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Lady of the Sea

August 4, 2013
By LittleMissLostInParadise GOLD, Cumberland, Virginia
LittleMissLostInParadise GOLD, Cumberland, Virginia
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"We live in a strange bubble"
-Brian Molko

I breathe in the odor of salt.
I strain my neck and stand on the very tips of my toes to see the ocean, a blue strip in the distance. It begins as a rich gray-blue, then farther out it becomes navy, and then drops down to the darkest, most rich shade.
As I stride towards the beach, the soft earth turns to scorching white sand. It fills in between my toes and works callouses off the back of my heels. The sound of waves beating relentlessly against the shore somehow sounds peaceful and calm. The midday sun shines on the distant waters, making them shimmer mysteriously. I do believe I see a school of dolphins on the horizon, playing in their ocean home, their gray bodies twisting gracefully as they leap into the warm breeze. I begin to collect a plethora of seashells, gathering them up in a small bucket, and then cleaning them off in the waves. Some of the smaller, shinier shells turn out to be homes for the small crabs, and they swarm away back to the tides. I dip my feet into the lukewarm waters, letting myself soak the hem of my skirt. The waves spray sea-foam on my, and then retreat back to their home, as if taunting me to chase them. I stay at the shore, knowing that the sea is not for me. I am a girl. I need oxygen to breath. Under the depths of the oceans, I could not breathe, and I would suffocate. The sea is a dangerous place, and however beautiful it is, I could never abide in it. I can dream of becoming a fish, were I can swim to the shimmering abyss, and stay like a hermit in my own peaceful sea world.

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on Sep. 2 2013 at 1:59 am
JoyMason PLATINUM, Arapahoe, Nebraska
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You, he who subdued me, be not insolent, forget not the beauty of virtue.

this remindes me of the times my grandparents took me to the beach. but most of all, my dad's wedding, cause i was actually wearing a dress then.    :3  awesome