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The Place That Brought Us Together

January 5, 2009
By Olivia Parker, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was sitting in the backyard of the old abandoned house in the neighborhood. Suddenly, I heard someone running quickly towards the shaded area where I was. It was a boy, maybe around my age, holding a coconut in his hands. I started hearing police sirens and then they slowly started fading. I put the book I was reading down and looked at the supposed felon. I think he just noticed me because he got a change of expression very quickly.
“Why were the cops chasing after you?” I asked, scared of what the answer might be.
“I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just climbing a tree trying to get this coconut. It’s considered trespassing.” He sounded annoyed; but I didn’t think it was because of me.
“I hope you don’t live here,” he said blankly.
“No, I usually just come to hang out.” The conversation started to get awkward and I tried to find something to make it more exciting. But, like always, I’m too slow.
“Oh, cool place. I’ll catch you later.” He nodded and left with his light brown hair shining in the rays of sun that came through the oaks. I picked up my things, put them in my bag, and rode off on my cruiser bike.

The next day at school we had a new student. It was the kid from the abandoned house. His name is Logan Snyder and he’s the new eighth grader that moved down from Pensacola. He smiled at me as I passed him at lunch but not much really happened. Everyone thought he seemed nice and was pretty attractive; especially to my best friend Karen Marlinton.

After school I was going to go under the oak tree at the house. It was a breezy day and I hoped to see iguanas sun bathing near the canal. When I came up to the white iron fence it was opened. I kind of wished inside me that it would be Logan visiting the lot. It was strange that I wanted to see him since we just met. As I suspected; it was “Mr. Coconut” himself. He had his history book out as he was writing in his notebook.
“Hey. I didn’t think you’d be here again.” I tried to talk confidently. He just turned his head in my direction and acted as if he was expecting me. Maybe he was; why else would he be here?
“I wanted to get a better look.” As he said this I asked myself, ‘A better look at the place or me?’ He stared deeply at the sun shining on boulders of coral seated by the canal. “You know, if you fix it up this place could be really awesome. Who lives here anyway?”
“No one, it’s been like this since I can remember. Well, I’m gonna go.”
“Bye.” he replied. And that was that. I started walking through the back courtyard and when I reached the front yard I looked back at the house. He was right. If you fix the place up it would be beautiful. I never had actually been inside the house since I was too scared. Maybe one day Logan and I will venture inside to see if there’s anything in there. Only God knows.

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