Behind Closed Doors

October 27, 2015
By RoAliha GOLD, Oakland, New Jersey
RoAliha GOLD, Oakland, New Jersey
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The white door to the room was closed, the harsh, unforgiving wood shutting out the rest of the world, the light from inside barely reaching the hallway from under the bottom gap of the door.


Opening the door needed much courage, but once done it revealed a moderate sized room, yet the sheer amount of objects inside made it appear much much smaller. Everything in the room looked too big for it, as if the furniture was trying to burst out of the room. The walls were painted a light blue, light streamed through the window,  and it seemed like light emerged from the center of the room. It had a welcoming, cozy atmosphere, despite the cold feel of the always closed door. To the left of the entrance there were two shelves hung on the wall, one over the other, and they were covered in so many trophies that there was no space to even fit a pencil. On the opposite side of the room stood a bookcase. Books were tightly packed into its shelves, filling up the entire thing, as well as laying on top of it, and all around it. In fact, books were littered everywhere; on the shelves, the desk, the floor, and even on top of a beanbag in the corner. Directly across from the door stood a white loft bed, which had remnants of stickers on it. It was not the only thing in the room that looked like it had history, almost every single piece of furniture, except for the bookshelf, had marks and scratches on it that suggested they had been owned for a very, very long time. These marks were proof that the furniture had all stood in the room for years, but every piece was in a good-enough condition to be re-sold.

Underneath the loft bed, in a little hang out area, was a desk, white to match everything else, a black wheely desk chair, and a black chair that looked like it could convert into a bed. The black chair on wheels looked worn, and old, and the back of it was bent, as if every single time the owner was in the room they sat in it, leaning backwards slightly as if they had no cares in the world. The desk itself was cluttered with drawings, half-finished stories, pencils, pens, books, and headphones, all positioned carefully around a laptop, which stood in the middle of the clutter. In fact, everything around the room was so meticulously placed, yet looked as if the owner simply didn’t care, one just had to look hard enough.

On the wall in front of the desk, yet still underneath the loft bed, were pictures, too many to count, that took up at least five square feet of the wall. Smiling people caught in the act of being happy, and they were all stuck on the wall with duct tape, giving the impression that the owner didn’t care what the messy collage looked like to outsiders; as long as it was there. Three people made several appearances in different pictures, as if these people were the owners best friends. Decorating the billboard, to the right of the desk, still under the loft bed, were random papers, drawings, pictures, and other things. Notes written to the owner, all by different people, if the handwriting was any indication, were pinned all over the billboard. A closer look revealed them to be birthday wishes, and little poems written by the same people. To the left of the desk, not underneath the loft bed, stood a keyboard.  The keys were covered in dust and underneath the keyboard stand were shoes. On top of the keyboard were various papers, books, and hair ties, as if the owner once wished to play it, but grew distracted and gave up. The entire room was so personalized, and complicated, that it simply could not be understood unless someone studied it for quite a long time. There was so much evidence that someone lived there, yet the room was not messy. In the corner, sitting snugly on top of  the beanbag, was a soccer ball, faded and worn but still useable to match almost everything in the room.  An Imagine Dragons poster stood proudly on one wall, and on the other, above the two shelves, were different band posters. Six different bands were represented:Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, and One Republic covered part of the blue wall. Glow in the dark stars were above the bed, and different quotes were on the wall by the bed as well. Almost all of them were encouraging, in a different, almost concerning kind of way. An example of this was one of the quotes that resided next to the ladder to get up and down from the bed, guaranteeing the owner to see it everyday. It read, in interesting font; Never let them take the light behind your eyes.

All of this was so surprising, considering the empty, harsh, cold door that expelled visitors. It made one wonder what else happens behind closed doors.

The author's comments:

This is a description of my room and I wrote it in this fashion to describe what my room says about my personality.

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