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Lossed Love

October 25, 2009
By UnreadMind62695 BRONZE, Van Nuys, California
UnreadMind62695 BRONZE, Van Nuys, California
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"You never really know a person until youve been in a life changing situation with them."

“I’m sorry” was the last thing he said to me before the world around me went black. I would soon learn that not only was it the last thing he would ever say but the last time I would ever see the boy I loved.
6 Months earlier.
“Rilynn, he is so checking you out!” said my best friend Veronica.
“Stop looking you guys its so embarrassing!”
“You know you like the fact that he’s totally into you.” My other best friend Ashley said.
“Oka not only do we not know that for sure but I cant get my hopes too high if we are just assuming and it’s not true.”
“Oh please, if you don’t I will!” said Veronica
I couldn’t help but give her a nasty look. She kinda deserved it after everything she was saying. Either way she knew I loved her so it didn’t have as much off an impact as it would have on a total stranger. Oh well.
“Okay, Okay easy there tiger, I was just kidding.” said Veronica
“You guys, we have company.” But before I could ask Ashley what she meant I learned for myself.
Just the sound of his voice made me crazy.
I slowly turned and there stood the boy of my dreams. Justin.
Was he saying hi to me? Okay this usually doesn’t happen but I was at a complete loss of words.
He was smiling right at me and I was sitting there like a total idiot!
Stupid, say something!
“So are you going to the homecoming dance?”
Shoot I completely forgot about the dance!
“I’m not sure yet”
“Well, when you know if you are then let me know, okay?”
“Yea sure.”
As he left I crumpled in on myself. I had just made an idiot out of myself in front of the hottest guy at school.
“ I TOLD YOU!!! He is sooo into you!”
I couldn’t help but peer over my shoulder, and as I did my eyes connected with his beautiful golden ones. I was blushing and I knew it, apparently so did he because he shot one of his most dazzling smiles at me.
But of course at the most perfect time the bell rang.

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emily23 BRONZE said...
on Dec. 2 2009 at 10:16 am
emily23 BRONZE, Solon, Maine
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Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning.

aww come on did u have to end it there?