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Splintered Heart

October 8, 2019
By RyleeRussell7 BRONZE, Burkburnett, Texas
RyleeRussell7 BRONZE, Burkburnett, Texas
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It was a nice sunny day in Lunaris, Zordale when Celeste and Scarlett were wandering around. Scarlett looked over at Celeste, curious as to why she was so silent. “Is something wrong Celeste?” Scarlett asked. Celeste looked over, startled at the sudden sound. “No. I’m fine.” She said, uncertain if what she said was true. Scarlett looked down, trying to decide if she should confront Celeste or not. “Celeste…” Scarlett started,hesitant to finish her sentence. “Yes?” “I have something to tell you…” “What is it?” Celeste asked, confused. “I met some-” She started but was cut off by a loud yell. “HELP!”  Both girls whipped their heads around while getting their weapons out, on their guard for any attackers. Celeste quickly scanned the area,finding a mysterious red door hidden behind some trash cans. She slowly approached it, curiosity winning the battle in her heart and brain. “PLEASE LET ME OUT!” she heard from behind the door. Using a crowbar she had brought from home, just in case, she quickly got to work trying to open the door. Scarlett quickly ran over to help Celeste, slightly worried at what they would find once the door was opened. About 10 minutes later, The door was finally opened and revealed a scrawny, dirt-covered boy. “Scarlett?!” “Sam?!” Scarlett and the boy exclaimed at the same time. “What?” Celeste asked, confused as to why they knew each other. “Celeste, I wanted to tell you that I met someone.” Scarlett started to explain. “His name is Sam and…. He’s my boyfriend…”  Scarlett said and quickly hid behind the opened door. Celeste quickly understood and got angry. “FINE! We are through. Should’ve known to never trust anyone ...especially my “girlfriend.””Scarlett then ran off, never wanting to see them again.

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