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February 25, 2015
By JessIsTheBest BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
JessIsTheBest BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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She stared at the monstrous dragon in front of her, smoke blowing out of its nostrils. How would she defeat this thing? She had killed many things before, possessed wizards and pure evil fairies, but nothing so powerful. All the tactics she used for her past assignments, none of them would work now.

She had just been walking around, when an old man stumbled over to her. She hadn't seen the man before, but he was disheveled, so she decided to listen to his words. "The dragon is taking over our village, you must save us, Madame!" She had doubted he was telling the truth, but once she saw the humongous creature stomping on one of the town's huts, she obviously knew he was.

When she had killed the wizards, she had snuck behind them, sticking a dagger into their backs. That was the easiest approach; remaining undetected until the assassination was complete. With the fairies, she would sprinkle poisonous wallflowers into their dens, killing them in their sleep. She preferred deaths like these; she hated to see the look of fear before someone's life slipped away. She knew it had to be done, that it was for the greater good, but that didn't mean she enjoyed doing it.

Arrows. That's how she would destroy this beast; bow-and-arrow.

She took out her pouch, taking out a couple arrows, as well as her bow. She wasn't sure how it worked, but her bag held everything she needed; daggers, knives, bow-and-arrows, a mace. She had received the pouch from a past client, insisting it was magic. She hadn't believed him, but like often, he wasn't lying. The bag held everything, despite its small size.

She started to approach the mutant in front of her, keeping her bow-and-arrow close to her. This could be it. These could be the last few moments of her life, if she didn't execute this perfectly.

Someone began screaming, but she didn't turn around to face them. She couldn't concentrate on what was behind her, she had to look ahead.

She edged her way to the menace, hoping she was discreet enough to not be seen. So far, it was working out; the dragon had not turned away from the house in front of it, which was now completely demolished.

"Don't do it! You're better than this, Mom!"

She didn't turn around, but the sentence confused her. Mom? She didn't have a son. Why would someone call her that? She was only twenty, and she still hadn't found a man worth spending forever with. And she had no recognition of giving birth, so how could the boy behind her be related to her?

She set the arrow in her bow, slowly strutting closer. The boy shouted again, sounding even more desperate than before.

"Mom, they'll send you away again! Come on, put Dottie's toys down!"

Toys? She was carrying a weapon! Not a toy, and who was Dottie? What an atrocious name, she thought. What kind of name is that? Who names a kid with the definition of 'crazy'?
She pulled her arrow back, saying nothing as she walked forward. "You're going to hurt Tigger! Do you know how mad Dottie will be?"

Who's Tigger? There was no way this creature had that kind of name. And why would anyone be mad about killing a murderous gargoyle? If anything, this 'Dottie' should be happy. She was taking out a beast that was remorselessly taking away innocent people's lives.

The dragon glanced back at her, and that was when she knew she had to take her move. If she didn't, she would surely be killed. So once she readjusted her aim, she went to let go of the arrow, so it could finally fly through the air, and take out this fiend for good.

Right before she could ridden this world of this devil, the boy from behind her tackled her to the ground, and her entire surroundings changed. She was no longer in a burning village, but inside what seemed to be a house. How did she get from Callica to here?

"Where am I? Where's the dragon?" She blurted confusedly, staring at the boy who was on top of her. Now that she had a good look at him, he did look a bit like her. He had the same shade of strawberry blonde as her, and his eyes resembled a dark emerald green, ones she saw every time she looked at her reflection.

She glanced down at her hands, and let out a gasp when she saw what was there. No, she wasn't holding the weapon she thought she had. She had a bow-and-arrow made of plastic, one that probably couldn't even rip through paper. Who replaced her mighty assegai with this?

What was going on?

The boy stood up, gently taking the toys away from her. "Come on, we don't have to tell Dad about this. Let's just get you to bed." Dad, who was he? Was she with this 'dad'? She listened to the boy's instructions, despite her not understanding the situation. Where was the dragon?

The boy led her to an unfamiliar room, decorated plainly with the color blue. She didn't like it, she would have much rather had the room be a bright red, or a lively yellow. She didn't like the calming vibes it gave her.

She let the boy lie her down, and said nothing as the boy edged back to the door, his hand nearing the door. "There was no dragon Mom, you were hallucinating again. Just try to sleep."

The door shut, and the boy left completely from her sight. What did he mean 'hallucinating'? No, that dragon had been right in front of her! How could she hallucinate something like that?

This boy was playing tricks on her, she knew it.

But suddenly, she realized she was restrained, her hands and legs bound to the mattress. "Hey, let me go!" She screamed, squirming around as she tried to break free. "Let me go!"

But no matter how much she screamed, nobody walked over. Not even the boy who seemed to care so much about her (In which, had been the one to restrain her, but she would never know).

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