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December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

"We have to get this done," Terri exclaimed. "There's no way we'll be able to pull all this together in one night!"

"Watch us," Carrie replied. Lauren rolled her eyes. "What? We can do this, guys."

"That's what you said last time," Lauren yelled. The three girls were trying to put together an entire play in a week, which they didn't think could ever be done. "We should just tell Ms. Mason that we can't do it."

"If you want to drop out of this, then be my guest, but I'm not quitting just because it's getting a little rough," Carrie stated. Lauren seriously considered leaving her job as acting director, but she decided not to back out that late in the game.

"I'm out," Terri said. "If you gave her the opportunity to leave her job, then I should have the same right, so good bye." Terri left the room and slammed the door shut behind her.

"What about you? You going to back out," Sheri inquired. Lauren shook her head. They were one man down, which means they had to pull even more weight.


"Come on, John! Hold her freaking hand! It's not that big a deal," Sheri exclaimed. John refused once more. There was a part where the guy, John, has to hold his girlfriend's hand. He was worried people would take pictures of him holding Chelsea's hand.

"If I don't have a say in what I do in this play, I'm bailing out," John declared.

"Fine, we can do the play without you," Lauren said, waving him away. Truth was, they couldn't do it without him, and it was too late to change the script to leave him out.


"Oh, look at that girl," people in the crowd were saying as the actress walked on stage. All in all, Lauren and Sheri had made the play a success. With John, though, there were some empty gaps, but they concealed them with a twisted storyline.

"How could you," the actress exclaimed.

"It wasn't supposed to end like this," the male actor stated.

"Quit being a director for once and think about the real world. Reality doesn't go by a script! I wish you could've known that," she said.

"I do know that, Alicia! That's why I want to get back together with you," he said, taking the actress's hand.

The actress laughed. "This sounds like a pity line from a cheesy romance movie," she confessed.

"Will you listen to me for once," he asked, raising his voice.

"No, Ryan! I've had enough of your sayings how reality was supposed to work this way or that way. I'm done with you and your scripts," she declared and walked offstage.

Lauren and Sheri looked at each other, clearly thinking the same thing. What a great play.

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