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Wither Falls Book 1 - Revenge from the Past

October 24, 2014
By Rae_Cobra GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Rae_Cobra GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
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"We are destroying the world. We should fix it. We are killing our planet. We should revive it. We are not doing much to help the people. We should do more for the people. We are always fighting. We should try loving." -Rae Cobra

Cold. That was the only thing I could feel. Above ground it was snowing, melting it’s coolness into the ground. I shivered. I shouldn’t feel the cold. But this means I wasn’t dead. This means I  can go back to my family. My friends. Julie. I thought for sure that I was dead. I thought that this was the end. I can’t wait to show up and tell them I lived! What would Julie think? Had she moved on? Was she being blamed for my death this very minute? I struggle to open the coffin. How low had they buried me? In a few hours I would be dead from suffocation. I had to work fast. However, it was no use. The coffin wouldn’t budge. I laid back down and thoughts ran through my mind. My name is William Collin. I am seventeen years old. I go to Wilton High. I am in love with Julie Herrick. She is in love with me. My name is William Collin . . .


Sophia Collin was an average teenager. Her auburn hair would always get messy. Her temper would rise and fall, and her grades were normal. But the girl’s history wasn’t. The girl’s history was a scary, secretive past that was just waiting to be heard. The past was waiting to come back for revenge.


Nicole Susan wasn’t a normal girl. She could predict the future. She could see the past. She had the gift of Sight. That’s what her Grandmother always told her. She guided her, taught her how to use the gift of Sight. Then her Grandmother died on July 15, 2014 in a car crash. After that tragic date, Nicole wouldn’t use her powers because it reminded her of her late Grandmother. Then everything changed.

Chapter 1: Nicole

Wither Falls was for juvenile delinquency kids. Which includes me, Nicole Susan. Ever since my Dad died, I have been nothing but trouble. It was like the Devil took over me, and took advantage of me. It was like he used me to hurt others before I realized it. It doesn’t matter though. I’m here and I can’t get out. Wither Falls is like a summer camp. I’m stuck here for the whole summer and the worst part is that Jesse Cooper was here. He’s the biggest bully at the camp. I kinda feel sorry for him. I knew he was just bullying everyone because he wanted attention. He looked way to hot to be a bully. So I couldn’t understand why he would bully people.
     “Move out of the way Ms. I-know-everything-that’s-going-to-happen.”

     I glare at Mikyla Hart with hatred. She was one of the popular girls. Correction, she was the head of the popular girls. I didn’t move an inch so she reddened a little.
     “Did you not hear me? I said to move out of my way.” Mikyla glared back at me with equal hatred. This was my second time being sent here and I had hated Mikyla each and every day.
     “Listen Queen of Clowns,” I say venomously, gesturing towards her face which was covered in globs of makeup. “If you want someone to move, do it nicely without any insults.” I stood firm – although I would probably pay for it later. I watch as Mikyla’s face grew redder and then redder.

    “Queen of Clowns?” Mikyla grit the words in her mouth. She sounded very, very furious. I smile smugly.

Chapter 2: Sophia

My life was boring. It was always the same. School, homework, and more homework. Then later I would go hang with my friends, Linsey Turner, Samantha and Mackenzie Burnett.
     I just finished up my biology project when my phone rings. I don’t answer because I know that it’s just Sam complaining about what she has to do with her bio homework. I didn’t even bother to look at the text message that popped up on my home screen knowing that it was her still complaining and asking for help. I grab one of my guitars from the stand and strum “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. The cords where simple; C, G and Em. I pause, and start humming the song as I put the guitar back on the stand.
     “Sophia! Mac is on the phone and so is Sam.” I heard my mom come up the stairs and knock on my door before she opened it.
     “Tell ’em that I’m busy.” I said quickly. I wasn’t in the mood for them at that moment. I knew what would happen. The two would talk and talk, non stop. Not once pausing to take a breath or anything.
     “They told me to tell you that it’s important and that you should definitely pick up.” Mom had her hand over the receiver and waited for me to answer. I groan and motion her to hand me the phone.
     “Hello? Sophie? You there? Hello?” Mac’s voice is on the line, she sounded anxious. I sigh loudly as my answer and wait for either Mac or Sam to talk. Neither of them did. Strange. There was dead silence on the other line for about five minutes before Mac starts to talk again.
     “Listen Sophie. You know the other day that kid named Connor Stokes? Well he did this report on a guy named–what was his name Sam? Henry Collin?–the guy’s name was Henry Collin. He was the brother of the guy who died because of his girlfriend or something a while ago. Anyways, turns out they’re related to you.” Mac paused for a quick second. “He was going to tell you, but since you guys don’t have classes together thought I should tell you.”

     I stay silent and let all that information sink in. I was related to the guy who’s brother died because of his girlfriend? Well that just made my day! I couldn't be realated to that guy. I know lots of people who have the same last name . . .
     “Hello? Sophie? You still there?” Mac’s voice could be heard even if I didn’t have the speaker next to my ear. “Blah, blah, blah,” was all I heard until “rich man and he passed that richness to William Collin ...”          Mac trailed off, leaving the receiver silent.
     My mind swirled. William Collin. That name rang a bell. I had heard of him from someone...My Dad! But if William was rich, what happened? Why did his girlfriend kill him? What did he do or didn’t do to die? What if . . . Drats. I was playing the What if game again. That was the fifteenth time I was doing that out of the whole day. I pressed the phone next to my ear and heard nothing but steady breathing.
     “You still there Mac?” I finally start talking. Very fast.
     “Listen, do you have Connor’s number? Can you give it to me? I have to talk to him. Now.” I grab a piece of paper and a pen.
     “Why do you want to call him? I mean, yeah I have his number, but can’t you just talk to him like tomorrow? Oh wait . . . Never mind. Here’s his cell.” I jot down the number and tell Mac thanks for everything and that I had to go. I hung up and dialed Connor's number.

Chapter 3: Past

Date: July 12, 1919
Dearest Diary,
     William was going to break up with me. Could you believe that? Me of all people! What did I ever do to him? When I found out from a friend that he what he was going to do, I melted down. I loved the guy, truly I did, but this wasn’t fair. Why was he doing this? Was it for another girl? I am envious now. What should I do? Dump him before he dumps me or wait? I need to think.

Date: July 13, 1919
Dearest Diary,
     William has broken up with me for another girl. I was right. Her name’s Veronica Wilson, daughter of Mayor Dillon Wilson. I should’ve known. The two have been hanging together for about a month now. Am I angry? Not any more. I mean, I can’t keep William from another girl.

Date: July 14, 1919
Dearest Diary,
     Just heard news that it didn’t work out for William and Veronica. I am relieved! Turns out, I still have feelings for him. William has just asked for us be be back to gather. That’s great! I really do love him. I love him more than he knows.

Time: Past
Date: July 15, 1919
Dearest Diary,
     Things are happening. Terrible things. Last night Alexius Hamilton was murdered. No one knows who did it. There isn’t any evidence.

Time: Past
Date: July 16, 1919
Dearest Diary,
    Another murder happened. Only this time it took a toll on Mr. Walson. Veronica was murdered in her own bed. I feel sorry for her. She was only a year younger then I was. I’m scared. They haven’t caught the murderer.

Time: Past
Date: July 17, 1919
Dearest Diary,
      No one will listen to me. Not even my family and his family – parents, friends and even my best friend Alice. But we are no longer friends since she thinks it’s all my fault that William died. I told them I didn’t kill him. I told them that I would never murder someone. Not even for money, which William had a lot because of his father. I told them every single true sentence and what do they do? They cast me out and lock me in a cell to rot. I am almost seventeen. Let me tell you one thing, I will get my revenge on them. On all of them and their children and their children. I will live forever until I rest in peace.

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on Nov. 3 2014 at 8:20 pm
SmallestFever BRONZE, Apple Valley, California
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Go for it! It will give it some good background. :)

Rae_Cobra GOLD said...
on Nov. 1 2014 at 9:02 am
Rae_Cobra GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
10 articles 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"We are destroying the world. We should fix it. We are killing our planet. We should revive it. We are not doing much to help the people. We should do more for the people. We are always fighting. We should try loving." -Rae Cobra

I actually didn't think about that era when writing this book . . . but that's a good idea! :)

on Oct. 31 2014 at 7:35 pm
SmallestFever BRONZE, Apple Valley, California
1 article 0 photos 2 comments
Nice! I like the cliff hangers and the different scenes. Is the Diary part with William Collins set in the Salem Witch Trails Era?