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True Love

May 19, 2009
By Jieonnie20 SILVER, Desoto, Texas
Jieonnie20 SILVER, Desoto, Texas
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There once was a boy named Lovett, he was searching for true love. He lived with his dad and two sisters, he loved them dearly, but he wanted more love beyond that. There was o girl who loved him so much that he didn’t pay much attention to her. So he left the City of True to go to the City of Love, where Aphrodite and her son Cupid lay to rest. Cupid was disrupted out of his sleep, for Lovett wanted help with his searching. Cupid replied with a question “ What three places do you feel a spark when you meet that special someone, and if it stay forever that’s the right one?” Lovett left disappointed, for he did not know the answer to the question.

Lovett stopped to think about it. He got the girls from the City of Love and the City of True together. He told the girl to hold his hands and kiss his cheeks. Lovett luck fell because there was no kind of spark with none of the girls. Then he thought of the girl who loved him, he told her to do the same thing as the other girls. When she kissed him both them felt a spark in their hearts, hands, and eyes. So at last he went to cupid and told him his reply, “ The heart, hand, and the eyes are where you feel the sparks.” Cupid flew into the sky for he has gotten the correct answer in a hundred years. Lovett went home with his dignity, hope, and his true love.

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