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Once Upon An End

October 15, 2015
By VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Once upon an end , there was a girl , 16 years old. She wasnt a typical girl . She had long black hair and deep black eyes with no color in the iris. She wore long black jogging pants and a Skillet tshirt as she climbed into her bed and closed her eyes. It had been a long day . Her boyfriend had news for her and she had news for him. He told her he was moving to South Carolina... and she had broken down . She told him he couldnt go and it had just slipped out when he asked why she replied.. you have a baby on the way .. and he broke down . He fell to his knees in fear in tears whatever it may be . My mother told me never to gen involved with you . She told me you were bad news. And she had pleaded with him that it was his descion to but he wouldnt listen. He pushed her down and her hand got stuck in the storm drain and he ran .. she was trapped. A young couple across the street had pulled her out and when she got home she learned hed already moved away. There was nothing left for her to do but go to bed. Maybe shed wake up and none of this would be happening .. maybe it would just fade away. But the problem is she never did wake up. Shed left the oven on that night baking some cookies to drown her sorrows and it made everything go away . 

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