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The course of the Ouch

November 6, 2014
By Underwater_patricia SILVER, Brighton, Massachusetts
Underwater_patricia SILVER, Brighton, Massachusetts
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The score was tied 23-23, I had to make the winning shot. Man the pressure was crazy. Excitement and tension hung in the air, you could have sliced it with a knife. All I remember was looking at Allie and shooting the ball. 24-23. The crowd went wild. Screaming from every angle, “Yeahhh! Lets go Corals!!!.”
I had just made the winning shot at the championship game versing our rivals the Tigers. The room was full of excitement, bouncing around off all four corners. I ran over to go hug my girlfriend Allie. She was smiling so hard. Her smile was as bright as the sun. “Lets go celebrate, Leos waiting for us outside in the car.” Allie said
“Of Course lets go!” I replied.
When we got outside we saw Leo. Leo has been my best friend since freshman year so were pretty close.
“Congrats dude.” Leo said.
“Ah thanks man, how’d your hockey game go?” I replied
“It was a slaughter we won 32-15” Leo said.
“Awesome!” I uttered.
“Alright come on jocks lets go get something to eat.” Allie said.
We drove over to the fast food joint and got some food, afterwards we went home.
When I got home my family congratulated me at the door, “Theres our winner..congrats Jason...Virginia State beware!.”
Virginia State ouch. My family bought a cake for me but I was full from the food I ate with Leo and Allie. I made myself eat a piece so I wouldn’t appear rude. Later on I went upstairs into my room. I was exhausted, I jumped full body on my bed and was out. The next morning my alarm clock woke me up and I got ready for school. I checked the mail in the morning and saw two letters with my name. I open them, these are the two college acceptance letters I’ve been dreading. Ouch. I'm torn between two colleges. If I pick either one everything will go bad. I know I’ve shouldn't of kept this secret for so long. I need to come clean but not now, I don't know how. I can’t think about this now I need to go to school.
I get to school and I see Allie. She looks down but I'm not sure why.
“Is there something wrong babe?”, I asked.
“No, I’m fine I just need to be alone for a while, Jason.” She replied.
Then she walked off. I knew there was something wrong with her but I wasn't sure what. I went on with my day and met Leo at the cafeteria for lunch.
“How’s it going Leo?” I say.
“Not good. This college stuff is really getting to me, bro.” Leo replied.
It seems like Leo has been filling out application for as long as I can remember so I wasn't really sure why college was worrying him. We didn't talk for the whole lunch period, which was strange knowing that Leo has always something to say. It seemed like everyone was just having a bad day.
Right after lunch was over Leo says to me, “Have you gotten any college letters at all?” Ouch.
“No, not yet man.”
Leo just nodded his head and walked off. I couldn't tell Leo I got the letters it was all just too complicated.
After school I saw Allies brother Brian waiting for her in the parking lot and I stopped by to say hi.
“Hey, Brian…”
“Have you seen Allie?” He cut me off before I could finish saying hi.
Brian has never really been one of those guys you can talk to when it comes to siblings. He’s overprotective, very overprotective. I remember one time when me and Allie got into an argument, he came over and almost fought me. I can’t even remember what Allie and I argued about, but I guess that’s what big brothers are for. I’m shaken from my memories as I see Allie coming out of the school building and she walks right past me. She doesn't even say hi. I wonder whats wrong with her and Leo but I guess it might be the pressure that we’re graduating in a week.
Days have past and the whole school has been in the down mood for a while. I have to meet with the guidance counselor today after class. Everyone has to meet with her to talk about college. Ouch. I pass by my locker right after class ends.
I see Leo, “Hey bro.” I say.
“Sup man.” He replies. As Leo gets his books out of his locker he bumps into this kid in our school who is considered a nerd.
“Watch where you're going nerd!” Leo yells at the kid. Leo pushes the kids book on the ground in anger.
“Leo calm down it was an accident.” I say while pushing him aside from the kid. Leo walks off. The kid is on the ground trying to pick up all his papers, so I go and help him. I see a math book that I read before and grin a little.
“Hey I loved this book, I really enjoyed the characteristic equations of a linear homogeneous higher-order derivative that has imaginary roots than the general and particular solutions that had oscillatory components.” I say.
The kid looked at me in utter shock and just nodded and whispered, “Me too.”
I get into the guidance counselor's office and I have a seat.
“Hello Jason, have you received any college letters in the mail?” she says.
“Um, yes, yes I have.” I utter.
“Well looking at your grades I expect good news.” She replies with a smile.
“I got two letters, Virginia State and, Harvard.” I say with my head down.
She looked confused. “Jason those are two great colleges but for two very different reasons.” she says, “Virginia state is a sports college while Harvard is a brains college, which one are you going to chose my dear.”
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. “Im not sure yet I haven't decided.” I reply.
“Well just make sure you chose the one that makes you happy, you are dismissed Jason.” She says while opening the door. I walk out and my chest feels all heavy. I know I should be happy but I just can't, I have two choices and I can't pick which. I dont want to disappoint.
When I get home I call Leo and tell him to come over and he agrees and drives over to my place. I have to tell Leo the truth, but you see Leo is so judgmental I don't know if I can. Leo comes in my room and he has a seat in my computer chair.
“How’s it going Leo?” I ask.
“I’m okay, you know that nerd bumping into me really got me pissed but I'm fine now.” Leo responds.
“It was an accident Leo.” I say.
“I don't care these stupid nerds need to watch out.”
I feel just wrong inside here is my so called best friend disrespecting people he doesn't even know. How am I suppose to tell him the truth if hes like this? Leo looks over at my desk and sees the two college letters. He picks up the first letter and smiles with excitement.
“Bro you got in, you got in!” He says. He picks me up and congratulates me. He sat back down and sees the other letter. His face looked weird.
“What the hell, um Jason why’d you get this letter from Harvard?” He asks.
“Um I don't know I just got in its a really good school.” I reply.
“You're not no nerd what the heck man.” He says.
That’s it I can't take it anymore.
“Shut up Leo just shut up you can't call people nerds just because they're smart, i've been trying to keep this a secret because I know what a jerk you are about these things, why can't you just be nice and stop being an asshole to people that have not done nothing to you, and if you cant accept me just because i'm smart then I don't want to be your friend anymore!” I yell in anger.
Leo just looks at me and starts crying.
“I don’t do this because I’m an asshole I do this because I’m jealous in a way.” Leo says with tears in his eyes, “I've applied to over seven colleges and I always get the same answer... no... and do you know how it feels to be rejected because you aren't smart enough? Maybe thats why I am such a jerk to these nerds, I mean kids..truth is I wish I had half the brains these kids got and to make me feel better I make them feel bad its my way of healing the pain.”
I see the pain in Leos eyes and I feel bad for saying what I said. I had no idea Leo was emotionally hurt because he wasn't smart but, once I told him I felt better like a load came off my chest. Leo left my house after that argument we had and I thought about what Leo said the whole night.
The next morning I got to school and I saw Allie. She looked beat up. I asked her what was wrong and she started to cry. I took her to the library to talk to her.
“What happened Allie is everything okay?” I ask.
“No its not Jason, I don't think I can be with you anymore.” I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Was it something I did or said? I was just so confused.
Allie continued, “Jason I really like you but I need time for myself, I dont expect you to understand right now but I think we should break up.”
I try to say something but she just walks off wiping tears off her face. I see Leo in the hallway and he comes up to me.
“I heard you and Allie broke up, you okay?” Leo says.
“Im just confused” I replied.
Leo looks at me and tells me Allie has problems with herself. He says she’s really insecure. I think to myself and wonder why can Allie be insecure when shes so pretty but I guess its true what they say, insecurities can eat you alive.
“Thanks for telling me.” I say to Leo.
“No problem.” he replies and then walks off.
Days pass and graduation is five days away. Leo and I have made up, he apologized for being such a bully. Leo also told me he was taking his SATs again for hopes to getting into a college. I've been helping Leo study day and night and today is the test and i'm pretty sure hes ready. I wait outside of the class for Leo, hoping hes doing a good job. Leo walks out of the class and looks at me. I get scared for a second since he hasn't said anything. 
“That went so much better than the first time man.” Leo says to me with a smile on his face. “You scared me bro!” I say while hugging him.
Im so proud of Leo he has come a long way. From being this stuck up bully to this nice guy, Im really appreciated to call him my best friend.
As I am putting on my graduation cap and heading on the stage Leo tells me something,
“I got into Penn. state.” I've never seen Leo so happy about something ever in his life. He gives me a big hug and we go onto the stage with excitement. Afterward I saw Allie in the parking lot, she looked nice.
“Hey Allie congrats.” I say.
“Back to you Mr.Secret genius.” I laugh and she does too.
“Leo told you didn't he.” I reply.
“Yes he did and also I wanted to say sorry for the other day, truth is I have very low self esteem and i've been seeing a counselor and I'm getting better. Allie says, “ I’ll be going to NYU and I'm really happy about that and I hope we can keep in touch.” I feel a relief knowing that Allie will be okay and I gladly will keep in touch with her.
Next semester I’ll be going to Harvard and thats what I really want. I will also play sports for Harvard because I enjoy playing and my father says that not playing basketball would be a waste of talent and I agree with him. Leo has gone on to Penn. state and is happily playing hockey and learning more and has become in peace with himself. Allie has gone to NYU and is majoring in arts and has gained more self confidence. In the end Leo is happy, Allie is happy and most of all I am happy with myself. I no longer feel the ouch.

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on Nov. 18 2014 at 7:47 pm
Underwater_patricia SILVER, Brighton, Massachusetts
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Hahaha, thank you! :)

on Nov. 18 2014 at 4:57 pm
GirlGenius SILVER, Oakland, New Jersey
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I like this story! It includes relationships, self-esteem, nerds... well, you could tell I will be hated by Leo in the first half of the tale because of my screenname and avatar...   I'm still proud being nerd.