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December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

I never really considered myself anything too special when I was growing up. I always seemed to be a loner. Sure I had a few friends here and there, but I could never really find myself to trust them; though there was one thing that completely changed my life. One day I decided I wanted to walk around the woods . It was right after it rained so you can imagine how well that was going.

When I walked by a tree I heard a small murmur. As I approached I realized there was a small scrap of fur. Looking closer that scrap of fur turned out to be a really small kitten. My guess is that it was a Maine Coon. The poor little guy looked sickly; so I immediately took him home.

I figured for sure the little guy would die, but after three months he was healthier and bouncier than ever. At that moment I decided his name was Ike. As time went by he turned into an energetic lovable fur ball, and he meant the world to me. His vibrant green eyes with a tad brown; they always seemed to be questioning everything.

I don’t know how to exactly explain this but he became like a brother that no one could imagine. I took him everywhere except school. Sure people would be judgmental about it, but what they thought, wasn’t my problem. Ike even managed to win over my friends after they got used to seeing me with him at all times. Even some public places like my favorite coffee shop let him in there; they’d even give him some kind of treat. I never really found a cat with a love for coffee beans like Ike had.

Everyone seemed to love Ike because of how lovable and easy going he was. Though as time moved on Ike got older, and of course I got older. Eventually I graduated high school, and was ready to go to college. There was one problem; the dorms would not allow pets. Trying to get around it; I figured, hey Ike is only one cat, no one would notice. Unfortunately not, I was forced to bring Ike to live with my parents.

Before I left Ike looked at me with the saddest look that made me want to cry. I gave him a hug and told him as soon as I finish college; I’ll be back for him, and we’ll both have a place of our own. Little did I know that would be the last time I ever would see him alive.

I never will forget that day when I got that call from my parents saying that Ike was dead. He was hit by a car. It felt like my world was crashing down. How could this possibly happen?! For a couple weeks I was beyond depressed.

When I came home; I walked to my back yard to look at Ike’s grave, and put his favorite toy there. I miss him so much; there was no possible way they’d be another cat that could replace him. The only things I have left of him now are; all the pictures I took of him, and every memory, even from when he was a little scrap of fur. There’s no way I could ever forget his high strung attitude.

To this day I look back, and wonder what today would be like if Ike hadn’t been hit by a car. He would’ve been about 16, living with me in the apartment. Every day when I’d get home from work; I’d probably see his eyes still round, and full of question, almost asking how my day was. The apartment would most likely be ringing with how much he’d purr; from how much he loves being around people.

Most importantly I’d have my little brother to keep me company; but that’s only going for the what ifs. I chose not to ever get another cat because Ike will, and always will be like my only little brother.

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