First Glance

February 11, 2016

   At first glance, it was a new kid. At second glance it was a possible friend. A few more glances, they were a close friend. After a couple months' glance, he was more than a friend. He was almost an obsession, like a burning sensation in my chest. I don't know how to explain it, but it's almost like, I can't control it, like I need to be around him. When I saw him in the library, my heart was almost beating out of its walls, my senses heightened and focused on everything. I smiled and waved calm, sweet and schoolgirlish, but on the inside I wanted to smoothly walk over to him and feign suprise that he was there and start a conversation that would lock us together. I couldn't believe my misfortune when I heard that he wasn't going to the school dance. I nearly cried. I was hoping for a certain someone to go with.

   It was so annoying. Everytime I did something that showed the least bit of attention and love, he just bounced back from it like it never happened. His best friend knows. His best friend knows that I like-no, love this guy, wanted to go to the dance with him and that I wanted him all to myself. He just gives me the thrill of being next n line for one of those crazy loop-de-loop rollercoasters. He was adorkable in those hoodies with that sweeping hairstyle, those big, mind-reading hazel eyes and that tall, lanky walk. Call me a stalker, but that time after I got out of the library, I walked backwards just to watch him leave the library. I wanted to shout to him to wait up, I wanted to follow him and talk to him all the way to his first period class, but I knew I couldn't. Not with the substitute standing in the door way. She'll probably leave a note next to my name that says "Stalker!!!". I wouldn't be surprised to be honest.

   I'm consdering giving him a valentine tomorrow, after all, it is Valentine's day on Sunday, so we won't be at school on the day. Well, it's now or never, I guess. I'm going to give it to him afterschool and I'll run like I've never ran before to my bus. I'll sit in the seat dreamily and everyone will be just inquisitive. I'm not going to ask him out or anything, just a simple valentine. But one day, my day will come. Someday. Just someday it'll be like that first glance...

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