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Thoughts of a Flower

October 1, 2013
By Azhusa BRONZE, Orwell, Ohio
Azhusa BRONZE, Orwell, Ohio
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I wish I were taller. It's not like I've got a choice though to be any taller than I already am. At least I'm not as short and helpless as the grass though. Some people at least TRY not to step on me sometimes. I just hope I don't end up like Uncle Dandy. I'd rather not have a chant about babies heads falling off while simultaneously losing my own. It sure is a bright day out. That can either be good or bad news. The 'Towers' are probably coming out soon, which means so are the 'head-cutters'. The big machines with sharp silver blades that take down everything in their path. I don't want to be cut down; I'm short enough as it is. Yet sadly that's all I have to look forward to. 'Towers' picking me, 'Head-cutters' cutting me, or the cold snow freezing me. I guess that's kind of sad to think of, but it's all I know. That's the only fate I've seen and heard of for everyone else. I wish I were a bird. Then maybe I could fly away from the 'head-cutters' and all of the sad endings. Maybe that wish is too big for someone so small. So for now I'll just wish to be a few inches taller.

The author's comments:
The inspiration behind this came from a flower I saw when my Creative Writing teacher gave us a perspective assignment. The flower is contemplating what his life would be like were he have been a bird in a way but also looks upon his future with sadness and acceptance.

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