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October 23, 2017
By Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
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Every Time I even think of you, all those bad memories just fade away, 'cause your smile's enough, you're enough...

This was it, he was actually leaving.
I stared from a distance, at the boy I had known for so long.
"How could I manage without him?" I questioned myself quietly. He talked with a few friends that had gathered for his going away party. I looked him up and down again, trying to memorize his lean body and his beach blonde hair.
He stood leaned over the counter laughing along with our friend Ayanna, and Tears threatened once more. God, I couldn't do this, not now, not after everything me and him had been through. He looked through the small crowd of people, And after seconds, found me. He gave me a soft smile, and I tried with everything in me, to return the favor, but as i found myself trying, a tear had managed to escape and My half smile turned into a quiet sob.
He looked back to Ayanna and the two other guys, Aiyden and Brice, muttered something I couldn't make out, and had started making his way over to me. I brushed through my hair once with my fingers, and slightly smiled. At least he made an effort to talk to me today I thought. "hey." Hey he smiled politely and It sent butterflies off in my stomach. "Hi..." I whispered, looking into his mossy green eye's. "So you gonna miss me?" He gave a cocky grin and made me smile hard. my cheeks felt like they could cook a soup. My eyes misted up, and his grin faded. "Z?" he question my teary eye's. "I'm gonna miss you a lot Ander," I smiled quickly trying to keep the rest of the tears at bay. "But, the reason you're leaving, is a good one, it's not like you're just walking out, you have to be someone too." I looked away, towards the bunch of friends that still sat in the Livingroom of Ander's house. "I won't hold you back." I continued meeting his gaze once more. "I won't be that friend to you." His shoulders slumped and he pulled me into an embrace. "I'm sorry I have to go Z, but I'll be back I promise." I submerged a sob into his black V-neck shirt and he pulled me closer. It's okay, I pleaded with myself, He's coming back soon, he promised. His grip softened and moments later we pulled apart. He looked back at the clock above the Couch and his face hardened. This was it, He is actually leaving.
"Well," he said his face still turned to the ticking clock hands. "I have to go, but Zoe, remember, I love you." He turned to face me again, and My eye's widened. H-He loved me? My stomach lurched and I stared into his eye's. He loved me. my mind repeated. The guy I had been in love with for years already, Finally said He loved me back. "I love you too, Ander Lee Ross. I smiled and before I had time to blink, His lips were on mine. Something exploded inside me and I had to fight to keep my knees from buckling. It was full of longing, passion, and hope. Somewhere behind us, cheering and clapping had arose. I pulled away and He chuckled. So, what happens when you get back, I inquired. "You'll be all mine," he grinned. "But for now, I really do have to go," he turned to the chair behind him, Grabbing his jacket and Waved to the Crowd that had just finally settled down. He pulled me into another hug and smothered me. "I'm gonna Miss you Zoe." he murmured. "I'll miss you too." my eyes swelled with tears again. We both pulled away and He took a step back. I took his scent in, loving that he had always smelt like the warmth of summer, and leaves. "Bye," He smiled. "Bye, I love you." I replied softly more to myself. He gave me one long look and finally walked out.
I smiled as he pulled out of the driveway. He trusted me to take care of his house, his dog, and his heart. I mused to myself.
With one last look of him riding down the road, in his quirky Toyota. I whispered to the summer leaves.
This isn't Goodbye, Ander Lee Ross," "Not yet."

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