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The Customer

May 19, 2014
By Momoko GOLD, Grand Island, Nebraska
Momoko GOLD, Grand Island, Nebraska
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Another long day.

The bakery was getting hot after all the bodies that were in it not so long ago...Including the ovens that were still on. "Ha, It's Winter and raining and I'm sweating." I had told myself.

I would than sigh, Maybe Sakura was right, I DO need help. Y'know, Talking to myself. But. Oh well. I would than pull out the key to the bakery out of my pocket, twisting it around in my fingers, feeling the rough yet smooth edges, twirling it around and around.

My eyes closed, Trying to memorize the patterns of the key. A sharp edge here, smooth here, rough here...

After sometime after closing time, I opened my eyes, remembering that I had to lock the bakery's door. But instead of emptiness in front of me, there was a little boy.

Ugh, I had thought, Another long day and after all that work and now it's closing time, Another customer. "How may I help you?" I had asked the little boy, putting on a fake smile. He would not reply, but just look at all the pastries on the counter.

A few minutes later, before he would reply I would take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet sweet aroma of baking bread. As I would than look down at the little boy, he would be looking up at me, his eyes huge. "Whaaa?" I said, before I knew I said anything.

The boy would than reach out his hand, holding out money, Twenty bucks to be exact, than point to a few cinnamon rolls that he had picked out and laid on the counter. I would take the money and put them in the cash register, than give him some change back. "Thank you." I would say softly, as all he did was nod. But I couldn't help but wonder what he was going to do with them.

He didn't look like he ate a lot. He was very pale, and didn't get a lot of sun. He also had dirty blonde hair. I would than look out the window of the bakery, searching for some parent or someone, when I saw none I looked back at him, and he was walking out the door. But as I would look ahead of him I would see a old lady.

She was sitting on the bench in the rain, looking down with a baseball cap on her head, Yankees. Weird for a old lady to wear. She looked like she wasn't from here, and she was lost. But than the boy walked up to her, cinnamon rolls in hand. She smiled at him, the wrinkles that were already on her face got even more wrinkly. She would also look skinny, almost skinnier than the boy. The boy would than hand all of the cinnamon rolls he bought to her, including his change.

I gasped. I didn't expect that to happen. The boy was so skinny, I had thought he would eat them for himself. Spending his allowance to buy sweets. But no, He gave this old lady his food. That he bought...The old lady would than smile at him, than start to cry. The boy would hug her, Just like a mother would with their newborn child, as she would thank him, over and over again.

I felt tears rush down my face, I didn't know why I was crying. It wasn't me who was getting the food. It was her. I felt my heart just shatter, as the boy would give the old lady a kiss on her forehead, than wave bye and walk away, leaving the cinnamon rolls with her.

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