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None the wiser

October 27, 2008
By Anonymous

“So there’s a guy!” Sami exclaimed.
Kayla and Christa giggled.
“His name is Arran Smith” The girls ceased laughing immediately.
“WHAT?!” they shrieked in unison.
“What?” Sami asked.
“IM dating Aaran.” Kayla said.
“So am I!” chrsta said.
“Oh my god.” Sami gasped, “He’s playing ALL of us?”
The girls just sat on the floor, stunned. Furious and embarrassed. “No guy does this to all of us and gets away with it.” Kayla spat.
“I have an Idea” Christa laughed mischievously. “I’m supposed to give him a ride to the airport tomorrow for his trip, so why don’t we just all pick him up, drive out to the middle of nowhere and let him miss his flight and find his own way home, like 100 miles?”
“That would be hilarious. And teach him not to mess us!” Kayla said matter-of-factly.
“I’m in” Sami grinned.
The next day Christa was driving Sami’s old ’55 Chevy truck and picked up Arran while Kayla and Sami hid behind the back seat. He got in the car and leaned over to give Christa a kiss but stopped just short when he saw Kayla and Sami and immediately leaned back to his side of the car. The two jumped up front and crowded him. He, suspecting nothing because Kayla was Sami’s best friend and Christa her cousin, just sat back and listened to them chatter like normal teenage girls. After awhile though, he noticed that they were definitely not on the way to the airport in the next city.
“Um…..girls?” he asked nervously, “Where are we going?”
“Just taking a shortcut” Christa said icily.
All of a sudden she slammed on the breaks and all three girls grabbed Arran and pushed him out the door, promptly slammed it and drove off laughing. They didn’t look back once. 10 miles later, Kayla felt something brushing against her leg on the passenger side. She looked down curious because she was wearing shorts. Then she saw it.

The collar of the shirt Arran had been wearing was stuck in the door.
Her blood went cold.
“Christa, pull over.” She whispered, trying to keep the panic out of her voice.
“Why?” Christa asked oblivious.
“JUST DO IT!” Kayla nearly screamed.
“Okay okay!” Christa pulled over, she and Sami climbing out of the driver’s side while Kayla fearfully opened the passenger door.
“Kayla what the hell is wro-” Christa and Sami stopped dead when Kayla opened the door and Arran’s mangled body slumped to the ground, his shirt collar stuck in the door of the truck.
“OH MY GOD!” Christa wailed.
Kayla started crying and shaking her head while Sami knelt by Arran and screamed,
“What are we gunna do?!” Kayla bawled
“Think think think!” Christa yelled and put her hands to her temples.
But it was Sami who thought of it first.

“The swamp!” The two looked at her confused. “We’ll throw him in the swamp. He lives alone! No one will miss him!”
“I don’t know Sam” Christa said, hyperventilating.
“I promise no one will be the wiser! They’ll think he got attacked by a bear or something and then dragged buy something into the swamp”
Kayla just nodded tearfully.
“Ok” Christa whispered.
The girls loaded back into the truck and drove to the ghost swamp. Ironic name, all of them thought as they pulled Arran’s body out of the bed and threw it in the swamp, full of sticky, gross green goo.
A few days later, Christa was at home taking a bath. She had a radio on, on a shelf above the tub. It started sparking and goo started slipping out of the cracks. Christa, totally wierded out sat up, splashing water. “This one’s for Christa” the radio DJ purred.
“From your boy Arran” Now she was scared. Arrans voice slid from the box.
“I love you baby. It’s called, “You electrify me””
Christa screamed as the radio suddenly dropped off the shelf into the water.

Sami and Kayla went to her funeral a few days later. The police said she had been electrocuted, and that it was an accident. The next day, Kayla was at home in her room. Some left a box of old junk ant the top of the stairs and in it was an old radio. Green slime slid out the plastic cracks and dripped all over the stairs. Then it turned itself on.

“This one’s for Kayla, from your boy Arran”
Kayla froze and listened very carefully.
“I love you baby. This one’s called, “I fell for you””
Kayla screamed and ran out of her room. She saw the slime on the stairs too late. Her foot slipped and she rolled and tumbled all the way down, snapping her neck like a twig.

Sami went to her funeral, devastated. She lost her cousin and her best friend, due to “strange accidents” in the span of one week. She went home and just cried till she slept.
A few days later, she was sitting alone in her room, trying to get some homework done. Then she saw it.

The police said at both scenes there had been some unidentifiable substance that was green, sticky and foul smelling. At the exact same time the thought occurred, the slime started oozing out of her radio. She yelped and threw it out her door, slammed it and locked the bolt. Then, it turned its self on.
“This one’s for Sami’.” Arran’s voice drifted through the door.
The slime pooled at the bottom and flooded through the base of her door. She cried out and threw things at the slime to cover it and stop it from spreading closer. Her dad came to the door, and found it locked so he started pounding furiously on it and yelled for her.
Her heart pounded and she screamed even louder as Arran’s voice slid from under the door. It slowly shaped it’s self form formed the shape of a knife.
“Sami, baby, you hurt me the most. This ones called, “You stabbed me through the heart.”

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on Jul. 27 2011 at 10:41 pm
dolphinchronicles, Mt. Orab, Ohio
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Great story, but I felt like the characters were too energetic because of the taglines.

on Apr. 18 2010 at 11:11 pm
Kaliseia_N BRONZE, Poughkeepsie, New York
3 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Woah. Very morbid. When it first began I almost expected it to be the stereotypical girls become best friends getting revenge on their player boyfriend, but I LOVE this twist. Amazing.

writinful said...
on Dec. 19 2008 at 6:16 pm
wow! this was great. but totally creepy. loved it