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The Knitter's Challenge

January 11, 2009
By Wickedgirl95 SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
Wickedgirl95 SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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We may not talk everyday, we may not live next door, but true friends are there they are the ones that think of you and care how you are doing.

Once upon a time, like most stories begin, there lived a circle of friends in a far away land. Although these friends were yet to meet, they already had one thing in common…they loved to knit…

“Get over here Nickolas!” Lucy hollered. “Emily! Whatever you’re doing stop!”
Lucy sighed and gave up. It wasn’t easy babysitting her younger siblings. All she really wanted to do right now was go to the movies with her friends. But that sure couldn’t happen. Well, not any more at least. Lucy and her family had just moved to Oklahoma from Wisconsin. Already she missed the blue sky and the fresh air. It wasn’t fair. She never had a say in these kinds of things. Mom had to move because of her work, so she gained a new job, while Lucy lost all her friends. Of course they said they would write, but like most long distance friendships, that wasn’t going to happen.
Lucy plopped herself down on a bench near the playground. She watched as her brother weaved himself through the slides sending rocks flinging through the air. A group of his new friends chanced after him obviously playing a serious game of tag. On the other side, Emily balanced on the top of the slide. As Emily laughed at herself, her new friends sat in a circle cheering her on. They, of course were playing a game of ‘truth or dare.’
Lucy sighed once more a she watched her younger siblings create friends like it was the easiest thing to do, and it probably was, for them. Why couldn’t it be that easy for her? Well, for one thing, she was a sixteen year old that enjoyed reading and knitting. Of course it was difficult for her, most of the other kids her age loved to shop and go out with their boyfriends. What a difference. Lucy pulled out her latest knitting project and started working.

Later that day, Lucy had come home from the playground and now sat perched on the edge of her seat staring at the computer screen. She flipped through all of the newest knitting patterns. All of a sudden, another screen popped up.
You’re welcome to join us for a knitter’s day at knitorious for a knit in.

Rachel yawned as she flipped through the channels. This was going to be a really long summer. Most of her friends were going out of state or something and her best friend was terribly mad at her. So, all in all, she had nobody to spend time with until around the end of summer break. Finally Rachel gave up the idea of T.V. Walking silently to the kitchen Rachel found the ice cream, medicine for everything. Grabbing a spoon, she plopped onto her bed and ate…and ate…and ate…

Rachel woke to the sound of the ringing telephone. Lifting her head from the ice cream, her hair stuck to her face in a sticky, wet blob. Rachel groaned as she picked up the phone.
“Hey, sweetie. I’m on my way home.”
“Oh, um, I gotta take a shower, I just woke up…”
“Seriously, it’s 1:00 in the evening!”
“Oh well, I need to stop by the store anyway… see you later.”

Rachel was beginning to comb out her hair when her mom pulled into the driveway. Before she came inside, she talked to our neighbors, and then gave the apartment cat some water. (She is the stray that lives in our building most of the time. This cat has now become part of the family to everyone who lived there.) Hurriedly yanking at her hair, Rachel listened to the fast moving footsteps.
“Hey, honey!”
“Hey, mom.”
“How was your day?”
“Fine, boring like always.”
“Would you mind bringing in the rest of the groceries?”
“Yeah, whatever.”
Rachel made her way to the car talking to neighbors while the cat followed her. She sighed when she heard ten year old Lauren and her friend Jackie giggling down the hall. Why was it so easy for younger kids to create friends? Why was it, that when you become a teen you loose friends and can’t find anymore as easily as before? Rachel knew why it was so hard for her. She liked to listen to music, like all teens, but she also enjoyed knitting. Although none of her friends knew about this little secret, it was still hard for her. At that moment, Rachel promised she would never tell any of her friends until she was sure it wouldn’t mess with anything….like it did with her friend Brianna….

After lunch, Rachel sat at the computer playing games while searching for new knitting patterns. (Although it seems imposable, it really isn’t too bad) After wining another level, Rachel looked for patterns and, like ever Friday, the same pop up came on the screen…. this time, Rachel thought about it a little more…
You’re welcome to join us for a knitter’s day at knitorious for a knit in.

Both Rachel and Lucy arrived at the knit in alone. Lucy, being the shy type, stood in the food line while looking around. The place was floor to ceiling full of different kinds of yarn. Lucy stared wide eyed wanting to bring home every kind. Looking around, she saw only adults and a few of their kids. She and another girl around her own age were the only teens there. Piling her plate, Lucy made her way to the only empty table. Perching herself on the edge of her seat, Lucy ate. As she ate, she glance through the crowd and listened in on conversations. Like always, in this town at least, Lucy felt truly alone at a party full of people.

Rachel arrived at the knit in to find exactly what she anticipated. A group of adults. There was only one other teen girl there, not including herself. She sighed and turned on her CD player. Loud rock music blasted through the headphones. Rachel bobbed her head and mouthed several words, but for the most part she glanced at her surroundings. Shelves and shelves full of different colored yarns covered he walls. She began waking over to see one of the samplers on the wall. It looked like a black and white hat with sculls. Perfect. That was the pattern she had been searching for. On her way there, Rachel bumped into the other girl.
“Oh, sorry, I wasn’t looking!”
“Oh, it’s alright, I wasn’t either.”
“So, you here for the knit in?”
“Yeah, you?”
“Yep, I think we’re the only teens.”
“I think you’re right.”
“So what’s your mane?”
“Lucy, you?”

Through out the night, Rachel and Lucy laughed together and shared addresses and e-mails so they wouldn’t be totally out of touch. As they sat, becoming even better friends every second, the two new friends decided to create a knitting circle. This meant that they would go to each other’s houses and knit and talk and laugh.
“Ok, so we both know that we aren’t telling anyone about our knitting secret, right?”
“Absolutely! What is said or done in the knitting circle stays in the knitting circle.”
They threw their heads back and laughed. They knew this was going to be a friendship that would last a life time.
Throughout break, they had learned that it doesn’t matter that you knit; you will always be accepted into the perfect groups of friends. Lucy and Rachel will always be there for each other whether to knit together, or to cheer each other up when they feel alone. They have truly fought through the knitter’s challenge! 'Friendship is the comfort that comes from knowing that even when you feel all alone, you aren’t.'

Now would be the time to say ‘the end,’ but unlike most stories, this is only the beginning of the end….

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on May. 9 2010 at 4:07 am
Wickedgirl95 SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
6 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
We may not talk everyday, we may not live next door, but true friends are there they are the ones that think of you and care how you are doing.

lol really? haha

on May. 9 2010 at 4:05 am
lol wutermelon

PawPaw said...
on Feb. 24 2009 at 2:41 am
Abby, you have done it again!!!!! I love the way you give the two descriptive naratives of your two teenage charaters and then bring them both togeather in a way like they have known each other for life. Just keep writing.