book, and placed the book on top of my computer.
I rushed down to eat breakfast. I had waffles with whip cream, scrambled eggs, and orange juice, and then I ran out into the garage, with my book bag and binder in hand.
I took out my bike and rode as fast but as cautious, as I could. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a red bike crashed into mine and I flew through the air. I closed my eyes and just when I thought that my life would be over and that my head would crack into two by the concrete sidewalk, someone catched me.

I open my eyes and see Jared glaring at the red bike’s rider.
“Who are you?” He sounded scary and demanding. I sure would be scared if I was the kid. I feel bad for him.
“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry, are you alright?” He came near me and tried to see my face, but Jared’s glare seemed to have given him second thoughts. “Just leave.” Jared put me down from his arms, once the kid had left. “Are you hurt?” He asked me generously.
“No, but nice catch by the way.” He half-smiled and my heart skipped a beat for some reason.
“I guess.” He composed himself back to his serious phase. “We’re going to be late to school, so let me take you. Don’t worry I ride fast.” He grabbed my bike, placed me on the seat, and he jumped onto the pedals.
“Hold on.”
“I will.” He rode so fast, I thought he was kidding earlier. I almost couldn’t see the houses we passed by. He turned at the curbs and when he did my arms would tighten around his waist. He did not seem the slightest bit uncomfortable.
The wind came from the North and blew his hair and the sun shined bright, showing his dark brown highlights in his black hair. He took off his shades and put them in his pocket, since people aren’t allowed to wear them in school. Now I could see his green, emerald eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I knew then that the feeling I had for him was strong, and I found out that I like him more than I knew.
We arrived at school and I hopped off the bike after Jared did. I gave him a rope, and he tied it to the bike to attach it to a pole.
The school was almost empty besides the security guards and four other students.
“Come on.” Jared took my wrist and ran to Mrs. Desma’s homeroom.
When we reached the second floor, he let go of my wrist and made his way through a group of teenagers who always skipped homeroom. I followed him and entered our homeroom. Two seconds later the bell rang, and all the students were staring at us.
I sat in my seat which was the eighth to last, and Olli bend over her seat which was behind me.
“What happened? Were you guys together?”
“I was riding my bike when this kid crashed into mine, I flew through the air, Jared catched me, and then he offered to ride me to school on my bike. That’s all there is.” People overheard our conversation and began whispering among each other. The teacher then told them to be quiet and read.
“Are you sure that’s all that happened?”
“No.” I gave in. Though I have to tell her the rest when were alone.
“Tell me later at lunch, okay?” At lunch? Wait, but were having lunch with James, and maybe…Jared. Oh, and I forgot to thank him for saving me. I’m so forgetful.
“I can’t, I’m going to sit with James, and you too, I was hoping.”
“Is that some type of trick question, because I will sit with you and James?” She smiled at me and I smiled back. I wonder if she knows why I am actually glad.
Time passed and it was finally lunch time, and everybody kept talking about why Jared and I both came late, together. Olli and I entered the cafeteria and James came over to us.
“Hey Delarie, Olli. Do you want me to get you guys some food?” He said politely.
“No thank you, I will get it.” I wouldn’t want James to get me lunch and start rumors about that too.
“Same here, but if you really want to…” He looked at me. Rumors about Olli and James on the other hand are not bad at all.
“Yeah, I will get your lunch Ollia,” he faced me, “you sure you don’t want me to get you anything?”
“I’m positive, but I will come with you.”
“Okay.” James and I went to a line to buy the food and Ollia went to get a table.
I look around for Jared, but I don’t see him anywhere.
James and I buy the lunch and go to where Olli is sitting, and right beside her is the kid who crashed into me today. We sit down, James next to Olli and me in front of them three. When I sat down I noticed that the kid had hazel eyes and caramel hair. He looked about my age or maybe older, yet his voice made his age unpredictable.
“I’m so sorry about this morning. I didn’t see you and you could have-“ He said to me.
“Died?” A voice behind me said. I turned around and his emerald eyes looked down at me. I didn’t know what to do, should I still thank him? Oh no, I feel kind of warm. Am I blushing?
He stops looking at me and sits beside me. Jared glared at the kid, and the kid glared back. James broke the silence.
“So what’s your name?” James smiled.
“Elliot.” He answered. Now I recognize him, he’s from my Civics class, yet I never knew he was. See, I am forgetful.
James put out his hand. “Hey, Elliot my name is-”
“James, I know. A lot of girls talk about you around the school.” Elliot and James shook hands. James now was the one blushing. Poor guy, I can imagine him thinking that he’s paid way too much attention too. I mean, me out of all people knew he was more like a private guy. He didn’t like being noticed too much nor ignored.
Jared kept glaring at him, and since he didn’t stop I decided to greet Elliot to let Jared know he’s forgiven.
“I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you before, you’re Elliot from my civics class.” I laughed.
“Yeah, you’re Delarie right?” Elliot grinned.
“Yes, I am,” then I reached over and poked Ollie, “And this girl that you’re sitting next to is Ollia.”
“Hi.” She replied shyly. Ollia is very timid when she first meets someone.
“Hey.” Elliot smiled at her and then looked at Jared. “You’re the most famous one of them all, Jared. Everyone knows your name.” He sounded like he was taunting him. Does he even know what he’s getting himself into?
“Too bad yours isn’t, huh?” Jared smiled maliciously, which kind of scare me. Elliot hid the growing rivalry between him and Jared by changing the subject.
“So Delarie if there’s anything I can do to make up for the accident, let me know.”
“Sure.” I said.
“What if I walk you to your house after school today?” Elliot watched me. All their eyes look at me, and I see Jared’s. His green eyes grew anxious within every second. Is he trying to tell me something?
“Um, I don’t know yet, but I will tell you before the end of school. It’s just that I might have a lot of homework to do, and I might just go on bike.”
His hazel eyes seemed disappointed. “I see. Well, I have to go. It was nice meeting all of you.” He threw a threatening glance at Jared, and Jared and I were the only ones who saw it, yet I pretended that I didn’t notice. Elliot left, and then James left with Olli two minutes later. Now it was juts Jared and me.
“Hey Jared, I forgot to tell you something.” His eyes were focused at the doors for one second and then me at the next. “Thank you for before.” I am so exhausted right now. It took most of my strength to tell him that. I mean with those eyes of his focused on me and us being alone. It is too much pressure for me.
“You’re welcome.” His mind seemed to drift off somewhere. I waited for him to explain why he looked so anxious at me, but he said nothing.
“Goodbye then.” I took a few steps when he grabbed my arm.
“Wait, I-I think you shouldn’t walk with that guy.” I just couldn’t turn around, and I knew that if I did I would faint. He sounded worried and not angry or depressed like when I talked to him at Ollia’s house. He softly turned me and I felt so dizzy when my eyes met with his. What is wrong with me? Why am I like this? A crush cannot make me feel like this.
“Why not?” I tried pulling myself together, and I succeeded.
“He’s dangerous.” Jared said.
“Coming from you?”
“I don’t hurt anyone unless it’s necessary, and you? I would never…Look just don’t hang out with Elliot. This morning I didn’t notice who he was because of my stupid actions, but if you trust me you wouldn’t ever talk to that guy again.” With that he left, and he was back to his angry/depressed phase. Does he think he’s my father? He thinks he can tell me what to do, plus I know if someone is dangerous or not, I’m not in kindergarten. Take yourself for an example Jared. You look dangerous but you’re not.

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