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Fan Fiction- With love everything is possible

November 18, 2019
By Susana111 BRONZE, Campbell, California
Susana111 BRONZE, Campbell, California
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I was disappointed at the end of the book "The Great Gatsby", I wanted the end of the story to be happy and that Gatsby and Daisy ended up together. My inspiration to write this version of the story is the connection and love that these two characters had for each other. I think a true fan would like this story because when Daisy was with Tom he didn't value or treat her the way Gatsby did and Tom cheated on her. When Gatsby and Daisy reunited after five years a lot of people expected for them to continue their love story but it wasn't like that, so I though it would be more interesting to continued it in this version.

Long line:
This piece of fan fiction offers an alternative ending to The Great Gatsby. Daisy, a young, enchanting woman, wants to reunited with the love of her life, Gatsby. But her husband, Tom, refuses to let her go.
GATSBY 30, tall , brown hair , short hair, Ambitious and persistent person
DAISY 23, tall, Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful and calm person
TOM 30, tall, brown hair, brown beard, strong and tough
NICK 29, tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, interesting person, friendly, tolerant
Gatsby, Tom, Jordan, Nick, and Daisy were at Gatsby's house sitting in the dining room.

I think I didn't have the courage to do it, but it's the right time to tell you in front of everyone that I really appreciate everything you've done for me Tom but I have to think about myself and what makes me happy.
What are you talking about Daisy?
Gatsby was my first love, and that love never died because my feelings are still the same for him, I started dating you because I thought he was dead, but you deserve to know the truth, I love Gatsby so much and that never it is going to change.
I also love Daisy, and all this effort I did to get my money and my things have been for her because she is the love of my life, Every night I saw a ray of purple light and it always motivated me more to fulfill my objective.
Tom is angry, He throws a chair and slaps Gatsby because he is taking away his wife.


I can't believe this Daisy!, just tell me the truth, don't make me think you that you were using me all this years, how can you be in love with a man like him? When i gave you everything.
I never used you, I feel good with you because you are a good person but I never loved you as I love Gatsby.

Tom leaves Gatsby's house angry and confused, he don't want to talk to anyone because he is feeling broken and used. Nick leave with Tom to try to calm him down and make him feel better about the situation.
Tom gets in the car and Nick drives the car, Nick tries to calm him down.
I know how you feel right know but the solution is not to react aggressively, things happen for a reason.
Nick, you don't understand anything, I love Daisy with all my heart and she just played with me, she used me because she didn't want to feel alone without someone's support.
No Tom, she loves you, but she was dating Gatsby before you met her, he was basically her first love, you have to understand that.
Oh come on, how do you want me to understand that?! That's stupid
what about me!!? How can she still be in love with someone like Gatsby?! He is just trying to impress Daisy with the money that he just got.
Just give time to Daisy, and if you love her, let her be happy, I know she would talk to you soon, Just give her time and be patient Tom.
When they arrive at tom's house, nick says goodbye to tom and tells him to go on with his life and to let Daisy be happy, then he goes to his house.
Daisy gets up in the morning confused with everything that happened yesterday and thinks that she was dreaming when it is a reality and that everything she wanted was being fulfilled, mainly her greatest desire to return with Gatsby.
I always dreamed of waking up and seeing those beautiful eyes.
Good morning baby, I thought that I was dreaming, I can't believe how my life change and like everything, everything happened so fast!!
I know that everything happened very fast, but finally, we are together, to be happy Daisy, you deserve to be happy, you have to learn to think about yourself baby, you will have time to calm Tom and explain him everything, but I don't want to see you sad or that you tell me that you feel guilty.
I hope I will think like you right now, it is a difficult situation for me because I chose to be happy but I also hurt Tom.
I love you as you cannot imagine and thank you for supporting me.
Hey, I think would be better for us if we go to live in a different country to make a new life, without having to recover the past
I agree with you,
l'll do anything to see you happy by my side
Mmm Yes, but where are we going to go?? I don't know anyone in another country baby.
don't worry about that daisy, my brother is in Spain, and surely your cousin nick can go visit us and he can meet new girls hahaha and see if he finally gets a girlfriend.
haha you are still the same sweet and funny guy from 5 years ago.
Gatsby and Daisy decide to write letters to the closest people letting them know that they were going to Spain to live.
10 minutes later Nick arrives at Gatsby and Daisy's house.
Nick knocks on the door.
Hey, old sport is nice to see you, you're looking for Daisy??
Hi Gatsby
yeah is she here ?
I need to talk with her.
Yeah, go ahead, she's in the living room, Is everything okay old sport ?
Yeah, I just wanted to say something to her, a reason from Tom.
Hi cousin, thanks for coming! I feel so bad about Tom, and Gatsby and i decide to go to Spain to start from the beginning and have a new life you know, and if we stay here I know I'm going to feel guilty and bad cause I'm going to be remembering all this things that happened.
Daisy you cannot step away from your problems without solving them, what are you going to do with Tom?
I have a letter that I wrote and in this letter I'm explaining everything to him, and I know he would feel better. Please I need you to give him this letter Nick!
I will Daisy, I wish you the best
You're my little cousin and I love you. Good Luck!! and take care.
I will take care of her old sport, and come to visit us, we'll be waiting for you !
Nick says goodbye with his hand and gives Daisy a hug.

Gatsby and Daisy went to live in Spain in a mansion in front of the beach, they had two children and made a new life away from all the problems and memories of the past. Tom realizes that Daisy did the right thing and after two years he marries Myrtle and they make a life together. Nick falls in love with Jordan and they go to visit daisy and her family in Spain.

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on Dec. 3 2019 at 1:15 am
enigmaticteen, Trivandrum, Other
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What made' The Great Gatsby' a good book and movie was it's unexpected ending ,though it was unsatisfying. It showed us the true side of human nature. Love is not always happiness.Love is also pain and deception. Our first love is not always our true love. Gatsby committed himself to daisy who was just using him.The cheery,adorable Daisy was just a facade. It is truly sad and heartbreaking but we cannot change the ending. We must not change the ending.