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Carpe Diem

October 29, 2013
By Seth.B.Chillin GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
Seth.B.Chillin GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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"A cup of tea would restore my normality" -Douglas Adams

It was a normal day in Wilmington, boring, semi cold, and just boring. Nothing was happening, I mean nothing. People were just sitting, and waiting. Waiting for what, I don't know. I walked around my suburban kingdom, pondering what there was to do. I think for the whole day, and nothing comes to me. I then went to sleep, hoping for another day of time spent thinking. I awoke the next morning with my usual guise of bed head, and bags, conveniently placed under my eyes. I wake up the best I can, and go back to my brainstorming. I went outside, and saw nothing. There were people talking and walking. Boring was all I could think. Then, I got to my park. People were on swings, and were also playing basketball. These people having nothing to do. All the people these days just want to be outside and walk. I wanted to do so much more. I wanted to go to many other places than the mall, and to my high school for entertainment.

I was walking around in Music & Arts, (part of my daily routine), and I saw a guitar. This guitar had an inscription on the side that said "Carpe Diem", which in Latin, translates to "Seize the day". I asked the store clerk what the guitar name was, and he said it was called "The day". I think to myself, "I must play this guitar." I seized "The day" and made a break for it out of the store. Lucky for me, the store clerk had tripped over a "conveniently placed" guitar stool. I go home as fast as I can, and start to play. The guitar sounds amazing, and me being the way I am, I practiced all night. I had fallen asleep with my guitar, and woke up with it the next morning. It was still it's gorgeous cerulean blue, and sounded just as great as it looked, despite the fact I had slept on the neck all night. My friends all see the guitar, and are very jealous. It was a one of a kind, and I had it.

I played it for them to take them off edge, and they loved it. Giving me a goal, I go to every street I can, and play on the sidewalk, pretty soon getting money from everyone that hears the music come from my guitar. By the end of the day, I had $2000. I feel on top of the world, and my sound reflected it, as I did a little ending solo. I go back home feeling content, and also very hopeful for the next day. I go to my bed, put the guitar away, and fall into a slumber.

I awoke today, with a tune on my lips. I look over to my guitar, and scream. It is gone. I look all around my house, and all around my neighborhood, and can't find it anywhere. I go to Music & Arts, hoping to see if it was there. It wasn't. Plus, the clerk acted like nothing had happened the other day. I am very perplexed, and then I think, "Wait, what if it was all a dream". I then put together the facts, and find out, that it indeed was all a dream. This saddened me, but then an idea hit me. What if I went through that dream, to show me that If I don't make something happen, it won't. I have to seize the day, everyday.

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