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A Last Glimpse of Life

April 3, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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With a movement of her small hand, the fur was flattened. The bunny relaxed as the stroke came. Bunny was safe now in her owner’s arms. Bunny knew no danger would come to her.

Rose Riger was one of those rare owners that kept Bunny’s bowl filled with food and Bunny’s water clean. Rose was responsible, caring, kind, and Bunny’s best friend.

Even though neither of them could talk to each other (as Bunny was animal and Rose was human), they connected as if they were twin sisters. They, both, had the same dark eyes that turned light brown when they were happy. They, both, had a body of white with Bunny having white fur and Rose having pale, white flesh. However, the most common characteristic they had was the characteristic of being a nature lover; they loved nature’s beauties, sights, sounds, colors, patterns, and textures.

One day, when Bunny was caged up in her small pen, Rose went outside with her friends to play by the river. The river was very beautiful with the sunlight glinting off of it like a ray of pure light.

Rose and her friends loved to play and act out adventures on the river but today, they decided to have an “adventure” on the nearby railroad tracks; pretending to be trains and picking up passengers.

A few hours later, Rose got her shoe stuck in between two of the railroad track rails. She pulled her foot upwards but her shoe did not come out.

A train whistle came in the air. It signaled a train coming down the tracks. With her friends already off the tracks and running into the forest, pretending that the train was a monster coming to get them, Rose began to panic.

She tried to get her foot out again but it did not budge. Then, she began to untie her shoes. However, the problem was they were long, converse shoes with many ties going up the black fabric on her legs.

Rose screamed and yelled for her friends to help her as the train came closer. She still continued to untie.

Meanwhile, Bunny was chewing her pen as she was trying to get out. She was in panic and horrified.

A shock came through her. Bunny moved her weight to her back legs and fell to the ground. The last thing she saw was the chewed pen and then, she closed her eyes.

In the darkness, she heard the brakes of a train along with screams and yells of sorrow. Then, with one last breath, she was gone.

The author's comments:
Some people believe in a connection between pet and owner and some do not.

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