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May 3, 2009
By Chicken--Pie SILVER, Higher Bebington, Other
Chicken--Pie SILVER, Higher Bebington, Other
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I loved that day. But I hated it, too. Here’s how I live: be one person. One. Solid. Person.

I hate movement. And change. So, naturally, I hate Rollercoasters. But he loves them, so I love them, too. Complete hate’s not good, but neither is complete love. You need balance. And since you can’t balance on a Rollercoaster, I don’t go on them.

I just hate the way its structure towers over me. But I love the idea of flying that high. Trouble is, I’d just drunk slush-puppie. And I felt queasy enough, thanks.

I loved the way he ran to me just before he got on. And he kissed me, right in front of everyone, like he didn’t care what they thought.

But he does care what they thought. But he also cares about me. And I love that.

But something I didn’t like was his choice in slush-puppie. Orange – ugh!

I hated how getting rid of the orange tang meant getting rid of traces of him. But half liked the cola I washed it down with.

I saw the look on his face as he gained height. Normally, I would have hated that gormless look. But I loved him. So that balanced it out.

I hated the sound of his screaming, but it was worth it for the way he glowed afterwards.

He also called me his “little chicken” at the end. But he was wrong. I’m not a chicken.

I’m the track he runs on, and he’s my cart. I keep him going; he gives me a purpose. Metal is solid, right? Like a Rollercoaster.

You see us together and, despite our differences, we become one person. One. Solid. Person. It doesn’t matter if I like that or not. Because that’s just balance. And balance is good.

The author's comments:
Count the words and they're exactly 300. I saw a chance to write when I opened a magazine. It said: "Write something about a roller-coaster". So that's what I did. I think I was supposed to send it in, but I didn't have time. The word limit makes it not so good, as well.

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