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Chess Play With Destiny

March 1, 2018
By SabinaIoanaLefter BRONZE, Galati, California
SabinaIoanaLefter BRONZE, Galati, California
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              If  it  would  be  that  easy… like a game, it would be different. But it’s not. It’s a chess match played with a mind reader. A mind reader who anticipates and knows all your moves even the ones that you don’t even thought about yet. HE knows what future holds, while you don’t and that’s the disadvantage. The moment you lose hope,admit you were defeated and just like that life flashes before your eyes and it’s all over.

The game started.       

I’m starting first. In the beginning I only move the pawns, one square at a time. I have to admit I did not put much thought into it. In the early years, you just act on what on what you know,now what more can you expect from a child? At 14 years old all pawns advanced one square each, some of them even two. I never even glanced at the board until now. The huge board painted in black and white that was trying to keep a balance, to keep the game fair, but it was obvious I was behind. It’s funny how you don’t notice things that rule your existence, until they start affecting you. And just like that when it was the time for another pawn to move forward one step, something happened. The board was struck and just like an earthquake my world was rocked. One of my pieces was stolen by the cavaliers in black. I was looking terrified at the game  and realized how the strategy of the other team developed. At the first glance nothing could be done. For a moment I really thought it was over. I had pieces of the enemy’s blocking all my moves. I was surrounded. And like I said one of my soldiers was kidnapped. His name was “Absolute freedom and No worries”. Strange name. I thought that so, as well, when I first met him. But with time I realize now how an important role he was playing for my strategy. Now that is gone, I truly understand his value. I still think of him sometimes, but with time, more veterans were lost or taken away and you lose the memory of the others. And once you finally look back the time is out and the game is lost.

   In just a matter of time another one from my army was threatened. “Hope” was on the edge between life and death. The moment I was brought down, I thought I could not escape or evolve, my opponent decided to send another warrior to steal away one of the most important piece I had. I would have lost without him. I could have kept on going without any of them, as long as “Hope” was by my side. But, “ Strength” came with the shield and protected  helpless “Hope” and they ran on the other side of the board leaving the cavalier in black behind, forcing the others to back off. The light taking over the board. What a weird combination with this two. You wouldn’t think they go hand in hand, but they can’t do one without another. It’s the strongest bond on the board. Stronger than the whole army. I learnt until now that you can do anything you want as long as you have them in your team. That is the reason after they were safe again, light and positivity were dominating for as long as they did. It was one of the most,if not the most glorious part of the match. I forgot for a matter of time the importance of the game. I tend to do that. Have a small win overshadow the main purpose. Don’t you? Have a great finale planned in your head,but once you are half way through, something else works in your favor and get sidetracked? No? Good. Cause the fall is three times worse.

“Success” and “Happiness” were running wild on their horses unstoppable, but not for long cause the darkness developed a new tactic and decided to strike once again.

You don’t know fear until two of your most important values are threatened once again. What are you supposed to do in this fight? Cause if you were to back out all your work was for nothing and if you keep up you might yet again lose everything. And all that you once had will remain a memory. A tale that will scar, while mending the hart. So I kept on fighting. “Hope” was safe,near the lines of soldiers ready to attack. But “Happiness” was ambushed. “Success” stayed put and hidden, until the land was safe again, but I will come back to that. I was ready and confident about my move. I sent “ Strength” into play to save the endangered fighter. He did, but it costed him. He got wounded. For a long time he was out of this war and my soul was more vulnerable than ever. I was sinking in the ocean and the waves were hitting me one at a time. Banality, stupidity, falsity, evil all of them were coming back and forth drowning me and when I thought I could get out of shallow waters, the waves were mixed in the currents and made a hurricane that broke my mind and everything I believed in. When we were under attack, “Love” showed up and determined the soldiers of the darkness to make steps back. “Strength” was healing faster, with the help of “ Hope” and the void that was left behind from “ Absolute freedom and No worries” was filling again. The king in black was getting closer. I was blinded.I was born in every moment, so who knew what I’ll  become. One square away. Only one square and “Love” in between. With a quick movement of the sward, the dagger went through “Love”’s heart, shattering it in a million of pieces, with a deafening noise.  Face to face with him. I felt his ice cold breath and got lost in his frozen eyes. The pieces of broken heart that remained on the sward were now falling down at my feet. Soft and sorrow tears were dripping down my checks, rushing down to the pieces of the broken heart now at my feet, to glue it back together. He once again risen his sward and with a gentle gesture, moved the blade on my burning cheeks. I was ready to surrender. I closed my eyes. Waiting for the pain to end. I felt a sting on my chest. I opened my eyes confused and “ Hope”‘s face was right in front of me. With an empty look he fell down  trembling. I fell down as well on my knees next to him. With one hand he grabbed my wrist and squeezed it as hard as he could. I felt like someone was stabbing me slowly, but I did not realized at the time and with the last powers he put the other hand in the air and pushed the King of Black to the back of the board and disappeared into thin air. The fortress was now stronger then ever. I was mourning behind the thick lines of warriors. The other team was dead silent. Planning their strategy once again.

After a while the pain stopped. I was breathing again and I was back on my feet. All my life was now on the board. But I decided to stand stronger and sent “Strength”  who healed completely out to fight backed up by “Success” who came out of hiding.

On the way I recruited one last soldier : “Confidence”. Now all three of them were leading the army to war. It was time for the battle to end. In a few years of battling with my demons, all were gone. The black and white cavaliers were all gone. It was only me and the King of black on the board for one final fight. To settle everything once and for all. He pulled out his sword, I pulled out mine. It was “Hope” ‘s. The battle lasted once again for another few years. It was me or him. I was wounded and felt the life and soul leaving my body. I was down on the ground. He once again had his sword at my neck.

“Before I you do anything please tell me who you are and why do you do this. You have nothing to lose now, do you?”

With slow and cautious move, he bent over me. As close as the last time, so I could see his frozen eyes with a merciless stare,he said on a deep voice:

“ I am destiny. Destiny never loses. Don’t be sad no one managed to defeat me and have their way in life and no one shall…”

A tear fell on my wrist and it started burning. “Hope never dies” appeared from my veins and started glowing and I got up . With a fast and precise hit, my sward went as deep as it could into the King’s chest his blood was like a slime. Black slime shivering on the ground. With a dying voice he screamed:

“How can it be? The barrier may never be broken!”

With a relieved, yet scared voice I whispered: “Chess mate” and turn around, leaving the helpless king empty on the floor.

It was over. The king of Black was dead and my life was in my own hands. I could do whatever I want. With his death I got the rulers of the world back with me to help me and fight with me against the life. “Hope”, “Love”, “Strength”, “Success” and “Confidence”. Unfortunately “ Absolute Freedom and No worries” was long lost when we finished, but he will always be with me. Cause after all, he was the most loyal from them all. The symbol of childhood died in order to leave room for others to grow and defend me like he never could.

I got everything back. Now, the ball is in you court and the deices were thrown. It’s your choice. How do you  want to play?

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