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February 8, 2009
By Lenaforver PLATINUM, Highland, New York
Lenaforver PLATINUM, Highland, New York
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I sat there agaisnt the wall, wacthing the people walk by on the busy street.I was waiting for someone to notice me and
ask me if I was alright. my eyes were red and swollen, how could someone not hear the sobs coming from me. Why couldn't
someone just ask me if I was alright? I couldn't go anywhere I had nowhere to go. I couldn't go to a friend because they
wouldn't understand. What was I suppose to do?

"Excuse me, Miss" a tall man said

I lifted my head up "Yes?".

"What is wrong, I don't mean to intrude, but it might not be very safe for you here." the tall man answerd.

Ha. wasn't safe. It wasn't safe anywhere for me. Espically not back home.

"Oh, thats a good point sir, It's just I have no where to go" I answered. Even though I didn't know the man he might be
able to help me.

"Can't you go home?" He asked

"Not exatcly sir" My voice was shaky, and I could feel the tears coming back.

He was confused, I mean who wouldn't be.

"Why don't we take you down to the police station, and see if they can help" he said.

" NO" I almost screamed!! "They will make me go home, I can't go home."

"Miss, what has happend to you?" The tall man questioned he looked even more confused then before.

"She will be even madder! She will hit me harder. Please don't make me go home" the tears were streaming down my face.
My head was in my hands again.

He fell to his knees and held me, this stanger was kind but he didn't gave to watch me suffer, he wouldn't understand.

"May I ask your name miss?"

"Oh yes, my name is Angela and yours? I said my voice wasn't as shaky now.

"My name is Jeremy, now Angela what do you mean she will hit you harder? Jeremy asked.

"My aunt, I live with her. My parents died in a car crash 2 years ago. She abuses me thats why it's not safe for me to go home.
She hit me to hard the last time" I explained.

"That isn't right, haven't you gone to the police?" Jeremy asked

"I've tried but they think I am just crazy because I lost my parents, and then when they bring me home she hits me harder." I said

"Oh Angela" Jeremy whispered.

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