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Story Time

October 5, 2015
By Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
All that we see or dream is but a dream within a dream
-Edgar Allen Poe

“Sissy, can you tell me a story?”
“Sure, what would you like it to be about?”
“I don’t know. Can you make one up?”
“I guess I can try.”
“Sit back and get comfortable. This may be a long one.”
“Okay then. Well… This story is about a boy, named Zeref. The world he lived in was very big. There were trees the size of skyscrapers, and the animals were as large as cars. The world was like ours, but it didn't have the same technology or society as us. The people who lived in the forests lived in villages up in the trees, the people in the planes lived in huts that they’ve built, and the people of the desert lived in tents.”
“Wow. Where does Zuwif live?”
“Zeref doesn’t live anywhere.”
“Why not?”
“Because, he travels around this world.”
“Does he have friends with him?”
“Why not? Where’s his family?”
“Well, Zeref doesn’t have any family.”
“Oh… Well what happens?”
“Zeref wonders around this world; walking across the large, hot deserts to rowing a boat across the many seas. He has explored most of the land, more than any other person in the world.”
“Why is he traveling anyways?”
“Hmm… I’m not very sure of that. And He doesn’t remember why or when he began traveling. But he continued and never stopped in one place very long. But he did meet a lot of people and made many, many friends.
Zeref was walking across a desert, a small camp began to come into view as he headed up a sand dune. He held his arm up and looked outward, trying to see how long of a walk it would be to stop at the camp. Zeref leaned forward, inching closer and closer to the edge of the dune until he fell forward. He rolled to the bottom of the sand dune, sand flying everywhere and getting all over him. His cloths filled with sand and he lost one of his shoes as he rolled down the tall dune.”
“Oh no.”
“Suddenly, he stopped, hitting something once he reached the bottom. He looked up and saw a large bird. It looked like an Ostrich except more dinosaur like, standing about ten, or eleven feet tall. The creature turned and bent its long neck to get a good look at Zeref. It gave a loud, ear-piercing call, SQUUAAAWWWKK! It shrieked, opening its beak only inches from Zeref’s face. His hair was blown back as if it were a strong wind coming from the bird. Zeref, who was frightened, began to crabwalk backwards, barely getting anywhere as his arms and legs sunk into the sand.”
“Oh no, is the bird going to eat him?”
“Listen and you’ll find out, okay?”
“Ok, now where was I? Oh right, the bird… SQUAAWWKK!! The large bird shrieked in Zeref’s face. Zeref tried to back away but his arms and legs wouldn’t budge. All of a sudden, swoosh, Zeref was swept up off the ground. He gagged and pulled at his clothes as he felt them being pulled. When he looked over at the person holding him, it was a large, bearded man. The man was on another large bird like the one that was squawking in his face. The man laughed and steared his bird around the other one, his laugh causing Zeref’s ears to ring.
‘That was a close one, young man.’ said the large, bearded man. He still held Zeref by his shirt up in the air. Zeref looked at the man in shock as he was set back down onto the ground.”
“Who is beard-o?”
“Haha, You’ll find out Brady. You have to be patient and listen.”
“Yeah, I know. But I want to know.”
“Can I continue the story?”
“Heh-heh, Yeah.”
“Ok, so Zeref was put back onto the ground by the man on the bird. The man looked over to Zeref and grunted, ‘I haven't seen you around before. What’s your name pal?’ His voice was deep. Zeref looked the man over and sighed, his voice young and soft as he spoke. ‘I am Zeref, Last of the Gelflings. I am a traveler.’ Zeref looked from the man, to the birds, then to his feet. His feet were very dirty, especially after all the walking he has done over time. He still had one shoe on though, only after losing his right one when he fell down the sand dune.
‘Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Zerif. My name is Rangtottle.’ The man reached downward, offering a handshake. Zeref took the man’s hand and gave it a shake, then let his arm fall to his side. The bird Rangtottle sat upon danced side to side, its head looking about and its eyes bouncing around like googly-eyes.”
“Was one eye bigger than the other? Te-hehe.”
“Sure, why not. The second bird came around to where Zeref stood and rested its head on his shoulder. Its left eye examining him, as it partially rested itself. Rangtottle turned away and looked towards the small village and nodded. ‘Do you have a place to stay?’ Rangtottle said, looking back down at the boy. Zere-”
“No, he doesn't! He has no home, right Sloane?”
“Right. Zeref shook his head and looked at the bird that rested its head on his shoulder. ‘No, sir.’ Zeref said. ‘well young man, Climb up on that landstrider and I shall take you in.’ Rangtottle said as he steered his bird around, facing the town. Zeref turned around and faced the bird. It looked at him and then sat down, allowing him to climb on its back.
Rangtottle called out to the bird, shouting an order for it to follow. He moved forward, leading Zeref to the small village. ‘There is a dust storm coming tonight. You will be staying for a few days.’ They rode across the desert; the birds running through the sand, leaving a trail of dust clouds. They arrived in the town and-”
“Sloane, Brady, It’s time for bed!”
“Well, Brady. I guess we’ll leave the story at that.”
“But I wanna know what happens to them!”
“Maybe tomorrow I can continue the story, but for now it’s time for bed.”
“Oh, ok. Night sissy.”
“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

The author's comments:

I did this for my Literary club I'm involved in for school. Each week we have a writing prompt and this time it was all dialogue writing, so there was no actions, just the characters talking.

The two characters I have mostly talking is an older sister, reffered to 'sissy' or 'Sloane' in the story, she is telling her little brother a bed time story and it goes more into the story she tells, with small breaks where her brother interupts her.

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