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Unbroken Chaos

May 8, 2014
By ShadowPen GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
ShadowPen GOLD, Mesa, Arizona
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Unbroken Chaos

The sun bleached sand engulfed my toes as I stepped onto the beach. The sun looked down upon the sky blue waters and smiled. Worried mothers and tired fathers lounged on faded blankets trying to tan and watch their children. The little ones seemed to never stop running up and down the edge of the beach, as many were bereft of the experiance of the ocean. Bright laughter filled the salty air as sand castles were made and sea shells were found. All seemed perfect on this midsummer day. Mother Earth herself seemed to yawn and relax in the warming gaze of the sun.

The sand bit at my feet as I ran across the beach to find an empty spot I could lay my towel on. Just as I sat down and inhaled the wonderful smell of the sea the sunlight left. The world was engulfed in a fake shadow, as if a warning what was to come. I looked up at the sky, as did the rest of the busy beach and everyone grew quiet. The only thing that was heard was the steady cascade of the waves on the beach, and the sound of them growing more and more intense. The sky was covered in dark rolling clouds; the blue was replaced with black, a mood change I was all too familiar with. I looked out to sea, the once blue waves were darkening, adopting the same dour color as the sky. What used to be craven waves that danced with the beach now became a roaring tempest that beat upon the shore with meticulous black fists.

The children began to scream as the waves that once tickled their feet grabbed at them with adroit claws. Mothers and fathers scooped up their children and hurried to their cars, anxious to leave the tantrum of such a tremendous adversary. I quickly fought for my things and ran up shore, close to my car but close enough to watch the beauty of such a wild storm. The once sweet salty air turned humid and filled with the smells of the things the sea spit onto shore. The life guards tall menacing chair seemed to hang in the silence of the storm, trying to defend its territory but bowing down to the bute force of the sandy winds, falling for what seemed like forever and landing with a snap onto the damp chaotic ground.

Then it was quiet, the air seemed to hush and the waves seem to pause in anticipation, as if preparing for a grand entrance. Ginormise drops of rain hit the ground at speeds professional baseball pitchers would gape at. The storm readily welcomed the new addition of choas and seemed to get excited as the wind picked up and threw sea weed across the beach. The waves roared and the brown sand cried in agony with every break of a new wave. The once cheerful seagulls now huddled under toppled over tiki tents and changing areas, not one was willing to chance flying. The sand bit at my eyes and skin as the sun fought over possesion of the sky.

Suddenly the wind dyed down and the waves retreated back into the sanctuary of the ocean. The rain slowed and stopped and the sea gulls began to yelp again, returning to their daily duty of begging for food. The sun smiled and pushed away the dark clouds, once again covering the beach with warmth and assurance. You would never guess a brutal battle had just taken place if you wernt there to see the grusome aftermath.

Sea weed littered the once beautiful beach. The white sand had choked on the brown tints of the ocean and lay there helpless and drenched in defeat. The once blue waves now lazily lapped the beaches edge, gray and breathless from the intense show of anger that had overtook them in the heat of the moment. Tiki torches and orphaned beach towels scattered the beach, occationally being snatched up by the waves tired grasp. Abandoned umbrellas that had once boasted vibrant colors now lay mangled and bruised on the shore. The only thing that hadnt changed was the yells and questions of the seagulls, that now cruised lazily in the air, waiting for the next storm.

The author's comments:
This is just a little story I wrote about a storm on the beach. It's hard to really explain just how chaotic this story was for my to write. I guess I just miss the beach.

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