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February 25, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Her graceful blond hair flung from the pony tail it was once in, down past her shoulders. Her blue eyes glimmered in the sun as the light hit them. Her perfectly tan skin made her blue bikini stand out. She was standing on Rostchester Beach, watching the crystal blue water crash up onto the shore. Her name is Annie. (Snapshot Lead) (Beginning of Full Circle Ending)

I sat there watching her flip her hair in front of the popular boys, as I wish with jealousy. None of the boys, would ever look at me, non-existing Rachel. I have pale skin, almost translucent, with brown hair. My eyes are dark brown and never shine as Annie's do. I have never worn a bikini, and don't plan on doing so, even while living in California. If you were to look inside my closet all you would find are Capri's that fall way past my knees and short sleeve shirts that have nothing written on them. I am what most people call absolutely boring.

I don't mean to sound like a downer but I could never amount to what Annie does. I have prayed and wished to have as many friends and clothes but I have never been granted. To be positive I have a couple friends, and they are nice. Their names are Julie, Lily, and Stephanie. We all attend Rostchester High School, and we are known as the no-body's. Cute huh?

The weekend was over and it was back to sitting in a class room feeling the boring air lingering around me. I was so bored I was about to fall asleep, so bored I could be entertained by a simple grain of sand, so bored I could leave the room with no explanation. (Repetition for Effect) I then noticed Julie waving around a lined piece of paper behind her back. I went to grab it and then saw Mr. Rodgers hand grab the note before I had chance.

'Ah! Thank you girls, I love reading notes,' smiled Mr. Rodgers.

I then felt my body leave the chair I was once in with no control. It was as if I was in slow motion and I couldn't believe I was actually going to make an effort to retrieve the note.
'Miss Rachel Brooklyn... do you have something to say?' asked Mr. Rodgers.

I opened my mouth and heard nothing come out, and all of the embarrassment in the world felt as if it was on my shoulders. I was like a mime,(Figurative Language) waving my hands around as if I was trying to explain something but unable. I then felt the cool brown chair as I sat down feeling a uncontrollable urge to stand back up. (Expanded Moment)

'Ah... that's what I thought,' smirked Mr. Rodgers.

'No. I do have something to say,' I started as I stood again. 'I have been nothing but nice to you all trimester and all you can be is a snob. I hope this goes into your thick headed skull because you will be hearing from me again.'

With those two sentences Mr. Rodgers sat down, and I could certainly tell that he had gotten it through is thick skull. Everyone around me looked as if I was a ghost and they had never seen me before. I knew that things were definitely about to change.

After class Mr. Rodgers gave me back the note. Julie ran up to me and had the same look as everyone else did on their faces.

'I can't believe you said that to Mr. Rodgers!' whispered Julie.

'Why are you whispering?'

'Everyone is listening, they can't believe what you said either. I mean who can't blame them you were amazing. No one has ever said anything to that terrible teacher in years, wow.' smiled Julie.

For the rest of the day everyone was coming up to me with the same reaction Julie did. I was surprised they knew my name, let alone who I was. As I was walking down to my last class I saw Ben Sampson. My crush for about two years now, and I doubt he has even laid a single eye on me. He looked as if he was looking my way so I turned around looking to see if I could find Annie, his girlfriend. I couldn't find her anywhere. Was Ben looking at me, I thought to myself.

As Ben walked up to me I was so embarrassed I felt like I was standing in the middle of Time Square wearing nothing but socks. All that could come out of my mouth were large and small gasps. Words seemed unreal, and all I could say was 'Hi.' over and over again.

'Hi,' I gasped once more.

'Yea, uh we kind of got by that already.' smiled Ben. 'That was amazing, what you said to Mr. Rodgers. He seemed well put in his place.'

All I could do was simply smile and stare at his magnificent hazel eyes. His dark brown hair, short, and skin much more tan than mine. Also, his simply perfect smile that seemed to grab everyone's attention.

'Well, I will see you around Rachel.' smiled Ben.

'Uh huh,' I answered.

As soon as Ben walked away I could see that everyone's expressions around me were the same as mine. The all-time favorites of Rostchester High School is the, is-he-really-talking-to-her look? But honestly I felt the same way. (Hyphenated Modifier)

When I reached 6559 Bluebird Lane I ran to my room, ignoring my mom call my name. The door was already propped open and I could smell the usual smell of Spanish rose perfume. I saw my white and faded yellow comforter and couldn't help but run and jump into the pile of pillows in the middle of my bed. The down feathered comforter made me feel as if I was on clouds, and I could almost taste the excitement that filled the air around me. I then heard my mom call for me once more. (Specific Details for Effect)

'Rachel! Can you come here for I second?' asked my mom, Lynn.

I ran down the steps, seconds away from tripping, but luckily I grabbed the railing before my embarrassing entrance.

'Yes?' I replied.

'How was school?' asked Lynn.

'Great,' I answered.

'Are you sure? I got a call from Mr. Rodgers; he seemed very upset about your behavior in class today.'

'Are you serious? He has been incredibly terrible to me the entire trimester!' I slightly yelled.

'We will talk about this another time, and I will be contacting Mr. Rodgers. We need to settle this, and you know it, whether or not you want to admit it.'

I then ran back up stairs wanting to scream. She doesn't understand anything that relates to my life. Nothing at all, ever since my dad died she doesn't really seem to care either.

I sat there starring at my big oak tree in front of my house, screaming inside my head, and wishing I could just leave my life. ( Magic 3) But all in the same time I had a weird feeling that things were going to change for me. At least I hoped anyway.

The next day at school it was all the usual. Drift from class to class, wishing to be some where else, anywhere but Rostchester High School. I walked up to my cold desk in English II, and sat down. Mike Jacobs, who sat right behind me, tapped my shoulder. I turned around quickly surprised something had touched me.

'Hi,' I smiled.

'Would you like to play volleyball with a couple of my friends and me?' he said rather fast.

'Are you asking me?' I asked.

'Who else?' Mike asked.

As if time had frozen, I sat there watching his long black hair swish to the side. His skin was just as translucent as mine, and his eyes were blue.

'I would love to.' I answered. 'But who is going?'

'Everyone you know you, me, Julie, Stephanie, Lily, Ben, Jacob, Annie, Haleigh, Claire, Rick, Steve, David, and Mackenzie.'

'Right, well I will be there.' I said, feeling the terrible urge to throw up with the thought of Annie and Ben seeing me play volleyball.

The day had come and I was supposed to play volleyball with a few of my friends and most of Mike's. Julie, Stephanie, and Lily were all over at my house and we were getting ready for our once-in-a-life-time-chance to actually be noticed, and have a conversation with Ben Sampson.
When Julie, Stephanie, Lily, and I took our first steps onto Rostchester Beach it felt like the slowest moments of my life. Each step towards the volleyball court seemed unreal because it was like I wasn't getting any closer. Thoughts of what Ben and Annie might do or say were rushing through my head uncontrollably, and it was like I was on a totally different planet. (Expanded Moment)

'Rachel!' Stephanie yelled.

'Why are you yelling at me?' I asked.

'I have been calling your name about ten times now.' Stephanie remarked.

'Oh, sorry.' I quietly said.

'Are you okay?' asked Lily.

'No, actually.' I answered.

'Ben?' asked Julie.


'Just relax; I am sure Ben won't even talk to you.'

'Oh thanks Steph!' I chuckled.

When we finally reached the court, even though it felt like forever, it wasn't that bad. Ben and Annie were incredibly nice to all, even though I insanely wished that I was with Ben, not Annie. I really think that from the simple volleyball game, I changed my life for the better.

In the end I became friends with the popular Annie. It started off with perfect Annie, and boring Rachel. But now, I have the perfectly tan skin that Annie has, and the eyes that glimmer in sun. Most of all I now had a perfect boyfriend that Annie did not have. I ended up with Mike, the one that didn't make me feel like an absolute dork, and the one who liked me for who I am. The one that made my life as perfect as Annie's. (End of Full Circle Ending)

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ACooke GOLD said...
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amazing article about turning your life around. stand up, stand out. nicely done and beautifully written