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Why, Father?

December 12, 2013
By HannahLynne GOLD, Hutchinson, Kansas
HannahLynne GOLD, Hutchinson, Kansas
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I sit in the corner of my room, waiting for the yelling to cease. I hear my mothers voice, my fathers voice. Then my fathers voice louder. I hear the shattering of things. Mother screams. Father yells. Gunshot.

Suddenly my door swings open. I try to hide in the dark shadows of the room. The dark engulfs me until the light is switched on. My father sees me. He grabs my arm and pulls me up, stumbling a little. He takes my arm and pulls me out side. I cry out as his grip tightens on my arm.

He shoves me in the passenger seat, then goes back into the house. He walks out with a mysterious bag. I watch him stumble to the car. I put on my seat belt as tight as I can.

"Father, no. You can't drive. You're not sober." I say as he opens the door. I watch as the rain pounds down on our car. I shiver from being wet, and wrap my arms around myself. My father attempts to step into the car. He falls, and I gasp.

"Father?! Are you alright?" I ask, tears streaming down my face. He gets up, nods, and sits in the car.

"Father, please don't do this. We can work things out." I say, through tears. My father looks over at me. The next thing I know, he has this wild look in his eye. He leans over and slaps me. I gasp, holding my face.

"We're leaving." He says in a gruff, slurred voice. I shiver as I wedge my self as close to the door as I can. He struggles to get the keys in the ignition. I gasp as he starts the car, startled.

He puts the car in gear and stomps on the gas pedal. I cry, knowing we where in for it. He drives faster and faster.

"Father! Please slow down!!" I say, over the roaring of the rain and thunder. Lightning flashes. It blinds my intoxicated father for a moment. I see my life, flash before my eyes. Every small, beautiful detail. The exquisite places I've been. The sad things, the happy things, everything that has ever happened.

We are going 90 miles per hour. My father passes out. I grab for the wheel. But before I can get the car under control, we crash into something. I black out.

I open my eyes to see the car still surrounding me. I hear voices outside. My father is through the windshield. My ears are ringing. I suddenly black out again.

Everything is white and perfect. I cry out as I see my mother.

"Everything's going to be alright darling. You're in good hands now." she tells me.

I look around. Everything's white. It's like a place of no meaning. It's just my mother and I.

"Follow the light, baby girl. We'll be together soon." She whispers, tears flowing down her face. Tears of my own sting my eyes.

I see a light in the direction she is pointing. I follow it. As I walk into the light, I am engulfed. I've found happiness. I've found ease. I can take a load of and relax. Everything seems different. It's calm and collected.

"Welcome, my beautiful daughter." an ancient man says.

"God, the father?" I whisper. He nods. And at that moment, I know I'm home.

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This is just a sweet little nothing I wrote at church,

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