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Memories Made In New Orleans

January 22, 2018
By chickfila1 GOLD, Sacramento, California
chickfila1 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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In my head I was thinking I'm going to a city that never sleeps. Finally the day went by, it was time to go to the airport. It was a bright sunday evening. My mom drove me to the airport . Once  I got to the airport i booked for my flight and got on the plane. My flight took approximately 6 hours. It took my longer because of delays. After all of that tension  i wanted to go home and lay and bed. I sat next to a tourist that was going back home from California , she was telling me how her vacation was and how the weather was. I told her where i was headed she told me that it's her hometown. Most of us think we know what's going in these cities we going to but in reality we don't.

As i got out of the airport my bus was leaving. I had to weave side to side through people. By then i'm pretty sure everyone thought i was a tourist. Oh well i thought in my head.  Out of breath, i took my bus card out and gave it to him. I asked him where this bus takes us he told me infront of Season Springs hotels in the french quarter . I checked my phone to see if that was the hotel i was booked into it was. The bus dropped me off and i checked into my room. I noticed on the street corner i heard music. It wasn’t regular music it was jazz. Jazz musicians are everywhere in New Orleans. You could hear all types of Jazz including  Buckwheat Zydeco and etc.

The streets of New Orleans was hectic and there was a lot of commotion . My friends flew in my chicago and we headed to Bourbon street. We took a bus as transportation i stared out the window not bothering what my friends were talking about. We went to a bar that sold “Hurricanes”. Hurricanes are a sweet alcoholic drink made with rum , fruit juice & syrup. I saw the big slushie machines once we got there.

“ Hey , how can i help you guys “ , said the bartender.
“ Once hurricane please” , i asked.
“ Sure ! “ , said the bartender in excitement. 

As we got done ordering my drink arrived. I tasted my drink and it was love at first sight. I continued to walk while sipping my hurricane exploring what New Orleans was about. My friends and i were having the time of our lives. It's such a different vibe here i was thinking in my head. We were drunk and completely lost. My friends and i were tired so we flagged down a taxi. The taxi driver talked us to death, but he said some interesting things. He was telling us he’s cajun and how he's from the city. He told us he’s originally from canada but moved to new orleans when he was 25. After minutes of him talking me to death i arrived at the hotel.

It was the next day our last day. We started to pack our bags and get everything situated so we won’t have to do it later when we got back in. I took a shower and did my makeup. The streets of New Orleans was crowded. I noticed New Orleans people don’t talk correct, well they have a southern speak.

“ How yah doing bayba “ , said a random person.
“ I'm doing fine , thanks for asking. “ , i said.

Uh … that was an awkward chat i said in my head.  Anyways i finally experienced how they talk. People were getting beads thrown at them from floats.  I got a bulk of beads, i was having the time of my life. I was drinking but not that much because i had to go back home tonight. Music was playing and people were dancing.

After Mardi Gras was over i went back to my hotel and started heading out. I turned in my hotel card and flagged down a taxi to take me to the airport. Since I left Mardi Gras a bit early on my way to the airport i saw the jazz musicians walking and playing jazz. I had a great time i was telling the taxi driver. When i got to the airport , i waited to my plane to arrive. Hours passed and i arrived at home. 

The author's comments:

I had a great time writting about new orleans. And visiting.

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