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Lost Hope

July 16, 2014
By CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
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It was April 28 when it all happened. I was kidnapped at the age of nine. It was three days before my tenth birthday. If my mom had let me stay in bed it probably wouldn’t of happened. My name is Cameron Conner and this is what really happened.

“Cameron, come on it’s almost 6:30, your going to be late for school.”

“I’m up,” I shout through my closed bedroom door, even though I was still laying in bed, half asleep.

“Get up!” my mom yells as she throws open my door. “There’s less then a month left of school, then you can sleep all you want. Now get up!” she yells again, this time yanking my blanket off of me.

“Fine, I’m up!” I shout back at her sitting up in bed. “Are you going to leave so I can get dressed?” Then she turns around and leaves calling to me ‘You have five minutes!’

I grab my favorite blue and white striped shirt and a pair of dark jeans, then run downstairs to put bread in the toaster while I put on my red Nike tennis shoes, by the time my toast pops I’m done, I grab my book bag and toast, and walk out the door to go to school, locking the door behind me. My mom leaves for work every day before I leave for school so I have to walk a mile to school everyday by myself unless it’s raining, then my mom stays a couple of minutes late to drive me. I wish today it was raining, then maybe it wouldn’t of happened.

It wasn’t long before I heard the car. It was a black Ford, the style of the car I never had the chance to figure out.

As the car got closer to me the side door opened and a guy reached out and tried to grab me, when I realized what was happening I bolt, but to my surprise the guy jumps out and starts to chase me. I didn’t know why he was, I was told in school that kidnappers tend to give up if you try to run so they don’t make a scene, but the guy who was chasing me wasn’t giving up and he was starting to gain on me. I could see the black car out of the corner of my eye. All of a sudden I feel his fingers brush my arm, and I start running faster than I ever have. I could see the school in the distance, if I ca-

I trip. I try to get up but it’s too late the guy who was chasing me grabs me by my arms and pulls me up, pushes me into the car, and then he jumps in, and says something to the girl whose driving. She looks about nineteen or twenty and the guy look about thirty.

“What’s your name?” the guy asks me, his voice is very deep and ridged.

“Cameron,” I say, my voice barely audible.

“What, no last name or what?” he replies grabbing my book bag from me dumping its contents onto the floor of the vehicle.

“My name is Cameron Conner, now let me go!” I tell him starting to get more scared every second.

“Okay Cameron Conner, how would you feel about going to Virginia?”

“I would, but I don’t know you so it’s not safe.”

“Well I’m Daniel and that’s Stacie, now you know us,” he pauses. “How old are you Cameron?”

“I’m turning ten in a couple of days. Now let me go!” I scream at him.

“That’s awfully young to be walking to your school alone,” he continued, ignoring my screaming.

“Let me go!”

“Why were you walking to school by yourself at your age?”

I ignore him.

“Answer me!”

“My dad died when I was six so me and my mom have to do our best.”

“Were almost to the edge of the town,” Stacie says, speaking for the first time.

When I look back over at Daniel he’s putting something on a washcloth, then he set whatever he was putting on the washcloth down, walks over to me and pushes it up against my face.

When I wake up I’m not in the car anymore, I’m in a small room with cement walls and floor, and then in the corner of the room there’s a metal door. He said something about going to Virginia may-

I’m hit in the back of my head and I black out again.

When I walk in my house phone is ringing so I pick it up.


“Hi, is this Mrs. Conner?” a lady asks.


“I’d like to notify you of your son’s absence from school today and I was just wondering if he stayed home from school today or if you know where he is?”

“Umm, no I didn’t know of his absence, when I left for work today he was getting dressed and his book bag isn’t here,” I pause. “I’ll see if he stayed home and deal with him, thank you. Good-bye,” I say and hang up.

“Cameron Conner, get down here now!” Silence. “Cameron!” When he didn’t answer the second time I walk up the stairs to his room and open his door, but he’s not in there.

“Cameron!” I scream, now getting frantic. I call his best friend to see if he’s there but he’s not and he didn’t see him at school today either. Now I call the state police station (our town is too small for our own police).

“I need to report a missing child.”

“What’s your name and the child’s name ma’am.”

“My name is Melissa Conner and my son’s name is Cameron Conner.”

“Could you please give me a detailed description of him?”

I spend about five minutes telling him what Cameron looks like. Only once I hang up do I see the note.

“Get up!” Daniel was yelling at me.

“I am, now stop yelling in my face.”

“Your mom must of reported you because I just saw an Amber Alert for you. I guess you mom doesn’t listen to directions too well,” he pauses. “I left a note at your house saying that if she reported you missing we would kill you.” Then I see the knife.

“Please don’t!”

“To late, blame your mom.”

And then he stabs me repeatedly in my chest.

“Where do we put the body?” Stacie speaks up, I had almost forgotten she was there.

“There’s an old storm drain being filled tomorrow, I was planning on putting him there.”

2 Weeks Later

“Police have found the body of the missing nine year old, Cameron Conner, in an old storm drain after city workers failed to fill it nearly two weeks ago. Stacie Lee and Daniel Smith are charged with the murder.”

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