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the inevitable doom

December 19, 2008
By tyler raskin, Vancouver, WA

The truck was coming. It couldn’t be stopped. On one hand a fifty foot drop into the bay with a slight chance of survival. On the other hand an instant death that I have been counting down for the longest time.
The dump truck commanded by the crazed serial killer blazed down the free way directly at me. My heart jumped out of my chest with every beat. My mind was racing. Life and death surrounded my every decision, my every thought. Jump and hope to live or stay and die for sure. The decision and the pressure of it all brought me to my knees. I thought about a lot in only little time. Was my life worth continuing? Was it actually worth it? Was what I had so far worth it really?
My years had been short but not exactly sweet or the best in the world. I grew up with a silver spoon shoved so far down my throat it was hard to breathe. My life pretty much was over if I died or not. My love life was over -stupid rumors- ill never date anyone again. My grades went down the drain destroying any chances to go to any college. My sports career had ended. My life sucked. It was all her fault. If she would have just listened to me then none of this would have ever happened. I hate her. My life wouldn’t be over if it wasn’t for her. I couldn’t believe I still want to be with her. It didn’t make sense I was so confused.
My hands were shaking. I could barely hold the picture of her in my hands. I never thought I could love and hate someone so much at the same time. The picture was the only thing I had left now. The picture of the one I loved. My grip loosened. The picture blew out of my hands and into the bay. I watched as the last thing I had floated away.
The truck approached swiftly, leaving a trail of death and destruction behind.

I stood up confident in my decision to either jump or stay. I stood my ground.
A wicked smile found its way onto the killer’s long skinny face. The truck was close now, not more than a football field away.
I counted down, my inevitable doom. “Five, four, three, t…”
“Jake!” a voice sounded to my left. I drew my attention towards the noise, and looked over. There she stood the one I loved. The one I wanted to kill. But mostly the one I loved.
“Jake move out of the way, run! … I’m sorry Jake”
Disbelief ran over my face, just like the truck that slammed into me seconds later.
The last thing I saw was her beautiful face.

The author's comments:
everything is like pretty much symbolic of actual things in real life. some things ive actually been faced with. but ill let u figure those things out.

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