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gabby 's lusk life

February 18, 2009
By tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
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Gabby up stairs listening to music and doing home work for English.

She hears Kaylenna voice "you need to down "
she don't want to here her don't want her to see her like this she may of been her older half sister but she was more like a mother to her.
They may of not looked a lot alike of course why would they
Gabby was a small framed blonde and had a big smile her
sister was a red head like her daddy.
Gabby never really knew (Danny) her father that much matter of fact all she knew was what Gabby gets on her birthday.
Gabby gets cards for her birthday and some pictures and he wrote her he never gives the address but a lot of the times she throws them away. She didn't want really anything to do with him he was never their when she took her first steps he was not their to teach her to so say dada.
She didn't hate him but she didn't love him she didn't know him to like him either.

When her mother met danny and they were together as a fling and when he found out she was pragant he left in a heart beat.
Kate was in a hard spot getting out of a realtionship with Kaylenna's father (Curt Lee Ray).
Gabby always loved Kaylenna's name Kaylenna Bree Star
But Gabby was with Gabby Green Ray.
Kaylenna's father travel the world and got remarried pa's child support and sends airplane ticks every three mouth for her to come and stay she talk's to her dad on the phone and never vist him as much as she did.
Thier mother Kate worked from seven in the morring to eight at night and on a late night her mother wouldn't come home til ten.
Her mother was a lawyer money was never a problem with them its just ever since Gabby was born Kaylenna had to grow pretty quick to help Gabby though her teenage years their mother just when back to work when Gabby was fourteen. Kaylenna was only seventeen getting ready to graduate form high school and go to Juliet School Of Arts in Florida. That was so important it was her sister dream and she was ready to throw it away to stay here for her sister.

She made her sister promice in the fall she'll go and Kaylenna pormised.
Her sister is the best dancer she knows. She was the frist one to teach her how to do the texas two step and later on down the line she taught her how to do lots more from hip- hop to slow dancing.

When their mother had days off they order out and stay at home atalking and laughing they try not to laugh to much cause when you get Gabby laughing your not going to get her to stop that easily.
Gabby always distance her self from her mother cause they never had the time like Kaylenna did.
Gabby loved her three best freinds Alice she was a light brown headed girl they knew each other since fourthgrade when she moved thier from Ohio.
Her second best friend was kayla she had the biggest heart in the hole school she love to have school sprit.
The Dolpins at New York new prive school they just bulit like six years ago but it stil looks brand new. Last but not lest Mat her best friend since like six grade
His freinds John and Gage were okay they all became good friends.
Mat and the guys played foot ball Gabby and the grils didn't really get into school projects til gabby nd Mat got together that and to make kayla happy.
Thats why when she found her self liking her best freind she wanted it to work she feel for him hard.
Gabby never though of him like this til her sister put the thougt into her head he was 15 going on 16 . He was her evething she always loved him and when he broke up with her it also broke her heart she never saw it
coming. He said it was for the best and Gabby though that Mat was just in a hard spot he come around and tell her he made the wrong choice and he wanted to be with her she waited and waited she sat still that night in the mirror wacthing the tears fall faster and faster she thought the pain would never end. so she grabs her jacket and goes up to the roof.

Gabby was a little sweet heart she was only
and she felt like she knew more than she wanted.
She seen more bad than good more evil and hurt than love
and lusk. Right now she was on top of the buliding looking
over the egde not to fall but to feel the brezze throw her hair
to be able to stand on top of the bulid to look across the water to the other side of new york and see the big flashing lights.
To here her own thoughts in her mind but it was beeter to here it out loud and she feels a drop of rain and looks up at the beautful stars and the moon not a cloud in sight but the rain drop' s feel one by one.
she though she never feel pain like this again and she was wrong with in three weeks.
The 3ed week her sister had to go to camp to have it for her school for a commutiy even.Dance compation for dancer and music writer that are try'n to get out and become bigger than their selfs.
So she stay with Alice and Kayla most of the time they all had their own little sleep over.
Why mat was gone Alice and Kayla tryied to get Gabby over Mat but nothing seemed to work after the 2ed week they gave it up cause nothing seemed to really work.

Mat when he got back evey one told Gabby he was talking about this girl he met at camp and how pretty. In the back of
Gabby's mind he was try'n to just hurt her and when she got home Gabby asked her sister and she said "no I didn't know"
and that was the end of that.
She told Mat you can't just walk into some ones life and change thier world and just think their going to let you walk out just like that and she was try'n to not think cause when she started thinking she though about him and when he asked her out it was at the movies he went to get the popcorn he put the note in the bottom and gabby loved it when they got to school the next day she told her freinds but her sister was the frist to know.
She and Mat been together for two years two happy years ever since she was in the 8th grade.
now all that time had pasted since she was 14 Kaylenna now 19 and Gabby she 16.
she feels the two years with mat was wasted.
She thought about it day after day and the pain faded not that much or that fast and she started sitting back of the class and she didn't seem the same gigglie girl with a happy bubble.Almost nothing could break that now everyone knew why.
She was sad her and mat stoped talking cause everytime they tryed to freinds things got a little wired and everyone think they were back together they never really saw each other nothing except in the halls and when they looked around and saw on or another. Gabby pass a fake smile it seemed to get hard almost like someone took the light out of Gabby's world
every one sat at diffrent tables and oppiste of the class room. Gabby seem to start distancing her self seemed not to believe in her self.
She starting to shut out Kaylenna and her a Mother never even notice and she now don't even care if her mother does notice her hasent in the last four years so why would it change now?
Kaylenna kept pushing Gabby asking her all kinds of questions are u on drugs?
are in haning out witha bad crew?
whats wrong?
It took time but Gabby didn't care about mat any more looking to date again but she made a promise to her self this time i'll be care full!
About three mouth she was over him.
She brough her gardes back up and was having fun again.
Alice and kayla notcie it and it was great.
For the frist time in weeks Gabby all a sudden gets happy.Gets her glowing smile back and she try's to figure out why she thinks and thinks.
But is it that new kid sitting next to her everyone seems to notice and they all happy and hope for the best but this time Gabby tells them to let her deal with it her self which she didn't attened she didn't want anything to happen not yet this time she wants to be sure her hearts in the right hands!
Now their grown and in the 10th grade and she was starting to understand life and how she could just blow this off she went on dates none nothing seems to work and one day she was sitting in the back of class and Blake walks in and comes back and sits next to her and she just hears her heart beating hard and loud. She looks around to make sure no one else hears it and her eye gase comes around to him glancing at her with a small tiny smile and she feels her face get red his eyes looked bule.His black hair had a gliming glow off the sun light "wow" she notice she had said that out loud. she feels her face get reder and reder but the minute.
She all a sudden gets up and walk out and she was in the hall walking troward the gym room and she hear a door behind her she was sure it was Mrs.Els
She was her English collage pep teacher and they never really go along she went off on her once and got into lots of trouble but she stands still and says jut give me a detion and he said I would if I could but i'm not a teacher.
She spins around quickly but with a fall her books and papers goes flyng and she was picking them up and he started helping her for a a split moment she look at his eyes they looked like a white.

When she said thanks she couldn't belive it was her herself a small little voice she clear he thoah and said it again fanilly her voice back to normal and he's just smiling she ask what he aid nothing he was like sorry I can't lie your nevous arent you ?
She asked you want the truth or my neverous answer and the and the door opens and Mrs.Els comes out and started walking thier way whats going on here nothing said Blake I
reminded her of an apomient oh really Blake glanced at her and she cleared her though yes that right um k Mr. Blake get back to class.
Gabby turn and goes to leave oh Gabby Mrs.Els said you forgot your homework at frist she though she knew they were lying but then she had the sigh of relive.

When Gabby left she went home no one was to be thier and when she got thier the door was already unlocked she walks in soft footed and looks in her room nothing living room dining room and mothers room nothing. She though Kaylenna could of just forgot to lock the door.Gabby heads to her sisters room and she starts to hear music and she opened the door a creck and see her sister then she opens alittle more and see's Mat getting dressed.

She was pissed this is why you broke up with me? Gabby she heard her sister's worried vioce her eyes still on Mat.
So she the girl you been seeing my own sister!
See turns to her sister you know you know what i've been throw how could you she jumps up put her robe on and goes to reach for her sister "no" don't touch me Gabby I didn't mean; Didn't mean what to hurt me to late for that you know how many night I satyed up cry how could you just stand by and watched me hurt how could you Gabby listen "I said no"
you know what you to can go back to what ever you ever you were doing cause I don't even want to know.

Gabby up in her room hears a knock on the door "go way"
Gabby some guy named Blake is on the phone and asked for you waht do you want me to say nothing "i'll pick it up"

Gabby reached for the phone and felt a little uncomfatable talking to him now but she needed some one to talk to.
Gabby asked if he could come pick her up with not one breath one excuse he said ya address and she gave him dictions fron from the freeway to highgrass i'm the litte 2 story house only one with a pink mail box and she heard him chuckle and she let out a small laugh um k i'll met you out side.

Gabby puts her stuff in her bookbag and she grabs her cloths
She searchs hard for her poetry book she loved to write.
She worte mostly about her ture life stories everything she says heack it!
Heads for the living room and her sister still not wanting to drop the issuse asked were she was going ?
Are you going with that boy? I know your not
she looked at her sister with the most hatefull look try to stop me she saw the headlights go acrossed the wall and she gets up and rums out the door and jumps in before her sister could even get to he door they were gone.
He asked were anywere
How about my palce "sure"

It took about a half an hour to get their and before they got thier he turn off the headlights like he was tring not to get caught.
Then Gabby asked did you snick out to come get me
"ya why"
He here's Gabby wisper 'i'm so sorry"
no problem thats wht i'm here for now we got to get up to my room who.
He points to the tree and he branch that goes stright to his open window.
What Gabby never really was a good climer let alone like highs that much.
That when he said don't worry I got ya and she let out a small smile.
Um k he grab her bag and they headed up the tree just follow my steps they were half way a cross the branch when Gabby screams and he looks back to her dangilng on the branch and grabs her hand and pull her up.Then they saw a light come on. The 3ed bedroom and they waited a minute before made another word he look's back at

gabby and starts to chuckle what?
Nothing; come on were good
He held her hand til they got into the room.
Gabby goes to explain what happen and he says
don't. You don't owe me a single word thats what i'm here for.
Tomorrow we'll have to leave for school before my mom and dad wakes up so um can you take your shower now?
um yeah no problem.
Then she cracks open the door with nothing but a towel around her i'm I forgot my pj's.
I got ya
He grabs a over sized t-shirt and a pair of boxer's and she was she took the t-shirt and when she came out she saw it.
Her journal and she looks around no were in sight she looks out the window still here.
she takes a chance and opened the door and peaked out and didn't see anyone. She steps out and looks around and standing in the middle of the hall. She vioces she goes back into the room and then the door goes to open she starts to get up......... but its to late his mother comes in and they both looking each other up and down.
O' my god i'm sorry dear she takes other look at Gabby you two didn't no mam Oh okay.
Then Blakes standing behind her.
I can explain you better both of you down stairs in 5 minutes your dad's aready up to we all need to have a talk.
keep the door open to sorry mam.
she takes another look at Gabby and walks a way
I'm so sorry.
It's okay I think
Gabby goes to get dressed almost forgot about her book and she asked him did you read it?
read it read what my poems stoies?
truth yeah!
You write good poetry.
"Thanks" Gabby comes out dressed again I put your shirt on the shower rack for now.Back at home Kaylenna going throw Gabby's things try'n to find something anything.
She some acrossed photo's or Mat and Gabby they did look so happy.
She sat down on Gabby's bed and look's at them all Kaylenna could do was say sorry she started calling Gabby's friends and no one seemed to know this guy and that worried her even more.

Kaylenna tried to find were she was before thier mother came home and no such luck.
Kate didn't see Gabby when she got home and asked if she was satying over at a freinds; and thats when Kaylenna sat her mother down and told her the hold thing.
Her mother was ferious with her
"You know how much that boy ment to her "
"Blood always thicker than water"
"She's your own sister what she do to you"
By the time her mother was done she was in tears sorry mom it just happened.
"yeah so you know anything about this boy"
all I know is his name is "Blake"
"omg" Kaylenna don't worry she sixteen and smart girl she's just chill'n out.
Hey mom are you going to work tomorrow?
"No" I'm staying home to make sure she okay knowing her she will not talk to you. And I don't balme her either that was worng and dirty.
The only thing she might do is go to school.
Over at Blakes things are going okay I don't know
Blake and Gabby are sitting side by side Blakes mother and father just in the dinning room talking back and forward. They look over at them Blake and Gabby look at each other then back to his partens.
Blakes mother was a regular sized lady looked like she was in her early 30's and his father was tall and had black hair like Blake did he looke like mid 30'.
They come walikng in and sit on the other side of the table and every ones just looking around
then Gabby say sir miss i'm so sorry Blake called me I was having a rought time at home and he came to my reuse so...... Then the gentalmen breaks in i'm ownes and this is my wife Candi.
Nice to meet you and i'm Gabby Ray she try's to smile a small smile but a fake one had to do.

Ownes starts to talk but it was the totally diffrent out come of what she though it be he was kind. Gabby exained what had happened how they met and she needed to get aways he helped her .She went on to saying i'll be gone tomorrow but then Candi said i'm so sorry for the impression darling it okay Mrs.Water's sorry I didn't know its okay you seem like a sweet young girl. Candi looks at the clock its a late night why don't you to get some sleep and no funny games.
I'm not that Type of girl Mrs.Water's me and Blake are just friends.

They head up stairs she goes and changes agian and goes for the chair and Blake said hey over here he had 2 diiffrent blankets and several pillows at each ebd of the bed.
for some reason Gabby couldn't seelp and got and sat in the window it was about one in the morring when she saw Blake was also wake she gets up and walks back over to the bed
"sorry did I wake you"
Blake in funny vioce "no" she smiles
he sits up
you can't really sleep can ya?
"not really"
she sat up next Blake they both lookignout the window he grabe the music remote and turns it on and he strokes her hair softly and they both to does off to sleep.
The sun light wakes gabby up and she looks at the clock and it was already 8:00 the radio off. She sat up and streacthed and looked out the window and Blakes truck was gone she didn't belive it.
"could he of when to school and left her thier?"
She goes to the restroom and goes to get ther bra and Blake standing thier with two cup's of orange juice and and turns around she grabs her bag and runs back to the rest room and gets dressed.
She comes back out in her bule shirt and shorts with her black flip-flops .Blakes were a white american eagle shirt and bagie bule jeans.
As he hand her that drink she said thanks and um were already late for school yeah sorry I didn't set my alarm last night my mother came in and woke me up I told her we were already late and we had a late night to let you sleep a little longer yeah you sleep like a baby.
Oh so um yeah were your mom and dad ?
Yeah i'm sure we can get to school before Mrs.Els class yeah they drink up thier drink up thier drinks grab a cereal bar on the way out and head to school as they pull into the parking lot they heard the bell ring for 3ed.
Gabby say so much for making it to her class were going to be in trouble.
She grabs her book bag and grabs her homework hey is it okay if I leave my bookbag in here?
He galnces at her his eyes are white agian she couldn't out her finger on it.
They go into the office together and grab thier slip and Gabby see's Mat he's just siting their looking at them together.
The lady at the desk asks car pool? no were just late me and Gabby had a late night and I didn't set my alarm and yeah......
Gabby looks back over at Mat and this time he's giving Blake the diriest look O' man I forgot Mrs. Els paper in the truck.
Um i'll go get it with in secions Blakes out the door.
Mat stands up and walks ouver to Gabby you know your mom and sister are worried to death about you?
yeah well you should know what about!
she looks at Mat and give him the most hate ful look she could give anyone
Then he ask you two together none of your beiness and why do you care you have my sister Gabby turnss around to walk away and Mat grabs her by the arm I want to talk
"well I don't let go of me Mat"
she looks up and blakes standing in the door way
I thing she said to let her go
Oh look here gabby your boyfriend her to save you !
then he lets go
Blake goes over to mat and say you ever touch her again you will not have a pretty face you here me cause it will be black and bule.
Gabby stands inbetween them she push Blake and mat away from each other and she grabs Blake hand and pull him away and she did't notice they were still holdong hands walking down the hall.
they got to mrs els door she lets goes.

when they walk in together Gabby friends look at her like she's a new girl.
she sits down and look at them looking at her and Blake
Alice was the frsit to say something you to are you together she says "no" than looks at Blake Blake looks at her and smile .
she turn back to mrs els wanting her homwork she grabed it from Blake mrs.els
asked so you guys are having sleep overs but you know you still have to get here on time.

no it was before she let Gabby finish she said gald to see a smile back on your face Ms.ray
she gives a slight simle and walks on.
Gabby could tell she wanted to get sick she looks over at Alice and she just smiling away "what"
Gabby wanted to scream everyone was thinking them to were together.

At lunch she sat with Alice and Kayla of course and she saw Blake her heart started racing he asked if he could steal her a way and every one saw them leaving the school together they go out to the truck.
So whats up Gabby starts he looks at her his eyes are bule.she look arher greenish bul eyes and ask what is it with that Mat guy are you okay?
yeah i'm okay then he looks at he rtheir something else isn't their
He use to be my boy friend for two long years since 8th grade he left me and it was for another girl.
and it ties into to yesterday
when I wnet home I found Mat and my sister together
she starts to cry I though their was nothing that could break up me and my sister but I was wrong she like my moher cause my mom's always at work and .....tears streaming he hugs her tight and they sitting their agreat ten minutes before she stoped cring i'm so sorry Blake hey it no problem your a sweet girl I don't know why any one do that two you.she looks at him he wipes her tears and she jus let him hold he the way she always wanted to be held and the bell ings for class andhe gets out go open her door abd hold her hand on the way in and stops only inces fron the door and look each other in the eye and say he say's two words to you ;you tell me.
They go in and Blake goes over to Mats table and sits don Gabby goes over their also and then she started hearing the word come out of Blakes mouth Blake stop Blake she looks at Blake and Blake looks at her
she kept repeaing the words in side her head
we can either do this in school or out side of school and
gabby was stund when she realized she was not dream.blake faniley got up and left the table he went over and sat with Alice and them she turn around looked at Mat and got up.

Mat asked her what that was a bout she said nothing don't worry about it just whach your back and what you say and I don't their will be any problems okay.
"no" it not okay your boyfriend is starting things that I know he can't back up she looked at him how many times do I have to tell you people werew not k
gabby walk slowly back over to the table and sat down next to Blake what the hell was that I don't what you two fighting thiers no reason to be yeah thier is your a good enought reason than alice asked what was going on so gabby explained what was going on alice couldn't belive it her self and how that happened let alone with her sister.
the bell rung to go to class she watched Blake close as he was look for Mat.
then she relized he cared for he cause why els ewould he be doing all this?
she was happy of the thought that he cared for her but she knew she was scared also scared of getting hurt and thats why she been distancing her self from him .
but she was hopeing that he didn't see that caus eshe hate to lose a great guy cause she scareed to let her self feel cause she might get hurt they went their seprate ways til sixth she had to go up staris to calls then she heard Blake and Mat were getting ready to fight she races up the stirsts looking around Balke was standing telling Mat to him gabby was try'n to get Blakes attion Blake Blake Blake stop she oushed Blake up agaist the wall Blake still looking at mat she turns he let her trun his face down to her and Mat goes to class.
I told you not to you don't need to fight you both are on probation it will gwt you know were you hear me .okay
she garbs her books form the floor and heads for calss her self but scared he's still going to get in a fight!
Ater seventh period she didn't see Blake any were so she heads out to the truck she see him in the truck and she gets a round the conner and see's her sister car sitting their she pulled up next to Blake and satrts talk gabby walks faster what are you doning her?kaylenna don't saynothing you know that was a question
oh nevermind I know you re here to steel hiom from me to right .
and I didn't even know you two were together
don't change he subject
gabby listen
"no" you need to listen you hurt me and you sat thier and whached it you let it happen
gabby I didn't mean to hurt you
"well" to late for that you know
no it not we can work on this
what are you smoking ?thats not a joke
we need to go home mom is worried to death about you i'll go home but not with you
Gabby come on please your my sister
thats what i'm saying your my you was my sister and you did that
I don't condersier you my sister anymore gabby don't say that you don't mean that
no your wrong kaylenna I mean it with all my heart and with no regreats and don't start to cry its just an act and wait an hour before you come home
she jumps in the truck and Blake starts up and their gone with in a minute.
they drive a little slow and when she gets home she see her mother car she wasn't lieing Kate stayed home today she looks at Blake hey would you mind to come in with me
he looks at her na why would I she smiled a little and he chuckeled
Gabby opened the door looked around to see if her mother was a round she didn't see her she was happy about that because she didn't feel like spilling out her feeling to her self.
not yeah not now
she qucikly glance around when they got up the steps andand shut the door behind them she goes stright for her cloest and grabs her sutiecase Blake gives her a look
She don't even give him a chance to ask just said don't give me that look what look thatlook she turns him around to thw mirror and he just stands their sht put the sutiecase on the bed and goes and starts to grab her thing
then Blake came back to earth and asked what she was doing
she looked at him want you think
"i'm getting outa here"
were are you going ?
I don't knkow i'm sure alice will let me stay their a little not sure how long and I don't care
I can call my mom and see I you can stay with us she looked at Blake na you love me staying with you
Blake just stands their wait my sister melisa called my mom and said she was going to be gone for a couple more weeks
were is she?
down in texas getting to know tommy's family
before they tell them their engaged she look at Blake thats so sweet have they set a date
he looked at her don't change the subject
so can I call my mom and see if its okay if you stay with us til
she points to the phone he dails the number as she goes grab her things from the rest room .
she had her volume up on the phone Blake explained what happen and gabby could make out was she seed likea pretty sweet girl why not um k thanks mom and she heard the phone click and smiled than back to a frown she went back out and put her stuff in the suitcase she saw him looking at her lod pictures of her and her sister you to look pretty close
she correted him "were pretty close til this happened"
all of the pictures you look happy the he saw a piture you play soccer I played back in middle school til mat and I ended t seemed to end with it your happy personaliy seemed to die to right she looked at him what do you mean.
she went back to packing and heard a knock at the door she though it was Kaylenna at frsit she was ready to hit her at this point but it wasnt her she open te door and notice it was her mother and try to shut the door a little hoping shedidn't see Blake but that was unlikly she opened the door and walks in and looks at Blake and bak to her daughter look at the sutecase

"leaving?"', can't stay here mm not with her she was the one that iwas to trust the most and she hurt me she saw me hruting and didn't say a wors and though I never find out she let me hurt and acted like she cared and it shows she don't or she never do that.
so you got to run away from your problems no i'm not running way I just need time and space were are you going
Gabby looks at Blake then kat looks at Blake who are you ?
Blake water's I live about a half an hour away we go to the same school and have wo classes together
she asked does your folks okay with this yes I jsut called my mom
good whats your number he gave her their numer
by the way your sister called she on her way so you better pack alittle faster and little missie this is not long term
just for a couple weeks and you better call me every night some were a round seven and i'll be here if you don't call
i'll be calling mr.water's here til I talk to you do you understand
no not really i'm giving you your spce your a smart girl I trust you.
she gives her mother a hug and kiss
she grabs her journals and put them in the case .and zips it up and on the way out the door Blake a few steps behind her.
her grabed her journal she left laying on the bed she puts her stuff in the truck bed and their off.
on the way to blakes they pass Kaylenna she looked like she just saw a gost and they all kept driving in a hour they were home he pulled up and looked at her you okay"yea"
he grabs her stuff and
takes it up to melisa room
the sets the jorunal on top she goes up to the and sets on the bed and starts to write:
not everything is as it seems
not everything is as you see you can see evil in an angel and fire and ice danceing togther like they arent totally different and oppistes
everything is not as it seems
beauful people think it about there thier looks and the truth we should see is it matter's about the person not the looks
when you love some one is it the real you you show them or some one else cause your scared what they say
not everything as it seems
cause if they love you they'll love you either way
not everthing as it seems
they could say good bye maybe not ment to be
or they really love you and stay and get to know the other side of you
not everything as it seems

she gets up and heads to Blakes room and hears a gutair she stands out side listening then the music stoped and the door opened
I knew someone was listening

I get this feeling when someone listening
"sorry" no it alright do ou want to here more ?

he takes her by the hand over to the bed and he played seemed like for ever it was great he stoped playing he took her by her hand and looked her in the eyes they were mixed bule and white it was cute then he kissed her she kissed back and she...pincked she looked at the clock and it was seven ten she asked were the phone was "cordless hallway"
she dails the number and he mother picks up "kaylenna "
no mom its Gabby what wrong is something wrong
mom whats going on ?
Kaylenna never came home yet
Blake looke at her and saw the worry in her eyes and puts the gutair to the said and grabs her hand she held on to his hand tight.
"we saw her on the way home on our way out"
she not here I called all her friends all yours no one seen her.
she drops dead slient Blake could all a sudden here her mother "Gabby, Gabby dear are you their ?", Balke slips the phone fro her hand Kate whats going on?
Kaylenna never came home were on are way
yeah drive safe and slow see if you see he car anywere okay be thier
Blake writes a samll note to his mom and gave he the number and he puts it on the counter on the way out .
Blake drives with his high beam lights on hoping to see the car or kaylenna cause gabby was upset more then he ever saw her he grabs her hand and she starts crying
"its all my fault"
he stops the truck hey its not you fault he pulls her closer and now this time she didn't feel like distance any one so she take his hand and hold on all the way their when they got their Gabby ran inside hoping her sister came home but her car was no were in sight Blake standing in the living room looking a round

call the cop and Kate was a lawyer her self an knew they would not do anything yeah have to wait she said wait ...wait how long ? 24 -48 hours no
Gabby walks out on the front pouch and sits on the swing.
Blake went over asked Kate if she was okay she said' "I’m fine its gabby I’m worried more about all this stress I know I’m going out talk to her .
":Blake wait"
you seem to really care
I care more than I knew my self than don't hurt her
I never plan on it I rather die than hurt her
I care about her allot miss good now go show her you care cause she needs it
Blake grabs the blanket from the chair and heads out side and wrap it round them Gabby held on him tight it was awhile before she said any anything and when she did it was about kaylenna
shot old him who she was more like a mother to her than Kate was and that one year how she wanted to let off fire works her self and the law got called kaylenna took the blame for her then she said she wish she got the chance to take the words she said to her sister back and it was all cause a boy
then an instance though she throw the blanket to the side and ran and grab the phone she didn't think twice to call him she just dial mat's number
" Hello" hey are you up ?"I am now"
what time is it one a clock in the ring is you nuts?
no but have you seen my nuttier sister
no she just called 3 hours ago god you guys get enjoyment out of calling people late at night don't you "no” shut up what she say she loved me but we can't be together any more that she couldn't hurt you like this she loved you more than she ever did me
I heard a airline income I think she said it was the radio thanks
she hung up the phone and ran up to kaylenna's room her heart still racing and her mind blowing thoughts !how could she not think of this she looked and looked but no tickets
mother and Blake rushing in a few minutes later
Gabby what’s going on
Gabby still thing everything on to the floor and the ton the closet she notice Kaylenna's bag was missing.
Gabby looked at her mom
did kaylenna take anything with her early when she tried to come pick me up?
"no" mom are you sure "yes"
Gabby what’s going on
Then Kaylenna did come home and packed her stuff and grab the plane tickets and you didn't notice it at all
"no”,” and what plane tickets"
Curt always sent us tickets every three mouth to come vist him
we just never went cause we never had the time to talk it out with you
Gabby grab's her cell phone and her mom grabs the car keys and they head to the air port
Gabby look's up the sir ports number and call's
the American air line and asked if any tickets have been posted by her and he came back and said no her heart drop for a second
the gentlemen came back and said she did trade in a ticket for an exchange for one to Mimi Florida and she knew were Kaylenna was going to she going to Juliet school of arts she was happy to hear the news as she ended the talk she asked her mother if she knew the number to Kaylenna's school and she did when she called the school they put the call right though Kaylenna's room but their was no answer .
but the lady at the front desk said that she did come in and she was possible in the dancing room pricing cause she was miracle for them cause one of their other dancer's dropped out cause of an illness and Kaylenna knew almost every step so kaylenna was taking her place for the show tomorrow night.
Gabby was pleased her sister was safe and doing something she loved very well.
She told her mom they went home to pack ad Blake asked

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