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Secretly Gone

May 11, 2015
By VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
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" I will never be what you want from me "

Sitting here with my dog curled up next to my lap. He looks peaceful and calm like a serene ocean at dawn . But than there's me here. Eating a bowl of frozen yogurt and wondering what I'm going to do . I remember that night and god how I wish I could take it back. I stroke the top of my dogs head and place my left hand on my belly. I can feel it kick inside my stomach. I can hear my heart beat in my chest as I stand up and look at myself in the mirror? Who do I see? I see a girl who made a mistake, a girl who is going to die if anyone ever finds out. I had tried to make it all go away but I couldn't do it. They brought the tougs towards me and I bolted. So now i'm here. 6 months later. Mother in her room with father wondering what to do .. wondering where to go. Than I hear a scream echo across the hall " Alexandria!!!!!"  I ran out to the kitchen were I fnd everyone waiting for me . My three brothers , papa and mama. All I wanted to was diseapear . All I'd ever wanted to do was diseapear. I could barley hear her as she said in a calm voice" Alexandria the family has news . " Itook a deep breath and I asked her what was the news and she turned and kissed my father and said " Were going to have a baby . " . I stood up and walked out the front door. I didn't know what else to do. Maybe if I was hit by a car this nightmare would all go away . Maybe it would kill the baby if I was run over by the garbage truck. My older brother ran outside and grabbed me in his arms. He asked me whats wrong whats wrong whats wrong and I broke down into his arms. " I'm pregnant" He smacked me straight across the face and I ran .All I could do was run.

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