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Tebequidorian Mafia

January 27, 2009
By angelina ly BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
angelina ly BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I was in a special group of 8th graders. We didn't kill people and rob banks like gangs or Mafias did. What we did were smaller school crimes. If the world was a school, then we were that world's mafia. We called ourselves the Tebecuidorian Mafia, but everyone knew us as the most popular clique in school. There were 10 basic rules when it comes to the 'mafia'.
1. Never let anyone know about the Mafia. Let them think what they want to.
2. Always use the Tebecuidorian code when passing notes.
3. Never wear anything unless it's brand name.
4. You must be a cheerleader or on the Poms team at least.
5. You have to date a sports player at all times. If you breakup, find another guy in less than 24 hours; or you're out.
6. There are no secrets within the Mafia, and its members. But outside the Mafia, EVERYTHING must be kept confidential.
7. Every Saturday, there is a Mafia meeting (slumber party). You either come, or you're out.
8. Never underestimate the power of the Mafia.
9. Always do everything with the Mafia; the only exception is when you're with your boyfriend.
10. Once you're in, you're in. There's no turning back unless you get kicked out. Then be prepared to live forever as a loser.

Those were the 10 basic principals you had to follow to be in the group. In MY group. it was a harmless group; and all intentions of it were good. When I formed it, I thought nothing could ever go wrong; and it stayed like that until recently when someone decided to leave.

Evelyn Montgomery, 8th grade Pom's captain, decided not to show up to our weekly meeting one day WITHOUT letting anyone know. Monday comes and I got off the bus. I met my friends by the entrance door. They were all waiting for me, except for Evelyn. We walked in, and everyone except Evelyn turned. She stood by her locker, appearing to be fumbling with her combo. We passed her as we all walked to our lockers, which were all right next to each other, courtesy of Camie's dad, the principal. I angrily shoved everything into my well-organized cherry smelling locker. I took out a small piece of lavender scented paper and scribbled:

Which can be translated to: Ev, today at 4:00? Mafia Meeting at my house. Don't come, and you're out. Don't be late. ~Alicia

I folded it twice and addressed it to EV, and I passed it to my assistant Katy. She looked at the name and immediately trotted off to give it to Evelyn. I watched as she opened it quickly skimmed through it and ripped it in fourths. She looked up to meet my glare and nodded once, turned around, and went to homeroom. Her swift movement meant one of two things. She either would be there or she wouldn't. I sauntered to homeroom and sat next to Josh, my BF (football QB)

I continued through my day like I always would. Everything was the same except one thing. Today, Evelyn didn't sit with us at lunch. After school, I rushed home and picked up all the clothes from the floor, flushed the toilets, and made sure everything was all tidy before anyone got here. I finished at 3:47, so I went to the bathroom and finished up the little homework I had. At 4:00 sharp, there everyone was here except for Evelyn. The large grandfather clock read 4:11, and no one had said a word since they got here. I decided 11 minuets was all I was going to give her. She was definitely not coming. I started that meeting. We talked about the usual stuff: hair, makeup, clothes, boyfriends, until someone brought up Evelyn. I didn't know how to respond, but I knew I couldn't continue allowing her to skip and ditch us like we were nothing. She was definitely out. I didn't say anything, and I walked to the brand new dry erase board I got installed in my game room. I took the grape scented marker and began to write:

school work

Any ideas?

I closed the cap until I heard the little click, and I gestured towards the board. Everyone instantly knew what I was getting at. We had to find a way to wreck everything about her. One by one, each filled up with ideas, some better than others. When the last person sat down, I read each one, carefully thinking it through, and picking my favorite. I walked up and starred the best one from each group, and the rest of the meeting was planning our five day destruction of Evelyn Montgomery. We waited out the rest of the week like we usually would, giving her enough time to think we weren't trying to sabotage her. We had the element of surprise. The following Monday, everyone was ready with her special part. We were to try and wreck everything that related to her clothes. We had Elaine and Melanie make sure there were no suitable clothes in the Lost and Found except for a ratty old shirt that smelled worse than the guys' locker room. A pair of way too big pants with a giant duck-taped hole in it, and pair of unmatching sneakers were left with it. Phase one, complete. Next, we made sure that Suzie had slept over at Evelyn's house the night before. She had knocked down a rack of clothes and let her pet hamster out of her cage. We all knew her so well, and we knew that she always laid her clothes out for the night before on her bean bag chair. This morning, she was bright and cheery as ever until lunch. That's when mass chaos started. This part was saved for me. I was walking past her with a tray full of food when I 'accidentally' crashed into the lunch supervisor and spilled everything on Evelyn. I was always a natural born actor, so I expressed the basic emotions: embarrassment, sadness, regret, and friendliness. The rest of the day, she was caught wearing the lost and found rejects that we planned for her to wear.

The next day, we simply replaced all her makeup with cheap non-designer punk makeup in all the worst colors. And to top all that, we added a sickly green tint to her Dry-Lock Hair spray; so for the rest of the day, she looked more like a tree than a blond.

On Wednesday, we just had to find a way to get her guy to dump her. Easy as pie. Katherine, who conveniently sat next to Evelyn, asked to borrow some of her lemonade smelling paper, something only Evelyn would have. She copied Evelyn's bubbly handwriting and wrote: OMG, Alicia! Ur bf is sooo HAWT! Don't be mad, but I think I have a MAJOR crush on him! ~ Ev
Of course, to make it more appealing to someone who usually wouldn't care, she folded it and wrote GIRLS ONLY on the top of it. She silently passed it to Kimmy, who passed it to Nick (Evelyn's Boy friend) who as planned, couldn't help but sneak a peek at it. He was angry as ever. Right after the bell rang, instead of waiting for Evelyn, he charged out the door and threw the note in the trash. Later that day, he broke up with her, brutally.

Thursday came, and everyone did as they were told. We had the biggest pop quiz in math; and of course, Evelyn finished 2nd. She set it down upside down and asked to go the bathroom. Perfect. We made a big show of having Millie fall out her chair, and started crying, so the teacher ran over and helped her to the nurse's. That's when we really got sneaky. Everyone did a little paper switching, and Evelyn ended up with a F worthy grade test which might actually leave her with a D in math.

Friday came. The last day of Evelyn sabotage. By now, she was left nothing except the little popularity she had left. Her clothes were all chewed up, she still hadn't washed al the green from her hair; her face looked like someone's makeup kit exploded, and her boyfriend was going out with her best friend. The last thing to do was ruin her forever. To teach her a lesson: NEVER mess with a Mafia. This was all Melanie, Rino, Maggie, and Kayla's idea. This time, I let them carry out the final sabotage. It was to humiliate her until she cried. The first thing to do was to do something no girl would ever want. It was a personal kind of embarrassment. In art, Melanie and Rino sat on either side of Evelyn. Evelyn was wearing the worst woolen shirt possible. It was both scratchy, but tight and small. It stretched across her so much that it began to be a little translucent. Of course, the hamster had helped, too. In the back of her shirt was a series of unfortunate holes, all around the bra area. It was easier than snapping your fingers. Melanie asked if she could try tying together the loose ends of wool to cover up the holes; but instead, she unhooked her bra. Then Rino asked to borrow some paint because she was out and leaned over, but 'accidentally' spilled water all over Evelyn. Of course, Evelyn flew back; and her strapless bra eventually fell out when she stood up. Worst of all, her shirt was almost completely see through because of the water. She ran out the room, almost crying a waterfall. One more thing had to be done to make her regret doing everything that she did. It was all up to Maggie and Kayla. At lunch, everyone was waiting for just the right moment. Somehow, they had found a old picture of Evelyn with frizzy hair, wearing only a towel (with a bathing suit that no one could see), and a huge booger hanging out her nose. They had made multiple copies of it and slipped one into every copy of the school newspaper, which was supposed to be sent out every Friday. At the end of the day everyone had gotten a copy and was looking through it. The picture fell onto everyone's lap, and everyone began to laugh. They laughed and pointed and couldn't stop. This was it, I thought. She began to turn red. Her face swelled up, and her eyes began to get glassy. She screamed louder than anyone I've ever heard, and she ran out the room. Although I felt happy because of it, I also felt a little pang of pity for her. The next day, she didn't come to school. After a week or two, everyone was notified that Evelyn Montgomery had committed suicide that Friday. They had found her body in a dark, abandoned alley, with a gun in her hand, and a bullet through her face. This just goes to show you, NEVER mess with a Mafia.

Taken from the diary of Alicia Arlidia: found in a secret treasure box in the Tebequidorian Mafia Meeting place.
Angelina Ly

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